1. G

    Microsoft Phone System

    Does anyone have experience with Microsoft Phone System in South Africa that can share their knowledge? We are looking at a VoIP solution for our 3 offices (+-15 employees in each office) and it would be great if it can be incorporated with Microsoft Teams. However there is so much information...
  2. B

    How to make a phone call using fiber connection?

    Hi guys I still have a Telkom line, but want to get rid of it and switch to fiber. My wife sometimes uses the Telkom line to phone her mom. Is there a way to make a phone call (to landline or cell phone) using fiber? Perhaps some app or other VOIP service that can use the internet connection...
  3. T

    MTN and WiFi Calling

    Hi, Does anyone know or maybe a MTN representative can confirm if MTN will ever roll out Wi-Fi calling? Is there even plans for this in the pipeline?
  4. S

    Online call history for prepaid Neotel CMDA phone?

    Hi to all. Does anyone know if there is a way to download the call history from a Neotel prepaid landline CDMA phone? Is there an online portal where you can view call history, or perhaps a way to sign up for email reports? If not, is there a way to export the data directly from the phone...
  5. 0

    ADSL Disconnects when phone rings

    Hi, I have a problem with my Internet connection: Whenever I receive a phone call my Internet disconnects - It shows on my Router with the DSL and Internet lights going off. Has anyone had this problem? How do I sort it out? I'm with Telkom using an Openweb account Thanks.
  6. D

    Dropped call when asking for upgrade.....

    Hi Guys I was wondering what happens when you upgrade prematurely on a contract for Vodacom ? I attempted to phone their offices but i kept getting my calls dropped! Does it work as a set amount for every month that it is early or some other calculation? Lastly if the phone is then not...
  7. D

    Daily call to cellphone with no one on otherside

    The last couple of weeks I have been getting 2 -3 calls a day from a blocked number. The moment I speak, the caller hangs up. If I keep quite, the call runs for 10- 15sec and then hangs up. I have now stopped answering any blocked numbers, but my office calls are all blocked. This just smells...
  8. A

    Marketing for small medium business

    Marketing is essential for every business. But the cost of marketing should be as per the business turnover. MY SALES DIALER launched a dialer for android phones, which is same as call center power dialer It dials list of contacts automatically. Sends messages to the persons you want and reminds...
  9. C

    Call Divert

    I have 2 sim cards, 1 MTN and 1 Vodacom. I only want to carry my Vodacom sim but everyone calls me on my MTN number. Will it work if I use call divert on the MTN sim so that all calls are forwared to the Vodacom sim and I can answer them as normal. If it will work will I be charged? If yes, from...
  10. jes

    Call rate reductions not likely from mobile providers

    Call rate reductions not likely from mobile providers Mobile termination rates will be reduced next week, but the cellular operators do not look keen to cut their voice rates
  11. jes

    Google opens new line to Internet phone calls - analysis

    Google opens new line to Internet phone calls - analysis All the fuss about tweeting, texting, Facebook pokes and various other cutting-edge forms of communication can obscure the fact that old-fashioned telephone calls are still a pretty effective way of conveying information
  12. Z

    MTN call quality

    Hi, I'm in Durban and i noticed that the quality of calls dropped over the past week or so... i have 2 mtn contracts - therefore i have 2 handsets so that cannot be a problem and i have friends who are experiencing similar problems where the calls breaks-up, or the quality is very low. anyone...
  13. T

    @ all Neotel users, does your Internet cut out completely when recieving voice calls?

    As far as I was aware on the Neotel network your internet (data transfer) would stop completely when making/recieving a voice call. AFAIK this issue was brought up in a number of threads about Neotel's service etc. (can't be bothered to find one right now though.) In this thread...
  14. T

    Call Costs from TELKOM to VOIP (July 2008+)

    This is straight from Telkom's website as of yesterday. A Minimum charge of 65c applies on all calls. Thereafter calls are billed per second. I have sorted the cost per minute, first for business hours, then for after hours. A1.6.1 Automatic calls to Neotel and VANS 7am-7pm...