1. F

    Suggestions on where to put batteries

    Hi, I have 2x 12v 105ah batteries and an inverter to run my TV and a couple of things. In my old house they used to be in a wooden box outside, but now this is not really an option, (there are no properly covered area outside the house). There is space _under_ the house and it is fairly well...
  2. S

    What is the maximum weight an air filter can take?

    I got a new battery fitted in my car today and when the guy was fitting it, he put the battery down on the air filter in preparation to put it into the battery holder and even after that he kept trying to push around the air filter to place the battery in properly. There appears to be no visible...
  3. S

    Battery recommendation for hyundai accent

    Hi oaks. Need a battery recommendation for my wifes car (Hyundai Accent 2013 1.6 GLS fluid), we bought the car about 2 years ago and the battery seems like it needs to be replaced now as its difficult to start in the mornings. The car currently has a 622MF battery though battery centre...
  4. H

    Where to purchase Lenovo Y50-70 Battery in SA?

    Hey peeps, Anyone know where I can get the Lenovo Y50-70 Battery in SA? Model L13M4P02 has it but it apparently cannot be shipped to SA :( Thanks in advance
  5. BrainFreeze

    Where to purchase a genuine Dell battery in SA?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know where I can get a genuine Dell battery in South Africa? The laptop I have is a Dell 15.6" Inspiron 5559. I tried searching online, but couldn't find anything. Amazon seems to have generics which I don't feel comfortable purchasing or using. I hope someone here can...
  6. J

    How South African networks fight battery thieves - Photos

    How South African networks fight battery thieves - Photos Battery theft at cellphone towers is a major problem plaguing South African mobile networks. The problem is pervasive and has previously caused MTN to shut down some of its cellphone towers as the theft of batteries and vandalism of...
  7. M

    I'm looking at getting a pure sine wave inverter but looking for recommendations first.

    Hi, first off I'm not technical at all but am trying to find a way to power my husband's CPAP machine (for sleep apnea), and 2 standing fans. As far as I know CPAP machines require pure sine wave and fans respond better to this as well. So I'm looking at getting this: Axpert Type Pure Sine...
  8. saynothing

    replace macbook pro battery

    Hey guys, I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014). The battery is only lasting about 1 hour. Looking to get it replaced, have any of you had this done? Who was trustworthy & the most cost-effective?
  9. Nobody Important

    Laptop battery suddenly not charging anymore

    This is a 2 month old Dell G3. Yesterday the battery stopped holding charge. Laptop works only with mains connected. Windows says adaptor is connected, and battery is charging, but in reality it is not charging. The icon is always on 0% and laptop switches off as soon as the mains adaptor is...
  10. P

    Replacement battery for UPS

    I have an UPS whose battery has reached the end of its life Can I get a replacement battery for this anywhere at a reasonable price? Any suggestions? See attached photos of battery and UPS model
  11. RedViking

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    This Thread is for the Mecer Inverter only. My personal opinion on the unit: Seeing that there are lots of question and in lots if threads, here is my review/input on the Mecer Inverter. Instead of reposting I'll just reference here. I'll add more info soon. This should give you an idea what...
  12. J

    Upgrading UPS with 2 X 18ah battery

    This is an overview of an upgrade to my RCT 2000VA UPS with 2 x 18ah batteries. *** Consult a qualified electrician to assist you with this sort of project due to shock and fire risks. Working with high voltages is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. I accept no liability for anyone following these steps. ***...
  13. C

    FNB App: Constantly accessing GPS

    As per the title , the FNB app constantly accesses my location and GPS more worryingly. I can't delete the app because I use it occassionally, especially in urgent situations it is useful and the app doesn't work if I block it from accessing location. If anyone knows where would be the best...
  14. J

    Xiaomi Battery

    Hi guys, Where can I buy a Xiaomi battery for my phone.:unsure: i know that alot of people have this brand:p, so where do they get a new battery when the old one is needing replacing? Do I have to order one from overseas,:X3: and if so, from which online site.:barefoot::barefoot: thank you...
  15. B

    Telkom mobile LTE Carrier agrigation?

    I’m curious to know if Telkom mobile LTE sims can achieve carrier agrigation between their 1800Mhz FDD and 2300Mhz TDD LTE, and if this is the case is it possibly why Telkom LTE is so Battery heavy.
  16. craiglotter

    Huawei P8 randomly shutting down. Suspect battery needs a replace?

    My wonderful P8 is now randomly shutting down. I suspect the battery is on the way out. Where is the best place to get it replaced in the Helderberg area. As far as I can tell, there is a Wefix shop in Somerset Mall. Are they any good with this sort of thing?
  17. S

    [Wanted] Gigabyte GX-17s laptop battery for Aorus X7 v3 laptop

    Item Wanted: Gigabyte GX-17s laptop battery for Aorus X7 v3 laptop Packaging Essential: Yes Desired Age: Brand new Location: Lenasia, Johannesburg Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R2000 Call or Whatsapp me on 082 728 0000 for quicker communication.
  18. R

    Replacement Battery | MacBook Pro Retina [Mid 2014]

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any knowledge on where one could replace the battery for a MacBook Pro Retina 13" (Mid 2014) in SA? The cycle count is 315 and the battery no longer seems to hold its charge for the length of time it used to previously. Any idea on the cost of a replacement. I...
  19. P

    Where can I get my Moto 360 2nd Gen Repaired in South Africa?

    Hi Everyone I have a Motorola 360 2nd Gen smart watch, which ive had for about 2 years, and now the battery doesnt charge anymore. I just wanted to know if there was anywhere in South Africa that could repair it? I tried contacting Lenovo/Motorola but they say i need to send it to the...
  20. U

    router battery (power bank) for Huawei b315

    Item: The back up battery which came with my Huawei B315 router. One user tested successfully on a B618. Manual says that battery lasts 2-3 hours but some forumites have reported better usage. see here and cr@zydude's feedback below. Age and condition: Immaculate - bought brand new end of...