1. N

    MTN Transfer of subscriber question

    Hi, I have a question regarding the transfer of a subscriber to a new account. Here are the details: We have a MTN SP account with 2 cell phone subscribers I want to transfer one of the numbers from the account to a new account The question is, how do I go about doing this...
  2. F

    US iTunes acc. - what happens to your ZA acc.?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Did some searching but haven't found any specific answers yet. Been using my ZA Apple ID since 2007, recently got an iPhone and I've installed some free apps from the south african iTunes store already. Haven't purchased anything with the ZA account. I've...
  3. A

    MWEB cancels my Uncapped 4MB Account with NO Warning

    Hey peeps MWEB recently, Friday, canceled my uncapped 4MB account with no prior warning. whats worst is that they decided to do it at 5PM Friday afternoon and showed a landing page which directed me to their cape town call center which is only open office hours on monday. so i proceeded to...
  4. jes

    Microsoft: Counterfeit software will delete your Facebook account

    Microsoft: Counterfeit software will delete your Facebook account A recent advertising campaign from Microsoft suggests that “fake” software won't just delete your computer files but will delete your Facebook account as well
  5. P

    Tons of torrent invites for......

    Hello people, I have lots of invites and accounts for a trade or for selling.. Feel free to ask me for them.. Especially, I have plenty of Torrentleech invites. fyi guys... 1. Animebyt.Es 2. Audionews 3. Awesome-Hd.Net 4. Bit Gamer 5. Bithdtv 6. Bithumen Account 7. Bitme 8...
  6. T

    Get Connected

    Hi I wanted to know how can I get a prepaid Iburst account when I already have a Iburst modem? I got the modem from a friend that went over seas so all I need is to open an account,. Thanks Ruan
  7. T

    NashuaMobile and MTN - R9 million airtime credit - what a deal!

    I logged onto the Nashuamobile site earlier to check my MTN account balance - I was ecstatic to see that on an anytime 200 contract over 24 months, I had an airtime balance of R9 798 193 - what a deal! check the screenshot here: (you may need to zoom in)...
  8. E

    Your own Esquire COD account for MyBB members

    Hi All As you know that we are now opening up your very own COD account with ESQUIRE , During the last three weeks we have already opened up over 250 to date. All we require from you is the following information via PM , No long paperwork to fill in. Co Name or Nick Full Names...
  9. T

    trying to resolve account problem since january

    here is the run-down: i got a blackberry at the end of 2009... BUT my accounts for Jan, Feb and Mar are all charging me for packet switched data (PSD) - i.e. internet... which is supposed to be free if you have a BB I have queried this with the 80 call centre... my first call to them was...
  10. Takkies

    Banking: Savings Acc vs Money Market Acc

    Can somebody please explain the difference? Clearly there is a different interest rate and with a Money Market there is always a min balance, but I’m interested in the security. Is the savings account more secure? Does the Reserve Bank underwrite accounts? What if your chosen bank goes...
  11. S

    Selling battlefield 4 star general account!

    I'm Selling my Battlefield 2 Four Star General account. Legit & not modded every kill was earned This was my account I've had since the game came out :) Stats no lower than 10 KD = great KD Jet stats are aprox 21,500 kills 4300. Road kills 165 deaths Alot of Vehicle Kills & Infantry Kills...
  12. T

    Will we be able to use ISP accounts across different providers?

    So I understand that with WiMax one uses a standard ADSL ISP account. i.e. If I have a Telkom WiMax connection I can use my TI, Axxesss, WebAfrica etc acccounts on the same "line", don't know what else to call it. What I want to know is, when we have Vodacom, IBurst, Neotel and whoever...
  13. F

    Bitfarm problems

    I recently realised my Bitfarm Account has been disabled. No reason was given as to why, and I'm unable to contact any of the mods. Any suggestions as to how I can activate my account again?