1. mercurial

    Applications pour in for 'Best Job in the World'

  2. LazyLion

    World’s first 21Mbps eHSPA/HSPA+ data “call” made in Australia How long will we have to wait? :(
  3. Grouter

    Vodafone data rates in Australia

    Heading off downunder for xmas, and thought I'd bring along my e220 and not sponge free internet off my brothers and sisters. Checked Vodafone Australia's prepaid data rates...:eek: AUS$0.01 per KB. That's AUS$10.24 per meg, or ZAR R65.00 per meg. Guess what? Family had better have wireless...
  4. LazyLion

    Australian Govt's Plan to Censor the Internet is 'Stricter than Iran' See the article for more ....
  5. B

    Mugabe's presence at UN food summit 'obscene': Australia
  6. mercurial

    Australian pokes shark in eye to survive mauling

    Crikey :eek:
  7. B

    Fidentia Bosses wife - flees to Australia. lol