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    We are looking for a senior PHP developer to work with us on a project by project basis, with the possibility of future full time employment. The compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon the candidate's experience and other qualifications. Each project will consist of...
  2. R

    Telkom Fibre Installation [Photos] - Loevenstein, Cape Town

    Last weekend I noticed some new cables installed on the overhead Telkom poles running at the back of our property. After some investigation I found out that it is in fact part of the 100mbps Telkom fibre trial installation. The reason I did not know about the fibre was because the last press...
  3. J

    Cape Town - someone who can flash my LGE612 cause I messed up the Android update

    I messed up the Android update on my LGE612. Something went wrong, all the software used was from and I get the message "download is in progress" no matter what. Is there someone in Cape Town who can get it up and running at an affordable price? I'm typically looking for a guru...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    New Cape Town speed camera system – how it works

    New Cape Town speed camera system – how it works Cape Town’s new average speed over distance camera system will go live soon – here is how it works
  5. K

    No connectivity Plumstead/Wynberg - anyone else?

    Hi guys, ADSL stopped working at my home in Plumstead (021 762) around 14:00 on Saturday afternoon (04/10/14). My router says "Link Down". My telephone line has been dead since about a week earlier. I managed to get hold of Telkom who told me that there is a problem at the exchange and...
  6. W

    Studying Software Development

    What is the best place to study software development at? Currently looking at: UCT (applying, might get in but not sure, they say it's heavily contested) CPUT CTU Any others you would recommend in Cape Town? Would like to study C# and Java mostly, so far I have done beginners courses in...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Cape Town to implement open data policy

    Cape Town to implement open data policy The City of Cape Town approved the open data portal and policy on Thursday, it said
  8. F

    Cape Town, Parklands - Internet Speed

    I live near the MyCity Bus Station Ravenswood. Telkom said i could only get a 4MBit/s Line - only Receiving 2Mbit/s..most of the time even less! The exchange must be very veeery far away!? Where can I find out when they intend to upgrade or place a closer exchange?
  9. J

    Technology Specialist (Linux) - Cape Town.

    Technology Solutions Company looking for a skilled individual for a position at a Large retailer Competitive Salary dependant on your experience Required Skills: Linux specialist (SuSE enterprise server experience advantageous) - min 5 years experience 3rd Level support for Linux...
  10. D

    Job Opportunities in the IT Training Sector, Cape Town

    Hi folks. Exciting opportunities up for grabs! Want to become an IT trainer? Or how about getting into a learnership to do sales...
  11. I

    Codeigniter DEV Cape Town

    Hi, Are you or do you know of anyone who can assist with a fairly urgent codeigniter project based in Cape Town preferably. Please pm me if you do. :)
  12. M

    What cyclists fear most.................

    I see them everywhere, at night, on pavements, offending pedestrians. Then, they are on the streets, pestering motorists. They are on the boardwalk meant for pedestrians down at the Waterfront. Hardly ever do they make themselves visible. Abreast. Abreast. Abreast. They have a fixation...
  13. T

    So I am using an 8ta Telkom stick and experiencing google chrome location problems

    What happens is, that I stay in Gauteng right. But when I put in the 8ta sim-card/"USB stick" into my computer the internet location goes to DURBAN, KZN, CAPE TOWN and even Centurion........of which latter is a place in Gauteng but not in the area where I stay. I stay near Pretoria, but not...
  14. D

    IT Training Sales Learnerships Century City, Cape Town

    Are you passionate about the IT scene? We are currently offering learnerships for Sales consultants within the IT training sector. You get to earn while you learn and MUCH more... See the links below for further information - time is short and so are the available openings.. Web...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Sanral welcomes court ruling

    Sanral welcomes court ruling A court ruling regarding the disclosure of court papers in the N1/N2 Winelands Toll Highway project was welcomed by the SA National Roads Agency Limited
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Sanral loses secrecy court bid

    Sanral loses secrecy court bid Applications by Sanral and the Protea Parkway Consortium (PPC) to keep certain court documents on the N1/N2 Winelands Toll Highway project secret, were dismissed by the Western Cape High Court
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Sanral secrecy court case judgment expected

    Sanral secrecy court case judgment expected The Western Cape High Court is expected to hand down judgment in Sanral’s and the Protea Parkway Consortium’s (PPC) secrecy applications on Thursday, transport MMC Brett Herron said
  18. D

    CPT - I am Seeking Part Time Employment/ Internship

    I am a 2nd year student Studying Network Management in Cape Town. Looking for a part time job as an IT technician or any other part time job to tide me over, or an IT internship? 7 Distinctions for first year of studying and 2 So far for my 2nd year 1st Semester. Any offers would be great...
  19. M

    Can a local authority impose fines and seize property without a court order?

    Is it legitimate for a local authority to impose fines and automatically deduct these amounts from electronic bus cards? Is this legitimate or is it illegal seizure of property without a court order? Amounts disappear and many passengers do not even notice. This happens on my city's new bus...

    2111ST - Senior Qlikview Consultant- Cape Town

    Our client is an expanding Management Company that is on the look out for experienced Qlikview Developers to join their team. Function * Evaluate and understand business requirements * Convert these requirements into a business solution using QlikView * Guide customers into the new...