1. R

    Not getting reaction from Discovery Bank regarding complaint

    My credit card has been migrated from FNB to Discovery Bank (Actioned by Discovery Bank). After the migration was done I was contacted by a Discovery Bank representative and instructed to download the Discovery Bank app on my mobile in order to request a new credit card. This step was required...
  2. Arandompeer

    How do I know if I'm ready

    How do I know if I'm ready to start applying for junior developer jobs. I would like to know what skills are required and what would you say the ideal junior candidate would look like(not physically). If you could also share what your first developer job was and why you think you got it, that...
  3. P

    Best Insurance Company

    I am looking to change my insurer for my car and household items and thought I would get some recommendations. Please let me know who you would / would not recommend. Thanks!
  4. P

    Questions about selling a car that's been in an accident

    Hi guys, I was just involved in my second accident in my car. First one I was rear ended at a stop street and this one a student driver pulled out from a stop street perpendicular to me without looking and we collided. So neither were too bad in terms of damage. My question is how is this...
  5. P

    Durban doctors for lower back pain

    Hi guys, I injured my lower back at a trampoline park over a year ago and after seeing a chrio I was told I had an annular tear. With rehab exercises and some rest it got about 70%. I am still very limited in what I can do without my back flaring up again the next day though. The other day I...
  6. P

    Best time to sell your car?

    Hey guys, Thought I would get some opinions on this, what is the best time to sell your car and get a new one? Some people drive their cars until they are forced to sell, but at that point you get next to nothing for it and have put in a bunch more money on repairs, not to mention the...
  7. P

    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Hi guys, I was in the UK recently and went to a curry restaurant where you ordered your curry, rice and naan separately and there were lots of flavor options for each. I really enjoyed the fact that it was an actual restaurant and that they offered curries like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh...
  8. Mist4h20

    Car tyre dealers

    Just wondering if anyone can provide some input. Firstly looking for tyres, thinking of going for Goodyears as that's the best price for a brand that I am aware of. Please give me reasons not to if any? Secondly how can some standalone dealers be much cheaper than a dealer that would be on...
  9. Faziki

    Considering Rain

    Hello Guys, After having a bad experience with Telkom Uncapped LTE... I'm considering Rain LTE. I have a few questions. Is the R 250 unlimited off-peak bolt on worth it? How is your experience with the network and service (network service and customer care service) Do they have a cap on the...
  10. Mist4h20

    Ebay order Arrive at destination country post office 6 months ago

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had any issues with post orders specifically ebay. My items have all "arrived at destination country post office" 6 months ago yet no delivery note received. Has anyone had this for over 6 months? Are there any suggestions about what I can do, I believe...
  11. J

    Unisa vs Private College

    I have recently registered at Unisa to study my BA however with the recent news about courses being unaccredited etc, I don't know if I want to continue to study with them. My next option is Lyceum. I know private colleges in South Africa aren't usually as highly regarded as Unis (with the...
  12. K

    Best Tailors/Suit Makers in Cape Town

    Hi Please could someone advise as to the best tailors/suit makers in Cape Town? I am looking for a luxury, high quality suit, whereby budget is not an issue. It need not be a tailor with a fantastic website etc, just one who makes truly incredible suits. Thanks
  13. RedViking

    Small Server - Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I have no experience with putting together a small server and what to look at etc. I would like to build a small straight forward affordable server that I will access locally via LAN and also remotely (FTP?). I also might want to have the option for other Freelancers (Philippines...
  14. B

    Best IPS in Wellington?

    What is the fastest most reliable ISP in Wellington Western Cape? Money isn't much of an issue but getting what I pay for is.
  15. D

    Monthly investment options

    Hi MYBB i'd like to invest +-n R500 -R1000 monthly, there are so many options, investment fundi's out there, please let me know which is the best choice to maximize growth and minimize costs. thanks....
  16. RedViking

    Custom Build 3D Printer - Where to start?

    Hi guys, I would like to build a Custom FDM 3D Printer but have no idea where to start. I do not want to spend days/weeks designing the printer and then realise most of the spares are very difficult to get hold of in South Africa or expensive to import. If you have built a custom printer...
  17. D

    Rent-to-own vehicles for students?

    Hey guys, So the gist of it: I recently moved back to South Africa, therefore I had all of my belongings with me when I landed. Well as my luck would have it, within one hour of landing and packing my stuff onto a truck to go to my new apartment, I was robbed and beaten by 5 men armed with...
  18. S

    Bsc Computer Science

    Hi all,I need advice, I have been working in retail for 8 years as a consultant, not formal education just Matric and N3 Mechanical Eng..I was recrenched a year ago,then I taught myself wordpress website design & Hosting for quick income. Things have not been going smoothly as I thought, so...
  19. threegee

    Advice Ubiquity Amplifi

    Wonder if anyone has one of these new Amplifi systems from Ubiquity and how it's performing. I'm looking for a really good wifi solution that allows me to see what's going on all the time, and also set speed limits for users while prioritizing other users and also ability...
  20. D

    Advice Needed: Startup interested in SAP / Oracle integration info

    We're a small startup that requires integration with SAP and Oracle to retrieve certain transactional meta data (invoice / credit note etc). We have our own application that would handle the retrieved data and push to the endpoint. The retrieval would either need to be "on-demand" or on a...