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  1. S

    To live: Joburg vs. CPT?

    I have lived in Johannesburg for almost 4 years. I like a lot of things about it. The people are very open and friendly and I have had no issues making friends with locals even though I'm an outsider who wasn't born here. But the city has a few down sides, mainly high pollution and the fact that...
  2. W

    Java and Web Programmer - Cape Town [TASK:204147]

    About our Company WorkPool is a successful, dynamic software company based near the N1 City, Century City area. We’ve been developing web-based solutions for many years. Our clients span multiple industries and are of varying sizes (small businesses to large corporates) in SA and now expanding...
  3. Vorastra

    Cecil Rhodes 'beheaded' at Cape Town monument
  4. Ryan Innes

    Senior PHP Developer

    CLOSED OFF Role: PHP Developer Experience: Senior Salary Bracket: R55k - R65k pm Neg Location: Cape Town Required Skills: PHP development experience working with OOP Working knowledge of Laravel Working experience of MVC design pattern Working knowledge of MySQL or MariaDB (including...
  5. Go_Getter

    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope

  6. medicnick83

    RSAWEB Black Friday Special 2019

    Looking for a new ISP? Well... now is the time - check this out:
  7. schumi

    WATCH: Criminal filmed robbing Cape motorist of his phone in viral video busted

    More at :
  8. Jamie McKane

    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town

    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town The City of Cape Town has published its amended traffic by-laws for public comment. Changes include strict new rules on using smartphones while driving. The traffic by-laws, which were first introduced in 2011, include...
  9. JacquesOmeister

    Relocating to Cape Town Questions

    Hi Everybody I am looking to maybe move down to Cape Town but I have the following concerns 1. Salaries for Senior IT Systems & Network Administrator? 2. Rent for Townhouse with garden? 3. Traffic? 4. How many months does it rain ? And how many months does the wind blow
  10. Rouxenator

    Making Cape Town inner city car free ?

    Short extract from a recent PPA news letter. First I heard of such plan, but I guess it could work?
  11. Ryan Innes

    Java Developer - Cape Town

    We have a client looking for a Mid-Senior Java Developer based in Woodstock Cape Town. Full brief with CTC and perks attached, if you're interested please pm or email me on Thanks Ryan Pure Placements
  12. C

    Cash Purchase Device, Cape Town - Where?

    Good day, I am trying to find out where I can buy a new Huawei P20 Pro, dual sim, outright in Cape Town. I have hunted online and come up empty handed.
  13. Pegasus1110

    Buying Motorbikes for UberEats delivery

    Hi .. Does anyone have experience with renting bikes for Ubereats deliveries in Cape Town? I’m interested in purchasing a couple of bikes to rent but would like to know more before going ahead. Thanks
  14. Rouxenator

    Is this charging spot in Cape Town for real (Peugeot 208 press pics)

    The media kit for the new 2020 Peugeot 208 was shot in Cape Town, but it seems some have been enhanced to include a yellow Crown Vic taxi and I am pretty sure the charging station shown is BS...
  15. J

    Vox FTTB the saviour ?

    Hey Everyone, My suburb is way too small to drive FTTH, meaning that we'd probably get Fibre once the whole of Cape Town is completed. Yesterday, I saw an OpenServe van at our local exchange, thought to have a chat: Guy confirmed that FTTH is not available yet, however, they just finished...
  16. S

    To buy a Citi Golf or not?

    Hi guys I hope you can help me out, I bought a second-hand Ford Fiesta off of gumtree after a very serious hi-jacking and out of desperation I bought it, blinded by the cheaper price and the look of a new(er) car. Now, after having to replace the Welch plugs and tappet cover after owning the...
  17. Ryan Innes

    Senior DevOps Engineer - Cape Town

    Good Afternoon fine people of MBB, I'm looking to place an experienced DevOps Engineer in Cape Town, full job spec in the link below - goes to LinkedIn and I promise you won't be spammed if you enquire.
  18. WhiteRaven

    Business Analyst - Contract - Southern Suburbs - Cape Town

    Six month contract position available for an intermediate Business Analyst within an accredited payments solution company who work with high level clients throughout South Africa. The role provides you with an opportunity to assist the product team in designing and developing business...
  19. 12race

    Buying a used Lexus in South Africa - 2011 LEXUS IS 250 ES or EX

    First time poster, AMAZING platform I've been using for research for the last 6 years though! I'm hoping to open up a thread that can give some fresh and relevant info on owning a Lexus. Important facts like the average service costs, common problems (if any because so far all I'm finding is...
  20. D


    Anybody in SA using speeduino? Also where can i find TXL or 22Awg or similar wire in Cape Town.. (Automotive use)