1. R

    Electronic credit card payments rejected - Raru site

    I recently tried to purchase something on the Raru site. I have a credit card with FNB. I entered my credit card details and clicked purchase. FNB sent me a one time pin which I entered immediately and clicked process. I received a popup informing me that my transaction had been rejected by...
  2. Bryn

    Capitec rated world's best bank again Well deserved in my opinion. Easily the best bank I've ever been with.
  3. S

    Standard Bank Root Account for Developers

    Stumbled upon this: "Root is a lightweight bank account designed to be accessible through code. With our API you can build your own interface and control your money programmatically."
  4. O

    How do banks calculate individual interest rate?

    Hi. I hear interest is dependent on individual profile. How exactly do banks calculate interest rate for car finance or any other loan? What exactly are they adding and adding and more adding to arrive at individual interest rate? Please advice.
  5. D

    CA Articles at a bank

    Howzit Guys I need some advice regarding doing CA training at a bank. I start my training next year and am in the process of applying. I have done auditing vacation work and for me it felt a bit mind numbing, so decided to look at other options. I would ultimately like to end up working in...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Are you happy with your current bank?

    Are you happy with your current bank? Which bank are you with, and why are you happy/unhappy with them?
  7. M

    Standard Bank spamming me with statement emails

    Guys, is anyone else getting an statement email every 5 minutes from Standard Bank? Since 3:15 this morning I have received a statement email from my 32 day Notice Deposit account every 5 minutes (I have 70 now). And no, before you ask it is not spam, it is genuine mail and each have a genuine...
  8. C

    Standard Bank CIB IT Graduate Program - Interview & Presentation HELP

    Hey everyone. I applied for the standard bank CIB IT graduate program, and have been invited for a final assessment in Johannesburg. Where I will have to go for interviews and do some form of presentation. As of right now I am officially crapping my pants, I'm so nervous :crylaugh: According...
  9. NeonNinja

    Where is the money? (Bank)

    Money in transit. Interbank transfer, when it doesn't reflect immediately?
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Best bank for Internet and smartphone banking in South Africa

    Best bank for Internet and smartphone banking in South Africa Columinate has released the results of its latest Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey, which revealed the best digital bank, Internet banking site, and mobile banking experience in South Africa.
  11. S

    One Good Thing to Come Out of Swaziland

    Bank charges for cash deposits scrapped in Swaziland, Of course I imagine banks will up other charges to make up for this loss of revenue
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    The bank branches where you can apply for your Smart ID card

    The bank branches where you can apply for your Smart ID card Home Affairs has released a list of bank branches where you can apply for your new Smart ID card and passport.
  13. F

    Which bank in SA is the best when it comes to technology/automating your finances?

    Hi folks! I've always been with ABSA (student account), but I think the time has come to make a switch (since they're forcing me to upgrade). Now, I have done my fair bit of reading (mostly on MyBB and MoneyWeb) about the banks here and their technology, customer satisfaction, fees, etc...
  14. G

    Account Name in EFT

    If you do an EFT with SA banks, does the account name matter, or is this simply used as reference? Hence, if the account is in the name "Peter Smith" and it is entered as "PETER SMITH" or "P. Smith" or "Mr Peter Smith", does that make any difference? Standard Bank switched my first and middle...
  15. M

    Are banks a good place to draw up and keep your will?

    Does anyone have any experience regarding where the best place is to draw up and keep your will? I need to do one but have heard conflicting stories about where to go. FNB give me extra eBucks points :D for drawing it up and keeping it there. But I won't do it just for the eBucks if its better...
  16. X

    Exchange Foreign Currency

    I visited Denmark and Thailand quite some time ago. Although I have not exchanged the currency back to South African Rand. It's been over two years now and wondered if I could exchange the currency now. What are the rules/laws regarding this. Is this money useless to me now? Any help with...
  17. M

    FNB vs ABSA vs Nedbank

    Hi Guys, I'm with ABSA and wanted to increase my home loan amount to expand my wifes business. When I approached ABSA it took them forever to come back with a response and they wanted to increase my interest rate drastically! I've been banking with them for 20 years and never had any bounced...
  18. S

    Access Bond to Create Wealth

    Hi Guys I have an idea and want to know if you think it will work. This is the idea: I want to buy a property (+/-R500k) via a bond. (I can cover the transfer costs and 10% deposit) I want to put tenants in and I expect to be paying in an extra +/-R1000 per month to cover levies...
  19. T

    "Good" Home loan interest rate

    Anyone know what a "good" interest rate on a home loan would be? Got offered 8.59% (Prime -0.66%) by Nedbank on a 2Mil home loan. Is that any good? Still shopping around though.
  20. I

    How does one withdraw funds from a Paypal account in SA?

    I received payment from the UK via my PayPal account, and although I have used it to make purchases (via a linked credit card), I have never received money. How does one go about withdrawing/transferring money from a PayPal account into one's bank account (I am with Standard Bank)? There is a...