1. M

    RSAWeb vs VOX (Milnerton)

    Hello FrogFootFibre has installed the fibre infrastructure in the Milnerton area (to be up and running by the 27th of this month). I am trying t determine what the best ISP would be and want to get your opinion/experience. So far we are looking at an uncapped 100Mbps line from either RSAWeb...
  2. Espee

    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I have been using Cipherwave / Home-Connect's 100/100Mbps package for the past two weeks and I have SADV (SA Digital Villages) as my fibre provider. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I have been seeing constant speeds of 95Mbps+ and my downloads on Steam, Origin, etc...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Hello 100Mbps

    Hello 100Mbps For years, I had to look with envy at international broadband subscribers enjoying great fibre speeds – but this changed today.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    100Mbps broadband and free Wi-Fi for everyone

    100Mbps broadband and free Wi-Fi for everyone New European Union targets will see everyone on at least 100Mbps broadband and provide free Wi-Fi to citizens.
  5. T

    Cool Ideas uncapped 100mbps?

    Is the Cool Ideas uncapped 100mbps package any good? Any problems with line connection? Thanks.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    100Mbps fibre-to-the-home from R998

    100Mbps fibre-to-the-home from R998 per month Web Africa has unveiled its Telkom-based fibre-to-the-home products, offering speeds of 20Mbps, 40Mbps, and 100Mbps
  7. S

    Wireless experts - I need a 700m 300mbps point-to-point link

    There are 2 buildings that are about 700m apart, each with its own internal network, that need to be connected. The plan is to merge the 2 networks into 1. There is a clear line of site between the buildings. I need a very fast wireless connection between the buildings. At this stage, fibre...