1. LazyLion

    Reporter Lara Logan tells of Tahrir Square assault in Egypt Glad she is OK. Yay for brave and plucky South African women!
  2. L

    Lesbian 'was kicked in groin' to convert her

    Source: IOL News *blink*
  3. L

    PIC: Man taken to court for racial insults

    Source: IOL News Sick bullying scumbag bastard :mad: I sincerely hope he gets the worst possible punishment there is for something like this. How the hell can you carry on like that; treat someone in such a filthy manner and still live with yourself? Renney, please, do the world a...
  4. A

    Nashua Mobile = Physical Assault

    I am in shock at the treatment I received yesterday (10 November 2009) at a Nashua Mobile branch, namely The Glen, between the store “Owner” and myself. I am still currently waiting on replies from the company. After struggling to resolve a problem with my account via the call center on two...
  5. mercurial

    Pair accused of assault over Wii Christmas gift

  6. mercurial

    Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat wife

    Full story
  7. P

    Woman Assaults Neighbor. With a Peanut.

    07/23/2008 05:03 PM Woman Assaults Neighbor. With a Peanut. 23 year-old Robyn Lee of Coryville has been charged with aggravated assault after trying to cram a peanut in the mouth of highly allergic Shenna Ferguson. The women were riding to the mall together in Ferguson's...
  8. mercurial

    Mexican donkey jailed for assault and battery

    Full story LOL. This is possibly the weirdest story I've ever read. What an ass :rolleyes: