1. Burr

    Axxess vs MWEB? (ADSL)

    Hi Guys, So I'm moving into a new place in February and looking to get ADSL (no fibre available in the area, RIP). Contacted Telkom who will hopefully have the line installed before I move in. I'm currently contributing to an 8MB line at home with my parents, we've been with MWEB since Big...
  2. S

    Fraud or Farce? - Axxcess Fibre "Cancellation Fees"

    As a 10+ year customer of Axxess, it was with some regret that I pushed (clicked actually) the button to terminate my relationship with them after a series of unpleasant interactions. The real stinger was an immediate R950 cancellation fee deducted from my credit card - the amount was wrong, it...
  3. D

    Fibre cancellation after a week consumer protection Vumatel Axxess

    So I signed up for Vumatel fiber through my trusted ISP Axxess (I have been with them for 8 or 10 years? really a long time whatever it is). 20/2 uncapped package The speeds have been so erratic, one minute down to 1mbps then back up to 20 but mostly between 6 and 10 download. So my LTEa was...
  4. Jade @ ZA Domains

    Advice Needed - Axxess or Coolideas

    Howzit guys, Need some advice here. Long story, but please read and advise I had made contact with Cool Ideas a few months back in order to transfer existing line from Telkom to them as they are able to offer 200MB on Openserve's network and Telkom are not. Cool ideas advised that because Im...
  5. S

    Fixed LTE - What's the speeds like, and does it work well for gaming?

    Hi all, I've been thinking of signing up with Axxess for their 200GB LTE deal. Just wanted to find out from current users who make use of Cell C LTE - what are the speeds like (upload and download) and how is the latency to Europe servers for online gaming? Is it comparable to Telkom...
  6. S

    Axxess fibre uncapped accounts = garbage

    So because most Isp's in this country are greedy selling overpriced products while being useless, I thought I would downgrade from a capped account to an uncapped account on axxess which is slightly cheaper. Slightly cheaper but terribly worse. You basically have an uncapped account but cant...
  7. S

    Axxess Contact person

    Does anyone have a direct contact in Axxess? I'm looking for either a decision maker or a dev at least. I have some sensitive info that I would like to share with them and not air in public. I've tried their regular support channels & Twitter DM but they don't seem to be taking me very seriously...
  8. Pixual

    The Sad Story Of Axxess' Cell C LTE Service

    If you are looking to order anything from Axxess and you just so happen to be on their database from like years ago and your email address has changed, be warned that trying to set up a new account with them is going to put your teeth on edge. I thought I would give the Cell C LTE product they...
  9. H

    Question - Changing VDSL ISP

    I am currently with Axxess but their service has gone downhill so I have decided to change ISP. I gave them the one month notice, they confirmed and stopped our service immediately. Does it usually work like this with a ISP to stop your service the moment you give them a months notice and...
  10. K

    AXXESS CellC not working as advertised?

    Although the status on the Axxess Website still reflect a 'Moderate Issue' I am experiencing a 'Severe Issue' as I struggle to do my normal work every evening due to this issue. This issue seem to be congestion related. 2 days in a row the system worked perfectly from around 23:00, only to...
  11. K

    Questions about Axxess Cloud Hosting

    If anyone has experience with Cloud Hosting at Axxess, could you please answer some of the questions I have below? Since Axxess does not bother to answer my questions ( ) I hope that members of this community can answer them. BAD FORM...
  12. B

    Axxess revised T's&C's

    No more simultaneous up and downgrading of data packages. Perhaps I should ask why it took until the end of November 2017. I never raised it as a perk on MyBB because I was hoping the convenience would stay under the radar and last longer. The change? One can no longer conveniently login to...
  13. RedViking

    AXXESS Android App Restart Connection Not Working

    Can Axxess please confirm if the "Restart Connection" in the app is still functional? Does this serve the same function as port recreate? My internet slows down every now and then, using the "Restart Connection" makes no difference even after waiting for a day. However when phoning help desk...
  14. cyb3rt

    Fiber Coverage - OpenServe PTA East

    Howzit guys, I am hoping someone on here could assist me in explaining or possibly even helping in some way. I have a fiber "buddy box" installed against my house already (in a complex) and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the area is covered but it would seem that only my complex is...
  15. D

    Fibre Static IP Addresses

    We have a small business which operates from home and at the moment we have 5 static IP addresses with MWEB ADSL. Vumatel is in the process of finalising fibre in our area. According to WebAfrica and Mweb, they can't offer us static IP addresses on a Vumatel Fibre connection. Is this correct or...
  16. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. -" So my questions are...
  17. Newsfeed

    Axxess launches 50GB LTE-A package for R299

    Axxess launches 50GB LTE-A package for R299 Axxess has launched a 25GB+25GB LTE-A promotion, with a free Huawei B618 LTE-A router, for R299 per month.
  18. Newsfeed

    Axxess free router and fibre installation promotion

    Axxess free router and fibre installation promotion Axxess is giving away a free fibre router and free installation, valued at R3,500, in its latest fibre promotion.
  19. Newsfeed

    Axxess Voice launched

    Axxess Voice launched Axxess has launched a cloud-based voice service, called Axxess Voice, which offers subscribers affordable voice calls and an “087” VoIP number.
  20. C

    New Axxess comms policy - disable their hosting then they will call you back!

    My domain was suddenly "disabled" and I was wondering whether it got hacked. Would not surprise me as I cannot use any Alpha characters in my control panel password. I use it as a mail account only so I guess some mails are now gone forever. Support was quick to get back to me, saying that...