1. Kevin Lancaster

    Ultra HD Blu-Ray on track to launch soon

    Ultra HD Blu-Ray on track to launch soon Following the finalisation of the Ultra HD Blu-Ray standard by the Blu-Ray Disc Association, 4K Blu-Ray movies are set to be available in the coming months.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    You will soon watch 4K movies on Blu-Ray

    You will soon watch 4K movies on Blu-Ray Ultra HD Blu-Ray specifications have been finalised by the Blu-Ray Disc Association.
  3. N

    Ster-Kinekor Blu-rays and DVD's

    Am I the only one around here who is sick and tired of Ster-Kinkekor's crappy blu-rays and DVDs? At the beginning of the year I bought the blu-ray for "The Fighter". When I got home and put it in, I realised that the aspect ratio of the blu-ray was 1.78:1 instead of the 2.40:1 like the rest of...
  4. C

    Blu-ray player - which one?

    I am looking for a blu-ray player that can read a 2TB hard drive, and will play most file formats (including AVI). I have looked at media players too, but would prefer an 'all-in-one' system if I can get one. Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome :)
  5. jes

    Sony and Panasonic developing next-gen optical discs

    Sony, Panasonic working on next-gen optical discs Panasonic and Sony team up to find next-gen disc solution
  6. J

    Sony Smart Blu-ray line revealed

    Sony announces new Smart Blu-ray line New angled Blu-ray players revealed by Sony
  7. E

    Sony BDP-S190 Blu-ray Player

    Hi Anyone here who has this player? :) If so, what are your thoughts on it? Basically, I want to be able to watch series and movies off an external hard drive (mkv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4) without any hassles or sound being muted or copyright messages showing up etc. Other than that, I'll...
  8. jes

    The past, present, and future of storage media

    Cloud storage is the (distant) future Cloud computing is trending throughout the technology industry, but the cloud storage aspect is a long way from being a viable alternative to local disk storage Optical storage: here today, gone tomorrow Technology becomes redundant and is either...
  9. M

    Budget Blu-Ray Disc Player

    I want to get myself a blu-ray player. I have about R1000 to spend on one. I would use it occationally for blu-ray discs but most of the time to play movies off an external harddrive. I am currently looking at the LG BD550 at Game for R1000. Does anyboby here have one of these? Are there any...
  10. LazyLion

    LG Super Multi Blu-Ray Disc Internal Re-Writer Drive?

    Matrix has them for R1329.00 Is that a good price?
  11. Derrick

    Blu-ray titles hit the SA movie rental market

    Sony’s Blu-ray format has become the high-definition industry standard of choice and South African consumers – particularly video and audiophiles - can now rent some of the latest Ster Kinekor movies through Absolutely Fabulous DVD in Sandton and their sister branch DVD Nouveau in Cape Town...
  12. S

    DLNA HiFi?!

    Hi, I've just ordered an LG BD570 blu-ray player which will allow me to wirelessly stream content from my DLNA enabled NAS. And play blu-ray discs, obviously. Now. Is there a decent mini hi-fi out there that can connect to my NAS and stream music? I've looked online, but come up with...
  13. D

    Connect Bluray DVD Player to the net

    Hi, I recentley bought a samsung bluray player and tried connecting it to the net to do firmware upgrades and all but failed. Does anyone know what has to be done to get a connection? The menu options only provide u with setting to test and to specify a proxy if one exists and also the DNS...
  14. B

    Make Samsung BD-C5500 region free for DVD

    I picked up a Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray player and was surprised to find that it would not play my Zone 1 DVD's. Google came up with nothing, but I found some instructions to make the BD-P1600 region free, so I thought I'd try them. Worked like a charm for DVD's, but not sure if the same is...
  15. E

    Blu-Ray Movie Rentals?

    Here's to hoping I'm posting under the right section! :D Now...I'm sure I've seen a thread on this from about 2 years ago or something, which is possibly just a bit outdated by now, so without committing thread necromancy :p.....anyone know of Cape Town based video stores that rent blu-ray...
  16. A

    Blu-ray soon to be crushed by USB 3.0 "Superspeed"

    Should you invest in a Blu-ray player? I do not agree and think that the coming USB 3.0 format should and will replace optical media. a few points from my blog post here: - Faster Data Transfer: Bluray = 54 Mbit/s | USB3 = 3.2 GBit/s -...
  17. B

    The truth about PS3 (slim) Blu-ray zones

    Anyone have any real world experience with PAL PS3 and Zone A & C discs? I've got a Sony blu-ray player and it is zone free when it comes to playing DVDs, but I've only ever fed it Zone B blu-ray. I got an inkling that PS3 is zone locked for blu-ray. What about DVD? I've also been told...
  18. LazyLion

    Blu-ray Adoption Still Sluggish, HDTV Sales Up haha... so the format war is still not over! :D Just as I predicted.
  19. PhreeMe


    Howzit ladies and gents I'm interested in purchasing an internal Blu-Ray drive for my PC. My problem is I can only find the LG and Lite-On (rebranded LG it seems) available locally. Now the LG gets slated as it was apparently trying to do too much in making a Blu-Ray AND HD DVD rom...
  20. Takkies

    Which SATA Bluray?

    I am looking for a SATA BD drive, preferably with Lightscribe. I an get an LG for about R2K. Are they any good? What other drive can the LG be compared to? Also would like to know if its is possible to watch a blu-ray movie on a PC. I suppose it may not be possible because of DRM and the...