1. E

    I have seen the Outback...

    ....and it's red! :D

    Official Tri-Nations 2009 Thread

    Official Tri-Nations 2009 Thread - SA WINS!!! Tri-Nations 2009 Fixtures: 18 July 09:30 - NZ vs Aus - Eden Park, Auckland, NZ - NZ Wins 22-16 25 July 17:00 - SA vs NZ - Vodacom Park, Bloemfontein, SA - SA Wins 28 - 19 01 Aug 17:00 - SA vs NZ - ABSA Stadium, Durban, SA - SA Wins 31 - 19 08...
  3. Aqua_lung

    Australian Government adds Wikileaks to banned website list

    Linking to flagged sites will cost you
  4. E

    Driving In Australia

    Does anyone know if an international drivers licence is required to drive in Australia?
  5. medicnick83

    Down under suffering!

    For those interested in the latest from Australia with regards to the fires - here is what I've received; And here is a Eyewitness account of "the fire comes quickly" *sigh* :( Nothing I or any fire fighters here in SA can do, but I tell you now, if we were given a chance to go there to...
  6. I

    Email problems

    I'm having some problems sending emails to my cousin in Australia. Every time I send a mail I get an error. It doesn't matter if I use Gmail, my work email or even sending the mail trough my own web site's mail accounts. I get this message back: I use both and my...
  7. squirrel

    Goods that are cheaper in Australia?

    Hello, The father is going to Australia in a few days which is always a great excuse to get some presents :D What's cheaper over there than in South Africa?
  8. LazyLion

    World’s first 21Mbps eHSPA/HSPA+ data “call” made in Australia How long will we have to wait? :(
  9. Grouter

    Vodafone data rates in Australia

    Heading off downunder for xmas, and thought I'd bring along my e220 and not sponge free internet off my brothers and sisters. Checked Vodafone Australia's prepaid data rates...:eek: AUS$0.01 per KB. That's AUS$10.24 per meg, or ZAR R65.00 per meg. Guess what? Family had better have wireless...
  10. LazyLion

    Australian Govt's Plan to Censor the Internet is 'Stricter than Iran' See the article for more ....
  11. M

    Python found in toilet in northern Australia

    ... DJStealth, now we can make stupid puns about snakes :cool:
  12. B

    Mugabe's presence at UN food summit 'obscene': Australia
  13. M

    Australian fishermen net 500-pound squid

  14. B

    UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)

    Anybody familiar /used the UK HSMP ? Have Googled (and found a ton of info) - looking for any tips / recommendations etc. ta :)