1. Chris

    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla

    Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla Audi’s new Q4 e-tron will go head-to-head with Tesla Inc. in the fast-growing market of compact crossover SUVs to help parent Volkswagen AG narrow its electric-car sales gap with the world leader. The model Audi unveiled Wednesday is among a...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Audi reveals E-Tron GT luxury EV to take on new Tesla Model S

    Audi reveals E-Tron GT luxury EV to take on new Tesla Model S Audi expects the U.S. to be the largest market for its new electric four-door coupe, one of the most powerful cars Volkswagen AG’s premium brand has ever built. It offers slightly less-blazing acceleration than Tesla Inc.’s latest...
  3. D

    2012 Audi A4 1.8T, 115000km, too good to be true?

    Hi car gurus. I'm planning to buy a used car. While looking for an i20, I ran into an Audi A4 selling for 89k. It seems to be in great condition from the outside. The owner claims 115000km on the clock and zero accidents. Isn't the price a tad too low for the mileage of the car? I have also...
  4. GipsyD

    Local Audi S3 Style Exhausts for Audi A3?

    Ok, some context. Not too long ago I took delivery of my 2018 Audi S3 Sedan (There was a whole thread dedicated to what should replace my daily driver). The car was awesome, and pretty quick for such a small package. I really enjoyed the S3, and I wish I could get another one. Note that I am...
  5. G

    Warning: R8,500 every time you update Audi's MMI (Virtual Cockpit) SatNav Maps

    Just wanted to warn any prospective Audi buyers that the ~R50,000 you'll pay for Audi's Virtual Cockpit with satellite navigation has a hidden cost. I've really enjoyed my Audi's Audi's Virtual Cockpit, especially the satellite navigation with Google Maps overlay. However, the maps are very...
  6. J

    Audi recalls electric SUV

    Audi recalls electric SUV Volkswagen AG’s luxury brand Audi is recalling its first all-electric vehicle sold in the U.S. due to a potential risk of a battery fire. The company issued a voluntary recall of approximately 540 E-Tron SUVs because of a risk that moisture can seep into the battery...
  7. F

    Should I extend my motorplan for my Audi A5.

    My motorplan is expiring and Audi has quoted me R37 000 just to renew for 1 year. I think this is quite excessive. Should I take the risk and just pay for my own service. Selling the car is not an option unfortunately :( What has your experience been. What's the worst that can happen - engine...
  8. Ivan Leon

    Audi Admits to Faking VINs to Hinder Emissions Testing in South Korea

    For some reason, Audi seems to have a complicated relationship with Vehicle Identification Numbers. They’re not really complicated things, but Audi has admitted to using falsified VINs on South Korean cars in an effort to make emissions testing verification more difficult. As a result of...
  9. Ivan Leon

    Winter conditions & Summer tyres - not a good combination

    A Ballito couple narrowly escaped without injury when their SUV slid down an icy mountain pass on Sunday. Nathan and Brigitte Renald were on their way back from a night in snowy Sani Pass when their Audi Q5 lost grip and slid more than 10 meters down a steep slope. Debby Deavin, a tactical...
  10. T

    Who offers best 'Trade Assists' deals on vehicles or does it depend on your car....

    Hiya, Hope all well. just asking as learning here :) So for example VW offers 50k trade assist on a new gti (correct me if i am wrong) but dont offer nada on the 'R' premium hatchback. Other dealers like bmw offer 'cashback' deals etc. Who or what or where is best if you want to...
  11. T

    2018 M2 Manual yay or nay ? for the purpose of resale perhaps in 10 years :p

    Hi All, Under consideration now I am looking into buying a M2 (manual) , The Blue one ;). Its prob gonna cost me about 950k and yes its a 2018. optional almost everything except for the Heated seats and Light Package but has most other options available including M-package and seat belts etc...
  12. L

    Best 2nd hand car to buy under R150 k ???

    Good Day all I'm new to mybroadband so please don't be harsh if i may ask a dumb/repeated question here, i'm still figuring this out :p Im looking at buying a 2nd hand vehicle around the R150k mark. I have lined up quite few cars im looking at. Main focus is on Fuel economy...
  13. Newsfeed

    Audi Aicon is so safe, it doesn’t have seat belts

    Audi Aicon is so safe, it doesn’t have seat belts Audi has revealed its “four-door design vision”, the Aicon.
  14. E

    Audi Specialist needed

    Hi Guys Can anyone recommend a good and honest Audi specialist in Cape Town, preferably Southern Suburbs? I have an A4 B8 1.8TFSI and need a good reliable place that can work on the head and also diagnose an issue with the multitronic box. I've heard of KC Auto in Kenilworth, can someone...
  15. W

    Audi A4 2011 2.0T Multitronic - INSANE OIL CONSUMPTION!

    Hi Everyone So I've bought a new car , Audi A4 2011 2.0T Multitronic (44k kms on clock) Since buying the car I discovered that it uses an insane amount of oil I don't even have the car two months and probably drove it just under 2000km or there about. After the first 2-3 weeks the oil...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Audi cheated emissions tests – Report

    Audi cheated emissions tests – Report Regulators have discovered that more VW-Group cars were cheating emissions tests, Engadget reported.
  17. K

    Bmw 118i or Audi A3 2L

    I am looking at these two cars as options to buy a sporty hatch. I like both the bmw 118i and the Audi A3 both 2010 models but im not to sure which to choose. I would like to know which out of the two cars is the better buy with regards to cost of spares as well as which car is more reliable...
  18. Ivan Leon

    VW Faces Setback as California Rejects 3-Liter Car Recall Plan

    Read the full Bloomberg article here:
  19. G

    2012 Audi A4 vs 2012 BMW 320i

    I have a choice between a 2012 Audi A4 (Ambition) and a BMW 320i (Modern), both automatic. Just curious what you would choose assuming that price is the same, both with one year motorplan left. Audi with 49 000km and BMW with 93 000km. I value peace of mind and security so more inclined towards...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Audi unveils hydrogen-powered H-Tron Quattro

    Audi unveils hydrogen-powered H-Tron Quattro The Audi H-Tron Quattro concept car promises a long range, swift refuelling, and sporty performance.