1. E

    Get phone number from IMSI Number

    Yesterday morning i had my Samsung Galaxy S4 Snatched out of my hands while waiting outside of home affairs in Pinetown. We have done the normal procedures by reporting it to the police, have blacklisted the phone via the IMEI number. We also had Avast software saved on the phone. The...
  2. D

    Boost 3G Signal Using Antenna - Huawei B970b Modem

    Hi I am currently using a Huawei B970b modem with Telkom Mobile and currently getting speeds less than or equal to around 1mb. These speeds, however, are a little too slow and i'm looking to increase it. The modem I have does have place for an external antenna, and currently I do have...
  3. O

    Second hand tablet

    Hi All I want to buy second hand tablet on olx,is it wise buying sth like a tab as second hand? I can't justify why I need a brand new one since I can be a lil careless so I want to buy sth that won't cause me a leg and arm,my collegue is using samsung galxaxy tab 10.1 P5100 I am thinking of...
  4. O

    Smartphone data usage on idle mode.

    Hi Everyone I have been browsing through the threads for a similar question to mine regarding data usage of smartphone on idle mode,I am torn between Nokia lumnia 920,Samsung note 2 and Iphone 4s,I know Iphone 5 ;-) What I'd like to know is how much data this phones consumes on idle mode...
  5. M

    Port from Vod to 8Ta problem

    Hi there So I ported from Vodacom to 8Ta just to get the phone I wanted. Now all is well, but... Certain SMS's I simply cannot receive. Like their balance enquiry service, I never get the SMS. Also to register on their website, they SMS a code to complete the process, but I'm not getting it...
  6. K

    Telkom MIX

    As some of you may have found, whenever you need information on a deal, they only advertise half of it and unclear. Now the Telkom Mix deal actually looks pretty good. I am considering switching from the Closer 3 plan to this. What is unclear though is the conditions of the "R250 monthly 8.ta...
  7. jes

    ICASA is the key to cheaper broadband

    ICASA is the key to cheaper broadband It is a perversion of the South African broadband sector that wireless players punch above their weight.
  8. Xzib1t

    Is the HTC Mozart still worth acquiring?

    The topic ladies and gentlemen is the HTC Mozart on contract 1 with 8.ta. Now in a thread long ago I was told I should totally go for it, but now I find myself placed in a bewilderment – at the 8.ta store in Canal Walk I was told the phone or more precisely the phone’s OS does not support...
  9. Xzib1t

    8.ta USB Modem Pricing

    Does anyone have the pricing for the 8.ta USB Modems, I can seem to find it on their website? I am looking into getting a 3G USB Dongle, because I won't always be at home to use the WiFi.
  10. S

    All Round Speedtest ( All Network welcome )

    NEW SECTION, NEW THREAD Post your networks speedtest...more than one network in a post is welcome:D DEVICE: 7.2MB/s Modem MY LOCATION: Durban NETWORK COVERAGE MTN -82 dBm VODACOM -71 dBm CELL C -83 dBm Server : South Africa [Rosebank] MTN VodaCom Cell C...
  11. I

    TELKOM FAIL! 8ta uses Google Custom Search with sponsored results

    Have you checked out the 8.ta website at www.8ta.com? The site makes use of the free version of Google Custom Search, which populates search results with sponsored links. So a search for "iPhone" returns no results from the 8.ta website, but about 10 different sponsored links, one of which is...
  12. rpm


    The 8ta network will provide voice and data products and services over a unified 2G / 3G network. The state of the art network leverages a number of key technological advantages including software definable radios, remote electrical tilt antennas, an all-IP backhaul network, and a tailor made...