1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Battery struggles in the cold explained

    Battery struggles in the cold explained Rechargeable batteries are great for storing energy and powering electronics from smartphones to electric vehicles. In cold environments, however, they can be more difficult to charge and may even catch on fire. I’m a mechanical engineering professor...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Tips for extending lithium battery life

    Tips for extending lithium battery life Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised how we store energy, powering everything from wireless earbuds to electric vehicles. Thanks to their efficiency and longevity, these compact, high-energy-density power sources have become integral to our daily lives.
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    Private power demand helps boost South Africa's GDP growth

    Private power demand helps boost South Africa's GDP growth Fixed-investment spending in South Africa grew by the most in almost three years in the second quarter as companies and households invested in alternative energy sources because of persistent power cuts. A sharp rise in investments in...
  4. bubblebrain8

    Mecer 24V inverter and 2 batteries (bundle) for sale

    - Mecer Lobo 2400VA 1440W 24V Inverter - 2× Vision Deep Cycle AGM Battery 6FM100Z-X (100Ah 12V) Age and condition: Brand new, unopened packaging. Reason for selling: Have no use for it. Price: R9000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Pretoria Shipping or collection: Collect in Pretoria Or I...
  5. B

    Couriers that ship batteries.

    Edit: Guess I should have stated for local shipping, within the country, domestic only, door to door. Great I can't seem to edit the title no doubt because of "modern improvement" in the forum software. I'm interested in having a battery shipped via courier but I'm not sure which are willing to...
  6. leon.davibe

    Nothing but lithium for shedding

    If needing a battery for backup power Buy a lithium or stay without power really to have a lead acid bank that lasts 3 years you have to buy 4x the lithium rating, ie you have to buy 4x100ah batteries for every 100ah lithium, and then you will most likely still throw them away after a few...
  7. M

    Solar/Battery Backup Suppliers - South Africa

    Morning All Like many, I'm trying to figure out solar, or at least a battery backup solution in these frustrating times. In my searching I'm finding it's the Wild West out there in terms of suppliers. So many dodgy-looking websites, no trustable reviews. I was wondering if anyone had any...
  8. P

    Mecer 2.4KVA 1440W Inverter

    Hi everyone I bought a Mecer 2.4KVA 1440W Inverter with 2 x 100AH 12V Deep Cycle batteries 2 years ago. At the time I actually thought it was a lot more than I actually needed, since I only really power my TV and laptop. I understand the batteries will degrade over time, but over the past few...
  9. itareanlnotani

    Zimbabwe has banned the export of raw lithium The country is enforcing the ban to put a stop to loss of billions of dollars from raw lithium exports, enough to repay its debts The ministry of Mines and Mining Development on Dec. 20 published a circular under the...
  10. P

    Lithium Batteries into old Mecer Inverter Trolley

    Hey guys I have a Mecer 2.4KVA/1440W Inverter with 2 x 100AH 12 V batteries and it has served me pretty well over the past 2 years but now it starts beeping after about an hour of TV and laptop use, so it seems the lead acid batteries are just on the way out. According to this...
  11. Neuk_

    Neuk_'s Home ESS - Round Two

    We moved house in late November 2022 and left our small Victron ESS behind as my BIL bought our old house which gave us an opportunity for a fresh start with a new ESS at our new house. Our previous house was a typical Parkhurst size house, when we renovated we removed the electric geyser and...
  12. K

    Battery Discharge, why is it important?

    I'm looking at doing a solar install using LiFePO4 batteries as energy storage. Everyone is telling me that Freedom Won batteries are best because of local support and having good discharge, among other things. Is it worth it to pay a 20% premium for a battery that has double the discharge...
  13. Tightroped

    Help with decision on backup power solution

    Hi, I'm looking to get a backup power solution for my home. My father in-law has the setup below. I understand the need for the 2 main components: an inverter and batteries. However, I'm not sure how essential the isolator and automatic changeover is. According to my father in-law the isolator...
  14. Jan

    Running a petrol generator vs the cost of batteries compared

    How much it costs to run a generator vs buying a battery backup Although generators are cheaper than an equivalent battery backup, the cost to run them can be quite high depending on load-shedding intensity. MyBroadband determined how much smaller generators — capable of running your internet...
  15. Jan

    Vodacom spends over R1 billion per year on batteries - Joosub

    Vodacom spending over a billion rand each year to tackle its biggest problem When it comes to maintaining reliable mobile network connectivity, load-shedding has proven to be Vodacom's biggest headache. The CEO of South Africa's biggest network Shameel Joosub said rotational power cuts are...
  16. M

    Recommended 12v batteries

    I currently have 2x100ah royal 1111k batteries to keep me going during load shedding. Even though the inverter cuts out at 50% dod they have not lasted very well. I need to replace them. Can anyone recommend some decent 12v 100ah batteries? Can anyone comment on the royal dc31 batteries? A few...
  17. Jan

    Duracell and Eveready battery price-performance test

    Duracell and Eveready tested — with surprising results Discharge tests conducted on various Duracell and Eveready batteries reveal that the most cost-effective battery for the job depends on whether you are buying a small or large pack of cells. Our tests also included Eveready’s Zinc-based...
  18. Nod

    World’s Largest Solar-Powered Battery Is Now 75% Complete

  19. P

    Correct Use Of Inverter

    Hi All I recently got a Mecer 2.4KVA/1440W Inverter, together with 2 100AH Depp Cycle AGM batteries. I have a few questions about the correct way to use this system. Currently my inverter is plugged straight into the wall (via surge protected plug), and then I have a surge multiplug connected...
  20. F

    Suggestions on where to put batteries

    Hi, I have 2x 12v 105ah batteries and an inverter to run my TV and a couple of things. In my old house they used to be in a wooden box outside, but now this is not really an option, (there are no properly covered area outside the house). There is space _under_ the house and it is fairly well...