1. N

    Buying a car privately, can i do it through a dealership?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at buying a car from a private seller, which is fine by my bank, just includes a lot of paperwork and time :-/ Is there any way for me to get the deal done through a dealership(not "Your Uncles Car Shop", one of the bigger names..) even if there is some charges and...
  2. Rouxenator

    Could the banks be wasting R7m per year on old CRT based ATMs ?

    I made some rough calculations after seeing the amount of ATMs still using CRT screens. Based on there are about 18,000 ATMs in SA and if I would have to take a guess I would say about 80% of them (15,000) are still running on CRT...
  3. T

    Capitec Bank, ideal for student?

    I need to open a bank account in the foreseeable future. I was recently looking at capitec and what they had to offer. I was quite pleased to see their bank charges (which are like 10% of what ABSA charges :D) I also quite like the idea of getting 6% interest on a current account. However...
  4. jes

    Hackers target bank and credit card websites in the WikiLeaks war

    Hackers target bank and credit card websites in the WikiLeaks war An anonymous group of hackers said Wednesday they had launched online attacks to shut down the websites of credit card Mastercard and a Swiss bank that cut off business ties with WikiLeaks.
  5. N

    Service levels from SA Bond originators

    I am going through the process of using an originator for a bond. He has so far submitted the application to ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank. I bank with ABSA and was surprised to see that they came back with quite a poor rate (.4% above base). When I asked the originator to see if they would...
  6. A

    Property buying advice

    Hi Folks, some advice please? I have my eye on a property, a small farm. The owner is in dire financial trouble and the bond is in arrears. The bond holder hasn’t taken any action…yet. He owes the bank R800k and wants to offload the property for the amount owing. I can afford R800k...
  7. Aqua_lung

    Withdraw 35k cash from bank

    I plan on getting a second hand car and paying for it with cash, thing is I've never withdrawn more thank 5K from the bank in cash so nervous about this... are there any fees involved? (I'm FNB client) and are banks willing to part with that cash easily? any experience here?
  8. L

    U.S Bank Account

    Hi guys, is there a way i can open a US bank account if im in SA.... Really need some help please ...
  9. F

    Which bank?

    Ok, so as a South African that has been living in London the last few years, I have become accustomed to a few things, like cheap fast internet and zero bank charges. Yes! Absolutely no bank charges :) Now that I am moving back to SA at the end of the year, I am going to need to open up a...
  10. C

    FNB took 6 hours

    Lat Night I tried to do Internet banking but to no avail. FNB usually sends an OPT number via SMS, when you sign on. It took 6 hours to arrive so in fact it was for all intent and purpose actually "down". Not seen any thing from FNB on this at all
  11. M

    Current vs Available balance

    I'm a bit confused ATM. How does this work? I need to purchase something, but I want to transfer some funds from my credit card to my cheque account (and I have been doing this online with ABSA), but my current balance is not the same as my available balance. Does my current balance need to be...
  12. rpm

    Malema threatens Nedbank

    ANCYL leader Julius Malema on Thursday threatened to "mobilise society" against Nedbank following a decision to withdraw its sponsorship from Athletics SA (ASA). "Let them withdraw. We'll engage them and we'll expose them for who they are. We'll tell them the truth of why they are...
  13. Takkies

    Anyone bought a Digital ID?

    I'm thinking about getting a digital ID. I want to protect email communication from MS Outlook. Thawte seem to have a freebee. Of course there’s also the proper one from VeriSign (and others). Has anybody tried this? If so, do the recipients of your emails understand the technology? Do banks...
  14. M

    Alleged robber ID'd after leaving wallet at bank

  15. M

    Bank's thumbprint rule irks man born with no arms

  16. LazyLion

    Scammed - Bank Account Change Fraud

    We got a fax on an official letterhead from our Property Rental Company. They had some mumbo jumbo about consolidating accounts, etc. It was "signed" by the lady we normally deal with at that company. Needless to say... it was fraudulent and we paid one month's rental into a fraudulent...
  17. L

    FOR What are they charging...?

    A friend of mine was so lucky to receive a lump sum of money, she is banking with Standard Bank, reckon to be a cheaper option… she is a prestige banker that pays bank fees of R185 for monthly transactions… Yet, while her bank balance shows more than a ‘smiles-worth’ plus, they still charge her...
  18. M

    Man survives 6-story fall from bank building

  19. Aqua_lung

    Possible to buy phone on contact without credit card.

    Was wondering if I'd be able to take out a contract online without a credit card? I gave the vodacom direct site a browse but looks like I need a credit card but is there not a debit order only option? Have I overlooked something?
  20. Flanders

    Internet Banking Fraud - Standard Bank

    I've just heard the most ridiculous story about a case of ibanking fraud on a Std Bank account. This is all hearsay at the moment and I heard this through a not so tech-savvy person so I'll try get the full story together if it turns out there's more to it than I understand at this point. A...