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  1. T

    2018 M2 Manual yay or nay ? for the purpose of resale perhaps in 10 years :p

    Hi All, Under consideration now I am looking into buying a M2 (manual) , The Blue one ;). Its prob gonna cost me about 950k and yes its a 2018. optional almost everything except for the Heated seats and Light Package but has most other options available including M-package and seat belts etc...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Cape Town metering system problems could lead to higher water bills

    Cape Town metering system problems could lead to higher water bills The City of Cape Town has warned residents they might receive hefty water bills following "technical challenges" with a new metering system.
  3. A

    "Sabotage by ANC central gov against people of Western Cape" - Bart Henderson

    I received this in a WhatsApp group. Did a quick check whether it's posted elsewhere on MyBB but found nothing, so here goes. I'd never heard of Bart Henderson before this, and know nothing about him or his creds. Disturbing if true. My first question is: If true, why isn't this front and...
  4. Gordon_R

    Extreme pressure reduction/water-shedding

    I have reluctantly come to use the term 'water-shedding' on this forum for the first time, and though the City of Cape Town will strenuously deny it, that is in effect what has happened. I was not aware of specific details, though rumours to that effect have abounded, until I came across this...
  5. B

    Best IPS in Wellington?

    What is the fastest most reliable ISP in Wellington Western Cape? Money isn't much of an issue but getting what I pay for is.
  6. S

    Opel Corsa 2012 Essentia 1.4L Possible clutch issue?

    Hi there, I bought my car new in 2012, serviced at the dealer ever since. I've noticed a slight knocking or vibration sound as i pull off in 1st gear with normal rev.(like its going to stall) Seems like i have to give it more rev to pull off. Engine doesn't race during ride. Just went over...
  7. genetic

    Expanded mesh supplier - Cape Town

    I'm looking for stainless steel expended mesh, but only need a fairly small piece of 0.5m x 0.5m similar to this; Tried Builders Warehouse and Buco, and they only sell chicken wire mesh. Anyone know where else I could pick this up?
  8. A

    WMD - Water Management Device Cape Town

    Hi all, The council recently installed those 350 liters a day devices on my property. I called in today and the lady said they going to charge me R2154.12 for the installation of the device. :cry: Anyone have a similar experience?
  9. Loppas

    Cell C on Fibre in Cape Town. How is your experience?

    Hi, I have a friend who is on the 20/20 cell c fibre package through vumatel and his experience has been pretty awful for the most part. Main issues: 1. He stays in cpt but he gets 40ms to cpt and he gets 178ms to london. However, to joburg his ping sits in the 20s which is normal. Its...
  10. Jamie McKane

    Armed robbery at Cape Town cellphone store

    Armed robbery at Cape Town cellphone store A failed robbery at a cellphone store in the Kenilworth Shopping Centre in Cape Town on Tuesday saw five armed robbers escape with a single phone.
  11. S

    University choices - I need help!

    Greetings I am a current matric student and so am wobbling upon the choices of universities. I am thinking of studying PPE, Acturial Science or English Language & Lit. My following options are: University of Pretoria University of Cape Town University of Stellenbosch I am...
  12. Newsfeed

    Cape Town church turns down R35,000 per month for cellphone tower on its steeple

    Cape Town church turns down R35,000 per month for cellphone tower on its steeple The Eternal Flame Church in Cape Town has turned down an offer to have a cellphone mast placed on its new 9m-tall steeple, despite being offered a monthly rental payment.
  13. B

    Bachelor's venue near CPT

    Please give me some ideas for a self-catering venue for a bachelor's with 8-12pax max 2 hours from CPT. Preferably a cottage near or on a mountain.
  14. A

    Any recommendation for Graphic Designer in Cape Town?

    Looking for a Graphic Designer in Cape Town to do some branding. Anyone have somebody they are very happy with that they can recommend?
  15. P

    Comtel Vs Coold Ideas Vs Home Connect - (Comtel anyone???) Vox VOIP?

    Hi, I am looking to sign up for fiber in Three Anchor Bay, Green Point, Cape Town area which is serviced by Octotel. I have narrow my choice down to either Cool Ideas or Home Connect, and I recently looked into Comtel. Looking at 100mbps/25 uncapped, unshaped as well as add on VOIP...
  16. DrJohnZoidberg

    Anyone bought furniture from Lim (Cape Town)?

    Been Googling around like a mad man to find decent TV units, eventually found Lim ( that has some awesome looking stuff. Anyone bought stuff from there before if so how was the experience and overall quality of the end product? Thanks
  17. R

    What are the best deals around for fibre in Cape Town right now? June 2017?

    I want to get fibre installed, what are the best un-capped deals around at the moment? June/July 2017? Also is there anything to be careful of or to avoid?
  18. T

    5 Day Cape Town itinerary

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I are planning to do a 5 day Cape Town trip (1st time) in November. I need some help. We will fly in on the morning of the 13th, pick up our rental car. Now, I want to do a typical tourist 5 days, seeing all the big attractions (table mountain, waterfront) but...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    #CapeStorm – Photos show damage in Cape Town

    #CapeStorm – Photos show damage in Cape Town A strong cold front has hit Cape Town, with gale force winds causing damage to buildings, infrastructure, and vehicles in the city.