1. Rickster

    Whats going on here myBB?

    Anyone else getting this alert?
  2. J

    Avast Software to Buy AVG Technologies for $1.3 Billion

    More: http://www.wsj.com/articles/avast-software-to-buy-avg-technologies-for-1-3-billion-1467896539
  3. O

    I can't turn my wifi on again.

    Hi alles I have problem here,I can't connect to wi-fi network because sth apparently turned it off. I use avast free antivirus I tried troubleshotting it keeps saying wifi disabled,tried using short cut keys fn f9 on my samsung laptop it does not respond I even tried f9 alone still no...
  4. O


    Good Day Everyone I have a faulty external drive..when I plug it on the pc it says scan to fix errors (recommended) or continue without scanning. I tried both but when the hard drive opens folders are empty..how do I fix this? I even tried to format the HDD but it can't,what seems to be the...
  5. O

    Antivirus for Samsung gadgets

    Hi I recently bought Samsung gadgets the S4 & G Tab 10.1 *excited* so what I want to know is,is it necessary to get them antivirus? I was with Nokia these past years so viruses were never an issue but with the latest gadgets something tells me they are more vulnerable to hackers,etc I want to...
  6. R

    MSE vs Avast! Free

    Yes there are daily posts about choosing a good AV but i would like to know from YOUR personal experience which of these two free packages (Microsoft Security Essentials & Avast!) has worked better for you and why? What are the detection rates and speeds against each other?
  7. Praeses

    Avast Antivirus Pro on special!!

    Hello fellow Avast fans! I got a popup from my Free Avast! AV that you can purchase a 1 year licence for the pro license for only $10! Just did my purchase! Need to reboot now as it installed the pro stuff onto the free version :p Anybody else going to take on this special? I think it's...
  8. jes

    Rampant global Avast! piracy spreads to Vatican City

    Rampant global Avast! piracy spreads to Vatican City Avast! Software has issued a report on the exponential piracy of a single multi-user license key
  9. D

    Avast Free Version 5 Released

  10. rpm

    Free anti-virus programs: are they worth it?

    Free anti-virus: is it worth it? With a range of free anti-virus packages available on the market, do you get what you pay for?
  11. S

    Avast stopping scans!?

    Hi, So I am using Avast! Home Edition to protect my PC. It does well for when my PC starts downloading a virus, but very bad as a HDD scanner :( The problem is when it finds something, it brings up an option menu to ask what to do with the file, which then pauses the scan until you have...
  12. G

    Avast - Dissapoints

    I though I was "safe" with Avast - admittedly all values set to default...like I presume most run it? I had AVG before and un-installed it i favour of Avast a while ago...Today I could not access the internet...set Avast to high sensitivity for everything and did a scan - squeeky clean it...
  13. cryptic1

    Avg vs Avast

    Hi Chaps :) Used Avg many years ago, Avast installed on both main pc and laptop. Was thinking of giving Avg a try again and wondered what your thoughts are? Heard of some issues with Avg about a year or so ago. Avast has not given me any problems to date, well besides a few false positives...