1. P

    Landscape garden lighting

    Calling on garden lovers and lighting experts! I'm about to dive into landscape lighting for my garden, and I could really use some friendly advice and pointers from experienced folks. I've done some homework but I need some help! One thing to note before we start: my house is off the grid with...
  2. P

    Smart JoJo setup advice

    Hey, So currently we have a JoJo tank that we connected to our mains so if our water cuts out we can change to the JoJo and use that water instead. We have fitted all the pumps and filters and all that. What I am trying to do now is automate turning it on and finding an easy way to track how...
  3. N

    First car advice? Looking at a Mazda CX-5/3

    Hi guys, Looking at getting my first car soon, must be automatic. I obviously want to spend as little as possible while getting something decent and safe. I was looking at like 2014 Fortuners but Im concerned about reliability and infinite repairs? I also know theres some sort of time limit to...
  4. J

    Can anyone vouch for

    Hi everyone, I am in search of solar equipment from pvstore and have not come across any discussions regarding purchasing from them on forums or found any feedback on HelloPeter. Can anyone here provide a personal endorsement for the company and share additional information such as how long...
  5. cheems00

    Is Vodacom taking me for a piss?

    Around November of last year there was a small army of Vodacom Fibre salespeople that descended on my neighbourhood. They came knocking at my gate and asked if I was willing to pre-order a line to my house. I immediately, and impulsively, ordered a 500/250 package. Some time goes by and...
  6. Mist4h20

    Suspension assessment

    Hi all, just wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations for a suspension assessment in the northern suburbs, my car seems to be making a squishy noise from the front right when the weather is on the warmer side. Any advice is appreciated!
  7. T

    if debt counselling gone wrong, who do I complain to?

    hi guys I believe a debt counselling company did me wrong, they didnt do their job. i didnt miss a payment but somehow i still owe R30 000. i did the math and sums according to the court order and if not for this company i would of been debt free. so i want to complain and take my findings /...
  8. N

    Advice on investing R250K in the current market

    Hi guys, You know how if you could go back in time, how you would do things differently. Well need some wisdom from those that have traveled ahead. Currently in my late 20s, married, don't own a home/apartment atm, no debt except my wife's car and a macbook + iphone monthly. What would you do...
  9. S

    Pro's and Con's: buying a large plot of land in a group and then dividing it to make an estate.

    Hi. What would be the pros and cons of the following: Lets say about 100 investors buy the following plot : Then each investor contributes 100k towards the purchase and then shares the costs to convert...
  10. L

    What to study further, advice needed

    Morning all
  11. V

    Fitness devices advice

    Hey I used to have the Samsung Frontier S3 watch that worked just fine for recording runs and gym sessions. Recently its died (well stuck in endless restart loops) so im looking for a replacement. Im quite undecided about the brand so i was hoping some here had some suggestions or comments. I...
  12. R

    What vehicle to buy?

    My specs that I am looking for are as follows: Up to R200 000 all included (cash buyer) Isofix for car seat Less than 7.5l per 100km Not a 4x4 Can tow a trailer GVM 750 (unbreaked) Keen on compact SUV shape, but this is not absolutely necessary Vehicles I have considered: - Nissan Qashqai 1.5...
  13. C

    BMW 116i 2011 3 Door Advice

    I'm looking to buy a new car and I managed to find a 2011 BMW 116i 3 DR Manual for R139k with only 85000km's on the clock. IT's from SMG (An approved BMW dealer) and is really in immaculate condition. However, I'm hesitant to even touch a second hand BMW and rather go for a used Ford Focus or...
  14. T

    Considering Moving and Working in the UK

    Hi All I am a 26 year old who is considering moving to the UK to work and possibly emigrate. (Once Corona and Travel Restrictions calm down) I have done extensive research into this but there are still questions I cannot find answers to. The visa I will attempt to get is a Skilled Worker Visa...
  15. P

    Durban North Doctor Recommendations

    Hey guys, I am looking for recommendations on GP's in the Durban North area (including La Lucia, Umhlanga). I don't hate my current doctor but he comes across as focusing too much on making money and just prescribing anti biotics and sending you on your way. The final straw for me was when I...
  16. T

    Newbie Needs Advice

    Howzit chaps, I recently bought a house and it needs a lot of work. Right now I'm sitting with an outdated ADT alarm which is locked behind an installer code and has too few channels for the number of sensors, and the garage motor which requires an ET receiver for us to add more remotes to it...
  17. R

    Not getting reaction from Discovery Bank regarding complaint

    My credit card has been migrated from FNB to Discovery Bank (Actioned by Discovery Bank). After the migration was done I was contacted by a Discovery Bank representative and instructed to download the Discovery Bank app on my mobile in order to request a new credit card. This step was required...
  18. randomcat

    How do I know if I'm ready

    How do I know if I'm ready to start applying for junior developer jobs. I would like to know what skills are required and what would you say the ideal junior candidate would look like(not physically). If you could also share what your first developer job was and why you think you got it, that...
  19. P

    Best Insurance Company

    I am looking to change my insurer for my car and household items and thought I would get some recommendations. Please let me know who you would / would not recommend. Thanks!
  20. P

    Questions about selling a car that's been in an accident

    Hi guys, I was just involved in my second accident in my car. First one I was rear ended at a stop street and this one a student driver pulled out from a stop street perpendicular to me without looking and we collided. So neither were too bad in terms of damage. My question is how is this...