bridge mode

  1. B

    Vodacom Fibre router

    Hi, I'm getting a Nokia G240W-E router with my fibre installation. Can anybody tell me how to get this router into bridge mode so I can use it with my Ubiquiti router? The manual seems to mention bridge mode when it comes to the leds on the router, but not how to set it up. Or is there maybe so...
  2. J

    How to setup your D-Link G225 VDSL/ADSL Modem in Bridge Mode (for VDSL)

    So this is a semi-howto tutorial. After battling to get my D-Link G225 modem setup in bridge mode, specifically for use with VDSL I thought I'll let others know what I did. In my case I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router so I didn't want to use the Wi-Fi (or any other) capabilities of the...
  3. A

    Two MWEB TG589VN v3 Fon Routers in Bridge mode

    Greetings I have recently moved in with a friend and as would have it, we both have TG589VN v3 Fon routers from mweb. Now Im thinking of bridging them to extend the wifi upstairs and downstairs and give us more coverage. Has anyone tried this? Is it possible. I havent yet attempted it yet...
  4. G

    Billion BiPac 6200NXL with Billion BiPac 5200S RC setup problem

    Previously Vox Telecom Technician helped me to setup my Billion BiPac 6200NXL to receive adsl connection from Billion BiPac 5200S RC in under ten minutes over the phone. Worked excellent. Moved to a location where adsl was not an option, so didnt use the 5200RC for more than a year, but...
  5. S

    MiFi to Wireless Router

    Hi Guys does anyone know if this is even possible. I have a Telkom Mega 200 wireless router (renting so no ADSL) but I have a network setup PC, Xbox360, BlueRay Player and TV all wired to the device as a "hub" in a sense so everything can talk to each other and I can use DLNA from my Z10 to...
  6. D

    2 router wifi bridging WiFi extending

    Hi guys, I am trying to set up something. I'm using WiFi in my house, my issue is the last couple of rooms are to far away. I'm using a Netgear router. I have a spare D-Link router as well, they are both Wifi routers. Is it possible for my to setup some sort of bridge where I can use my...
  7. G

    Half-bridge setup help on D-Link

    Hey all. I'm trying to make use of the half bridge modem on my D-link modem. I have a Xbox360 that I would like to use with a different ISP account to the one that is always on on my modem. I would like to use this via wifi. Anybody know how I set this up?
  8. S

    How to make ONE bridged connection in router??

    Hi guys, I am trying to get Route Sentry to work on my Win 7 using this guide . I know how to do everything on there except the "Went into my router's settings and made only ONE bridged connection"... I have never been that clued up on Networking side of things. Can someone please explain to me...
  9. LazyLion

    Why can't I access any IP addresses on my LAN?

    My Gigabit router is in bridge mode, and I want to attach this NAS device. But I can't enter the IP of my router ( or the NAS device ( from any computer or any browser. my IP and DNS are set to dynamic. no proxies are enabled. 6 computers on the network all...
  10. D

    Good ADSL Modem/Router suggestions?

    Can anybody suggest a good ADSL Modem/router with at least the following features: Behaves as a router (DHCP, etc) Also allows 'bridging' so individual PC's can dial PPPOE Can do both of the above at the same time :) Built in wireless STABLE Built in ADSL modem (doesn't require...
  11. B

    How do I go to ''Bridge mode'' with my modem?

    Netgear DG834GT
  12. M

    Birdge Mode???

    How do i put a Billion 800VGT into bridge mode?