1. LazyLion

    Vegemite Sandwich Lobbed at Australian Prime Minister

    Investigations were under way Thursday into who lobbed Vegemite sandwiches at the Australian prime minister as she toured a Queensland school. Julia Gillard tried to play down the prank on Wednesday at Brisbane's Marsden state high school. "One kid thought he might just be a little bit...
  2. LazyLion

    Would-be Robber Thwarted by Chilli in Australia

    A quick-thinking worker at a takeaway food store in Sydney has stopped an attempted robbery by throwing a bucket of chilli at a would-be thief, leaving him with minor burns, Australian police said Monday. New South Wales state police said a man walked into the store on Sunday and ordered some...
  3. LazyLion

    Israel Prison Service at Fault over Zygier's Death: Report says

    Negligence by the Israeli Prison service played a role in the suicide of Ben Zygier, the reputed Mossad agent outed as Israel's "Prisoner X," an internal report released Thursday said. Zygier was found hanged in his cell on December 15, 2010, after tying a bed sheet to the bars of his prison...
  4. LazyLion

    Australia Arrest Priest on Paedophilia Charges

    Australian police arrested a Roman Catholic priest on pedophilia charges Monday, following months of negotiations to have him returned from the Vatican. A police statement said the 67-year-old priest, whose name has not been made public, presented himself at Victoria state police headquarters...
  5. N

    Gigabit speeds to hit Australia

    Gigabit speeds to hit NBN by end of year Summary: NBN Co has released three new wholesale plans for the National Broadband Network, which will allow some customers to achieve download speeds of 1Gbps by the end of the year..All australians within 10 years. Source Article
  6. LazyLion

    'Crocodile Dundee' Hunts Missing $34 Million

    "Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan has taken legal action in a US court to recover US$34 million held in a Swiss bank account which he alleges has been misappropriated, reports said Monday. The Australian, who was catapulted to stardom by the success of the 1986 film about the laconic...
  7. jes

    Google catches couple having road-side sex

    Google catches couple having road-side sex An Australian couple shot to fame on social media Thursday after an image of them having sex by the side of a rural highway made it onto Google Street View, sparking speculation it was a stunt.
  8. LazyLion

    Monster Crocodile Shot in Australia

    A 4.5-metre crocodile shot after menacing children was so heavy a digger was needed to load it onto a pick-up truck, news reports from Australia's far-north city of Darwin said Tuesday. Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife ranger Tommy Nichols supervised the trapping, shooting and loading at...
  9. mercurial

    Apple Maps takes another hit as Oz Fire Authorities call it dangerous

  10. jes

    Apple, Microsoft, Adobe must explain high prices to Aussie parliament

    Apple, Microsoft, Adobe must explain high prices to Aussie parliament Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe ordered to appear before Australia’s parliament to explain why local consumers pay so much for their products
  11. mercurial

    Samsung pokes fun at Apple Maps in Oz

  12. A

    Don't bring up your kids in SA.

    I can't believe it, Australia is getting better and better while South Africa is heading South :( Are the ANC really that bad? Well, at least Australia is not first.
  13. J

    Steve Wozniak eyeing Australian citizenship

    Apple’s Wozniak looks to Australian future Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is looking to become an Australian citizen, according to reports
  14. M

    High Latency to Australia - Afrihost

    Hi Guys, My very first post :-P I slightly new to South African internet, so I'm wondering.... Is there latency to Australia with every ISP in South Africa? Is it as simple as we don't have a direct connection to them? as per my traceroute below.. C:\Users\Chris-home>tracert...
  15. QuintonB

    Aus, US Wi-fi patent case settled

    Wi-fi patent case settled Australia’s scientific research agency has reached a multi-million dollar out-of-court settlement in the United States over the use of its wireless internet technology which underpins wi-fi platforms worldwide.
  16. jes

    Internet proving to be a windfall for Australian economy

    Internet proving to be a windfall for Australian economy The Internet now accounts for 3.6 percent of Australia’s economic growth, rivalling the retail sector in value
  17. N

    Australian comatose after 'planking' accident

    Planking claims another victim More :erm:
  18. jes

    Facebook 'planking' under fire in Australia

    Facebook 'planking' under fire in Australia An Internet craze known as "planking" has come under fire from authorities in Australia after the arrest of a man for sprawling on a police car.
  19. jes

    SKA leaning towards winners in both SA and Australia

    SKA leaning towards winners in both SA and Australia Talk is that South Africa and Australia will host the giant radio telescope.