1. U

    Best and most affordable way to send money from a ZA bank account into a UK bank account?

    Hello! I'm traveling to the UK quite soon for a few months and was wondering what would be the best method to send Rand (ZAR) from my ABSA bank account into a UK account into Pounds (GBP)? I will be receiving funds during my stay there each month, so a it will be a regular thing to transfer...
  2. Jp Van Eeden

    Able to open bank account with temp ID or passport?

    Hey all. Just wondering if it's possible to open a bank account in South Africa with a temporary ID or a passport? I'm unable to get a new ID card due to lockdown restrictions & i need to open a bank account pretty urgently. Thanks for your time. Kind Regards
  3. B

    Opening personal bank account online

    Hi everyone I'm interested in opening a personal savings account online without having to go into a branch or to a shop indoors. This must include a debit card and internet banking. I know discovery bank already offers this service and they have the debit card delivered to you. Are any...
  4. RedViking

    Personal Loan - Advice Needed

    I need a big sum of money, couple 100K, but have never had to take out a big loan or debt except for using my credit card and a couple of accounts. Clean financial record. What is the best way to approach it after exhausting every avenue of not taking out a loan. Where is the best place to look...
  5. B

    Ways to yse credit card to transfer money?

    Are there any ways to use a credit card to make transfers to another bank account. Obviously EFTs are possible but im looking for a way to not do EFTs on the credit card. My initial thought was to generate a QR code (via snapscan, zapper or Fnb speedpoint) and then just make card payments to...
  6. I

    Receiving Money from Overseas

    Hi So I did some freelance work for someone but they are located overseas. More specifically the UK. So I'd like to know how does Transferwise work regarding receiving money from UK. From my understanding is that I create an account and send those details to the payer. But then how do I get...
  7. callvm

    Best bank for fast international payments?

  8. S

    FNB are they loosing it or lost it

    hi i was one of fnb ealry adopters and a great advertisement for many years to friend and family the ebucks programme leaders in digital technology innovation ability to make a instant payment and assist anyone immediately lately there seem to be a arrogance thats similar to a goverment...
  9. BamboozledAttorney

    The FNB-Spotify issue (debugged)

    This may or may not have been discussed, but what the heck; here goes anyway. When Spotify became available in 2018 here in SA, I was overjoyed. I could finally say goodbye to VPNs that tricked the application into thinking I am in an eligible country. And when I used my trustee Debit Card...
  10. Sollie

    South Africa Has Second Most Android Banking Malware Attacks As Cyber Crime Increases
  11. J

    FNB otp pin problems

    Just trying to buy something from using my VISA card, received the otp pin, and entered exactly as it is, order then get cancelled because of the invalid payments, tried it for almost 5 times, still didn't go through, this bank is making my mad! Anyone with a similar problem?
  12. H

    N26 Euro Bank Account

    Hi, I would like to know if any of you here have managed to open a N26 Euro Bank Account? There was a reader on Simon Brown's Just One Lap who apparently was able to open a N26 bank account even though he is residing in South Africa. Here is a link to the article...
  13. U

    router battery (power bank) for Huawei b315

    Item: The back up battery which came with my Huawei B315 router. One user tested successfully on a B618. Manual says that battery lasts 2-3 hours but some forumites have reported better usage. see here and cr@zydude's feedback below. Age and condition: Immaculate - bought brand new end of...
  14. Newsfeed

    It’s “adapt or die” for banks

    It’s “adapt or die” for banks The financial system is changing and banks will either embrace the latest financial technology, or they will disappear.
  15. Newsfeed

    It is theft to spend money that is accidently sent to your bank account

    It is theft to spend money that is accidently sent to your bank account If you spend money that you know is not yours, even if it is deposited into your bank account, it is theft.
  16. F

    FNB vs Capitec vs Nedbank for savings pockets

    Hi all! I'm a very happy Capitec client. My favorite feature is the multiple savings pockets. Makes budgeting and saving towards goals that much easier. Unfortunately they only offer a maximum of four. Nedbank offers 10, so that seems pretty damn good. Unfortunately they apparently...
  17. R

    Electronic credit card payments rejected - Raru site

    I recently tried to purchase something on the Raru site. I have a credit card with FNB. I entered my credit card details and clicked purchase. FNB sent me a one time pin which I entered immediately and clicked process. I received a popup informing me that my transaction had been rejected by...
  18. Bryn

    Capitec rated world's best bank again Well deserved in my opinion. Easily the best bank I've ever been with.
  19. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  20. O

    How do banks calculate individual interest rate?

    Hi. I hear interest is dependent on individual profile. How exactly do banks calculate interest rate for car finance or any other loan? What exactly are they adding and adding and more adding to arrive at individual interest rate? Please advice.