1. jes

    Axxess launches 2-for-1 ADSL top-ups

    Axxess launches 2-for-1 ADSL top-ups Axxess has followed the lead of their new parent company Afrihost with 2 for 1 top-up ADSL specials
  2. C

    Insane pings

    My problem is as follows: I had my adsl line (from axxess) activated at the beginning of August. I had an axxxess adsl account but at the end of the month I switched over to PCformat live (still keeping the axxess 1mb adsl line). As far as I can remeber I had the same ping problems with axxess...
  3. jes

    Axxess introduces ADSL 4 for 1 top-up special

    Axxess introduces ADSL 4 for 1 top-up special Axxess launched their 4:1 ADSL top-up special dropping the effective price to below R10 per GB
  4. R

    Axxess control panel not signing in

    Can someone else maybe confirm that they are also unable to log into the Axxess control panel? Tried it now several times with both IE & Chrome, and it just says "Processing" and doesn't go any further after you entered your login details. Thanks.
  5. 3

    Getting my ADSL Line from Axxess

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if it would be a good idea to move my line over to Axxess, Are they good with sorting out problems or do they take forever, how is their service, is your line working fine or is down most of the time....or any other problems that you have occurred.
  6. jes

    Afrihost and Axxess acquisition deal details

    Afrihost and Axxess acquisition deal details Afrihost recently announced that it was acquiring Axxess DSL. Here are the details.
  7. jes

    ISP Afrihost to buy competitor Axxess

    ISP Afrihost to buy competitor Axxess Well known ISP Afrihost will buy one of their direct competitors, Axxess
  8. D

    Axxess default answer for slow speeds

    I lost it last night with Axxess and their slow speeds. Seand again a complaint. Got back it seems the default answer for all speed related complaints: HI there i see that on this account you are running two connections which would half the speed and you are running on a 1 star ratting...
  9. D

    Axxess uncapped 1024 international almost dead

    I am getting 12kbs on speedtest to London and New York. anybody else have the same problem?
  10. P

    WTF Axxess, YOU SUCK! :mad:

    So, I got myself a axxess uncapped 4mb account, the axxess express thing(R496.00) on the 15th of last month.. and paid R496 on the 15th, and again on the 31st.. meaning i have paid close to R1000.00 for one months worth of usage. On the 11th of this month, my account got suspended for "SPAM...
  11. F

    Axxess suspending account for downloading torrents

    My brother downloaded the movie Salt, from a torrent service, the other day and we got an email from IS saying bla bla delete it or we will suspend your account. I ignored it like many people on MyBroadband, and then today i couldn't connect to the internet. I first thought it was a problem with...
  12. R

    Unable to send and receive email messages from associated Axxess email account on BB

    I have Blackberry 9700 Bold. For more than 6 months I had an Axxess hosted e-mail account associated and send and receive e-mails without problems. Since yesterday none of these emails are arriving on my BB and I can not send any from the specific e-mail address. I got this e-mail from...
  13. rpm

    ADSL pricing shake-up likely after SAIX Lite launch

    ADSL pricing shake-up looming: SAIX Lite launched Telkom’s new SAIX Lite ADSL wholesale accounts are set to bring more competition and lower prices to consumers
  14. rpm

    Cybersmart launches ‘fixed price’ ADSL offerings; Axxess R99 uncapped vouchers

    Cybersmart unveils ‘fixed price’ ADSL offerings Cybersmart has quietly launched their ‘fixed price’ (uncapped) ADSL offerings with aggressive pricing and a variety of choices
  15. T

    Mweb vs Axxess Uncapped

    Hey forum, I want to know what kind of speeds people are getting over axxess compared to mweb. Particularly P2P such as Torrents, News Servers and Gaming as well as basic overall HTTP speeds. I'm about to throw in the towel with mweb, everyday there is a new technical issue and P2P is a...
  16. rpm

    South Africa’s broadband winners: The results are in

    South Africa’s broadband mavericks South African broadband users say who they think has done the most for broadband in South Africa this year
  17. N

    Axxess and Internet Solutions Uncapped Unshapped Nightmare

    Axxess and Internet Solutions Uncapped Unshapped Nightmare So Ive had this 4096 axxess-express (@R496) account for 2 months now and today things just got as bad as they could ever get, I noticed this morning that my account was really slow* scratch that REALLY REALLY SLOW. Now you all know...
  18. rpm

    Axxess Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month

    Uncapped ADSL: R99 per month Axxess launches their “Just Surf” Uncapped Internet accounts, starting at only R99 per month; Openweb responds within hours