1. shifttymike

    Axxess is trolling me

    Back in 2017 I had endless issues trying to get Openserve fibre through Axxess, where there was a fault, the fault was repaired and the order marked as complete when they hadn't actually pulled fibre to my apartment yet - just fixed the fault. I spent nearly 3 months trying to get them to create...
  2. Chris

    South African fibre price war

    South African fibre price war South African broadband users are enjoying big price cuts and free speed upgrades on fibre-to-the-home products with fibre network operators and ISPs fighting for market share. The fibre price war was started by Openserve when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on...
  3. Chris

    Axxess offers free fibre upgrades for customers on Frogfoot network

    Axxess offers free fibre upgrades for customers on Frogfoot network Axxess has announced free fibre speed upgrades for its customers on the Frogfoot Fibre network. The changes will see Frogfoot’s fibre line speed upgrade promotion – which has been active since 1 April 2020 – become permanent...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Behind the scenes at the new Axxess head office - Photos

    Behind the scenes at the new Axxess head office - Photos Axxess recently moved into its impressive new head office in Port Elizabeth which has already become a landmark in the City. Axxess was founded by Franco Barbalich in his one-bedroom flat in 1997 and initially provided Internet access...
  5. J

    Axxess gives free speed upgrades for DSL clients

    Axxess gives free speed upgrades for DSL clients Axxess has announced that their DSL subscribers will receive free line speed upgrades this month. The Internet service provider (ISP) said most DSL clients will see their speeds doubled with no increase in price.
  6. A

    Huawei B818-263 router is compatible with which SA mobile LTE networks?

    Hi, My existing ZTE router runs decently with Axxess MTN Fixed LTE but I decided to upgrade to a Huawei B818-263 to try eke out a bit more performance and am discovering the hard way that despite me thinking its merely an upgraded B618 and thus backward compatible its apparently not supported...
  7. Vander Host

    Axxess ISP SSH sessions always breaking due to load balancer??

    I live in Cape Town and have tried various providers across the Western Cape. My residence is in Tamboerskloof and my landlord uses Axxess. I'm 90% happy with the service but I have one major problem in my daily workflow which is becoming a royal pain in the neck. The problem is SSH breaks. It...
  8. G

    Connecting Shopify To Axxess Domain

    How do i go about connecting my shopify store with my Axxess Domain? I previously had a site built and the guy created the domain under Axxess hosting, but the site he built was absolutely terrible and I thus decided to create my own shopify site. I need help with connecting the current shopify...
  9. O

    Axxess to Afrihost Fibre Migration Fail

    Hi, I've had Axxess Fibre on FrogFoot in Pretoria since April 2020 and decided to migrate to Afrihost as soon as possible (which was end November 2020). I signed up with Afrihost on 17 November 2020. Last night, on the 30th of November 2020, my internet stopped working because Axxess released...
  10. K

    Telkom email settings

    Firstly, i hope it's the right sub. I'm currently helping my neighbour with her email address. She's cancelling her telkom adsl and phone line, and keeping only her email - which I believe is possible, but will take some effort. The problem is, she's no longer at the premises...
  11. V

    Transferring of .com domain

    Hi guys, I am struggling to transfer my client's .com domain from their current host (which was created and managed by an other individual, let's call him Person B) to a new host (Axxess). Usually I have worked with GoDaddy and bluehost, and how their process works is super simple. Basically...
  12. J

    New Telkom LTE deals from Axxess

    New Telkom LTE deals from Axxess Axxess has upgraded four of its existing Telkom LTE packages to offer clients additional data free of charge. “These upgrades are free and there are no price changes to the existing monthly data packages,” Axxess said.
  13. F

    Slow internet - Openserve line Axxess -ISP

    We have had speeds below 1MB all day today, and on-site they indicate they are working on the issue, has anyone been able to get an estimated completion time as the support lines seem full.
  14. E

    Previous Tenant not canceling his Fibre line rental with Axxess

    Hi everyone I moved into a new flat on 2020-08-01 and the previous tenant hasn’t cancelled his Fibre line rental with Axxess, he is claiming he doesn’t have to cancel as it is a month to month contract and they will cancel the line if he stops paying for the line. So after I asked him numerous...
  15. Vanomish

    Axess mtn fixed lte stopped working

    Hi everyone can anyone assist me, I bought a router (Huawei B618) from a friend who was using it on Axxess MTN Fixed LTE. I myself had a Huawei B525 router that came with my sim, Three days after inserting my sim into Huawei B618 router, my network has been blocked, I have data, and 4G network...
  16. Matt91

    Is Vodacom allowed to do this?

    When Fibre first came to my area, via Vumatel, Vodacom was the only company offering FTTH at that point (2018) so my parents gladly signed up for the 20↓/10↑ Fibre deal @ R850 p/m. At the time Vuma had already laid a few cables and some people like my neighbor across the way already had fibre up...
  17. hjst45

    Axxess stopping LTE orders without notice

    Hi everyone, Just a warning: Before the whole lockdown situation, I was planning to move a relative from Supersonic to Axxess for LTE. I did the order yesterday and phoned the morning to enquire whether they are still doing deliveries (should be a breeze, since we're both in Port Elizabeth)...
  18. Retro1337

    Fixed LTE questions

    Hi, so i was looking at getting 10+10 package through axxxess I would like to know if it could be used with my 4G enabled phone or does it only work with a router? Also I have a small 3G ZTE pocket router , i assume it wont work with that? as it...
  19. Radar1

    Axxess MTN LTE-A Invalid Profile

    Has anyone had the issue where your LTE-A router (Huawei B618 in my case) randomly decided that the profile that was set up becomes invalid? My router works perfectly with the APN that Axxess supplied me (with speeds peaking at almost 90Mbps), but every 1-2 days my internet stops working and I...
  20. K

    Axxess MTN Fixed LTE Router Scheme

    I bought the 30+30 GB MTN fixed LTE through axxess R199 , SIM only which I tried using on the Huawei B315 router and it actually worked perfectly, good coverage, good speeds. After an hour it stopped working and could not connect. I logged several tickets with no response from axxess in like 5...