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    Upgraded to 10 Meg apparantly - Dissapointed

    Hi Guys, Im with cybersmart, and requested an upgrade from 384 to 4meg and when the process was complete they said I was upgraded to a 10240 (10 Meg) line. Im dissapointed that my line is only syncing at about 2 meg. My 384 was strong though downloading at 41kbps. Below are my router...
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    Is it just me or is cybersmart adsl worse than Hsdpa reliability??? Or could it be my router (telkom 5102g)?? Heres the story: My internet will work fine, then stop working and when I try later like 5 minutes its works again and the cycle goes on. Is it my cheapass isp or my router or...
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    The Beginning of Forever

    2008-10-02 - ordered adsl line and account from cybersmart. 2008-10-09 - no ports available. 2008-10-14 - Telkom is currently upgrading the exchange. 2008-10-15 - Telkom expects upgrade to be completed in December THE GREAT WAIT CONTINUES 2009-04-01 - Telkom goes bankrupt due to complete...
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    No Ports Available! :( what now? I want ADSL, Lag Sucks on Wireless!

    Hi Guys, I ordered adsl but now there is no ports available! Is there anything I or telkom can/will do?
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    Is this for real?????

    Hi guys, I did an ADSL availibility check and here are the results: Adsl Support The exchange supports ADSL. Your exchange supports ADSL, but due to infrastructure related issues we cannot accommodate you at this time. Should you wish to register your details in order be contacted when...
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    Wimax Petition???

    Hi Guys, I am one of those poor blokes that has to suffer with vodacom hspda. :mad: I would love to get Wimax BUT I am covered by the adsl footprint, problem is adsl is not an option for me. And Telscum only provide wimax to those not covered by the adsl footprint. So whos with me...
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    HSDPA download speeds but GPRS upload speeds?????

    Hi guys, i have run numerous tests on and the vodacom speed test page and all my download speed results are great averaging 1400kbps BUT!!!!!! my upload speeds never go over 60kbps. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also my ping has been more unstable lately at all times...