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  1. G

    Frogfoot Cape Town

    Just want to open up a thread for Frogfoot Cape Town - issues, complaints, compliments
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Cape Town cable thieves busted thanks to large CCTV network

    Cape Town cable thieves busted thanks to large CCTV network The City of Cape Town announced that its metro police department has made 100 arrests in five months for crimes that were first picked up on its extensive CCTV camera network. Among these, eight people were arrested for cable theft...
  3. Sollie

    Shelter in Place Emergency | Carte Blanche | M-Net

    It’s a property owner’s worst nightmare: criminals who force their way onto your property, settling in and relying on the law to keep them there while you seem to have no recourse – and the police seem to just stand by and watch. Carte Blanche investigates how, across Cape Town, illegal property...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    Cape Town’s plan for a “digital nomad” visa

    Cape Town’s plan for a “digital nomad” visa The Western Cape provincial government wants the national government to introduce a “remote working visa” aimed at international digital nomads, but they are struggling to convince the Department of Home Affairs. Cape Town is perfectly positioned to...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    SA's top broadband location is Cape Town

    SA's top broadband location is Cape Town The latest South African fixed-broadband report revealed that the Cape Town CBD is the area which recorded the highest average broadband speed in Q1 2021. The report is based on 636,786 speed tests using MyBroadband’s speed test app and 867,425 tests...
  6. R

    Where can I get a lot of fallen leaves in Cape town

    Looking for an area to collect an abundance of dry leaves. Anyone know a location for this?
  7. M

    Parking prices in Cape Town CBD

    What are the current daily, weekly & monthly parking rates in Cape Town CBD? Preferably looking for the cheapest option for a student close to Buitengracht Street. TIA
  8. M

    Cape Town Deeds Office

    Does anyone know how long a transfer of property takes currently once all paperwork has been lodged at the deeds office? I've heard horror stories of it taking 5 weeks to 3 months last year. But an attorney told me in Jan 21 a few of their transfers took 3 to 5 working days. Anyone know how...
  9. J

    South African billionaire plans to build new airport in Cape Town

    South African billionaire plans to build new airport in Cape Town South African billionaire Rob Hersov is planning to build the “Lanseria Airport of Cape Town” 13 kilometres northeast of Durbanville. Speaking to Biznews, Hersov said he partnered with Nick Ferguson to buy Fisantekraal Airport...
  10. I

    Help! What hosepipe do you recommend?

    I planted some tree's last month, and have been watering daily. So far nothing died yet, so thats good, despite my lack of gardening knowledge ;) I've been through 2 different sets of hosepipe since I started though. Nothing is driving over the hosepipe, its literally used 2 times a day - once...
  11. S

    To live: Joburg vs. CPT?

    I have lived in Johannesburg for almost 4 years. I like a lot of things about it. The people are very open and friendly and I have had no issues making friends with locals even though I'm an outsider who wasn't born here. But the city has a few down sides, mainly high pollution and the fact that...
  12. W

    Java and Web Programmer - Cape Town [TASK:204147]

    About our Company WorkPool is a successful, dynamic software company based near the N1 City, Century City area. We’ve been developing web-based solutions for many years. Our clients span multiple industries and are of varying sizes (small businesses to large corporates) in SA and now expanding...
  13. Vorastra

    Cecil Rhodes 'beheaded' at Cape Town monument
  14. Ryan Innes

    Senior PHP Developer

    CLOSED OFF Role: PHP Developer Experience: Senior Salary Bracket: R55k - R65k pm Neg Location: Cape Town Required Skills: PHP development experience working with OOP Working knowledge of Laravel Working experience of MVC design pattern Working knowledge of MySQL or MariaDB (including...
  15. Go_Getter

    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope

  16. medicnick83

    RSAWEB Black Friday Special 2019

    Looking for a new ISP? Well... now is the time - check this out:
  17. schumi

    WATCH: Criminal filmed robbing Cape motorist of his phone in viral video busted

    More at :
  18. J

    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town

    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town The City of Cape Town has published its amended traffic by-laws for public comment. Changes include strict new rules on using smartphones while driving. The traffic by-laws, which were first introduced in 2011, include...
  19. JacquesOmeister

    Relocating to Cape Town Questions

    Hi Everybody I am looking to maybe move down to Cape Town but I have the following concerns 1. Salaries for Senior IT Systems & Network Administrator? 2. Rent for Townhouse with garden? 3. Traffic? 4. How many months does it rain ? And how many months does the wind blow
  20. Rouxenator

    Making Cape Town inner city car free ?

    Short extract from a recent PPA news letter. First I heard of such plan, but I guess it could work?