1. D

    How to share DSTV with kid at university?

    Apparently it is possible to "share" a DSTV premuim account with a number of mobile devices. There's probably an app for it. What do I need to do to allow the student, about to leave home to university after the holidays, access to my premium DSTV on his Android tablet without having to pay a...
  2. J

    FNB otp pin problems

    Just trying to buy something from using my VISA card, received the otp pin, and entered exactly as it is, order then get cancelled because of the invalid payments, tried it for almost 5 times, still didn't go through, this bank is making my mad! Anyone with a similar problem?
  3. J

    Closing a Telkom business account from abroad.

    I know this thread is in the wrong place, but its the closest I can find... I need to close my Telkom business fixed line acount from abroad. I have emailed the required documents and recieved confirmation of receipt more than 21 business days ago. Nothing has happened. I cannot call...
  4. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  5. T

    SA Apple Music, US App Store.

    So, this is the dilemma: The SA iTunes store is great for music. Apple Music is super cheap here! Its one third the price of the US store. (Thanks Zuma.) However, the SA iTunes store sucks when it comes to apps. I have a US account, but I now want to use a SA account for a family Apple Music...
  6. S

    22Seven & Capitec: Can't Link Account

    Hi guys, so I recently moved to Capitec. I want to start using 22Seven to automate my expense tracking. So I've added my username and password to the 22Seven website, but it says that my account could not update. It shows my balance as R0.00, but I have a bit of money in the account...
  7. M

    What is the cheapest bank account with zero/minimal ATM fees

    I've been with Nedbank for a while now, I'm considering opening a second bank account (with another bank) specifically for zero/reduced ATM fees and a reduced monthly charge. When you analyze the cost of drawing money from an ATM, the benchmark is 1% of the cost of the withdrawal, which is...
  8. G

    Account Name in EFT

    If you do an EFT with SA banks, does the account name matter, or is this simply used as reference? Hence, if the account is in the name "Peter Smith" and it is entered as "PETER SMITH" or "P. Smith" or "Mr Peter Smith", does that make any difference? Standard Bank switched my first and middle...
  9. Stillie

    Suspend DSTV Subscription

    Hi, How do you suspend your DSTV Subscription on self-service portal? Is there a Max length of time that you can suspend your subscription? Thank you
  10. T

    Accused and Humiliated by staff when walking into Telkom Direct.

    I use Telkom purely for Adsl and not to make calls. I went to Telkom in The Bridge, Port Elizabeth to pay my monthly bill. When I arrived I didn't open the door immediately, because I thought they were closed. I saw a few customers inside still being helped and pushed the wrong door and it...
  11. G

    Swiss bank account

    Hi all, who can help me with the opening of a swiss bank account? At least an explanation of different account type also with not too big of an initial deposit. Point me in the right direction, a company name, phone number, etc... Much appreciated.
  12. E

    Easiest place/company to open an account

    Hi Guys, So I'm a 19 going on 20 year old girl, started working about a year ago. A few weeks ago I applied for a cellphone contract but was rejected as I have not had any debts/accounts previously. Today I applied for a Mr Price account but was almost immediately rejected. Do you guys...
  13. NeonNinja

    How does Afrihost do it? (Payments)

    Ok, So I've been with Afrihost from the inception, and I noticed something different from the beginning. I use a Capitec Global One Card (a.k.a PREPAID credit card), when I do not have funds in my account, I can't pay anything that requires a credit card, or use PayPal. But somehow Afrihost...
  14. B

    2 ADSL ISP's

    Hey guys I wanted to know if I can have 2 ADSL accounts at 1 time frohe ISP from 2 different ISP's? Would I be able to just change the username and password given by the ISP and then be able to access that account from the line I have? And also be able to switch back? I don't want to...
  15. G

    Horrible! Terrible Account Department From Afrihost

    About a hour ago, I signed up for Afrihost. I completed the debit order page and submitted my information. But for me to incur less charges, I did a EFT payment. Because every time a debit order is run, I'm incurring a fee. After doing to EFT and contacting Afrihost to ask them to not run...
  16. D

    Migrating contracts?

    Hi, I tried to migrate my max25 contract to uncapped, but Iburst to me I can't do it. Which I don't understand since another guy I spoke to said he did the exact same thing. Is he mistaken, or did I just get the wrong info from Iburts?
  17. B

    OpenWeb ADSL Account

    Hello Mybroadband Readers, I would just like to make you all aware of the following. I've had an incident where I have bought a Gold Unshaped Uncapped 4MB line for R899 from OpenWeb ISP, I've had this account for some time but recently noticed my line speed has dropped from 4MB to 10kbs...
  18. J

    No Telkom Account for two months

    Hi There, I reconnected my line on the 6th February and it is now the 1st April and I still have not received an account. Look, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, but I'm starting to worry that Telkom are going to disconnect the line because I have not paid yet. Have tried calling...
  19. LazyLion

    Steam Account Hijacked

    My son's steam account has been hijacked. At 5 pm on Sunday Evening he got an e-mail to say that his password and contact e-mail had been changed. He immediately tried to log on to steam, but he was locked out and it told him "incorrect password". His password was an average on consisting of six...
  20. NeonNinja

    Why can't a contract be...

    Like an account, which you can put in more cash, settle earlier. Or maybe you can; just my ignorance?