1. Jan

    Running a petrol generator vs the cost of batteries compared

    How much it costs to run a generator vs buying a battery backup Although generators are cheaper than an equivalent battery backup, the cost to run them can be quite high depending on load-shedding intensity. MyBroadband determined how much smaller generators — capable of running your internet...
  2. Jan

    Vodacom spends over R1 billion per year on batteries - Joosub

    Vodacom spending over a billion rand each year to tackle its biggest problem When it comes to maintaining reliable mobile network connectivity, load-shedding has proven to be Vodacom's biggest headache. The CEO of South Africa's biggest network Shameel Joosub said rotational power cuts are...
  3. M

    Recommended 12v batteries

    I currently have 2x100ah royal 1111k batteries to keep me going during load shedding. Even though the inverter cuts out at 50% dod they have not lasted very well. I need to replace them. Can anyone recommend some decent 12v 100ah batteries? Can anyone comment on the royal dc31 batteries? A few...
  4. Jan

    Duracell and Eveready battery price-performance test

    Duracell and Eveready tested — with surprising results Discharge tests conducted on various Duracell and Eveready batteries reveal that the most cost-effective battery for the job depends on whether you are buying a small or large pack of cells. Our tests also included Eveready’s Zinc-based...
  5. Nod

    World’s Largest Solar-Powered Battery Is Now 75% Complete

  6. P

    Correct Use Of Inverter

    Hi All I recently got a Mecer 2.4KVA/1440W Inverter, together with 2 100AH Depp Cycle AGM batteries. I have a few questions about the correct way to use this system. Currently my inverter is plugged straight into the wall (via surge protected plug), and then I have a surge multiplug connected...
  7. F

    Suggestions on where to put batteries

    Hi, I have 2x 12v 105ah batteries and an inverter to run my TV and a couple of things. In my old house they used to be in a wooden box outside, but now this is not really an option, (there are no properly covered area outside the house). There is space _under_ the house and it is fairly well...
  8. R

    How do batteries charge with a change over switch.

    Hi All, I am looking for some assistance, I recently installed a 3Kw inverter , directly to the DB, and i have 2 x 200AH DC batteries (with fuses), The Inverter has a built in change over , in that if the mains goes off, the inverter powers the house via the batteries. Note this is only for...
  9. S

    Battery recommendation for hyundai accent

    Hi oaks. Need a battery recommendation for my wifes car (Hyundai Accent 2013 1.6 GLS fluid), we bought the car about 2 years ago and the battery seems like it needs to be replaced now as its difficult to start in the mornings. The car currently has a 622MF battery though battery centre...
  10. A

    Mecer 5kva inverter battery drain

    Hi everyone, I have a Mecer 5kva inverter that gets charged using Eskom mains and no solar panels. I installed it in early 2019 and it worked perfectly during load shedding and could even last 18 hours. However, since the beginning of 2020, it barely lasts 45 mins. Electricians have said I need...
  11. J

    Why it is dangerous to just throw away old batteries and electronics in South Africa

    Why it is dangerous to just throw away old batteries and electronics in South Africa South Africans should be careful when disposing of batteries and old electronics. Since the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) of 2008 classified electronic waste as hazardous, consumers are required...
  12. F

    Inverter maintenance - Must I turn it on from time to time?

    Thanks to Covid-19 the economy is down the drain and we haven't had any load shedding for a while. As winter is around the corner, it looks like loadshedding will restart in the near future so I would hate to have dead batteries or something. Because of the downturn, my inverter has not turned...
  13. RedViking

    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    Seeing that there is a lot of discussion and questions around batteries for inverter and solar setups, I thought a dedicated thread is a good idea. This will help to keep the inverters threads focused on the inverters and finding information, prices, stock and general discussion and suggestion...
  14. J

    Criminals arrested for stealing cellular batteries

    Criminals arrested for stealing cellular batteries Numerous criminals have been arrested in two separate incidents for stealing cellphone tower batteries. In the first incident, the South African Police Service (SAPS) and security officers arrested a syndicate in the Free State.
  15. S

    Eaton UPS 9130 700VA to 3 kVA

    Hi guys I just received 3 Eaton 9130 UPS new in the box just the batteries im thinking what can I do with this since I don't have the main unit of the device. Hmm any suggestions? Just want do something with it but not sure what. Of is it just to be used as batteries? Thanks a mil
  16. DMNknight

    [Wanted] Electrician & Solar power enthusiast

    I'm looking to install a complete solar power solution at home and have sourced most of the parts necessary. However, what's missing is an Electrician that is willing to take on this job with a certain amount of enthusiasm because it deals with a few less than conventional, but proven working...
  17. J

    New alkaline battery could challenge Lithium-Ion

    New alkaline battery could challenge Lithium-Ion Elon Musk isn’t the only visionary betting that the world will soon be reliant on batteries. Bill Joy, the Silicon Valley guru and Sun Microsystems Inc. co-founder, also envisions such dependence. He just thinks alkaline is a smarter way to go...
  18. J

    DIY Solar Setup for Domestic Home

    Hi All, I have looked through most of the posts here, and I cannot find this posted question, so please point out if this is a duplicate? Currently I have a huge UPS setup for my home working perfectly. This consists of: 8 x 12v 110ah Lead Crystal batteries 4 x 12v 70ah Lead Crystal...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Why batteries have started catching fire so often

    Why batteries have started catching fire so often All our lives we have relied on batteries in everything from mobile phones and cars to hand torches, but confidence in the technology has deteriorated of late. Many airline passengers have had to surrender their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones in...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    In batteries, a metal reveals its dual personality

    In batteries, a metal reveals its dual personality Branchlike deposits grow on lithium electrode surfaces in two ways, one much more damaging.