1. D

    Best car seat covers

    Hey guys As a recently new driver I've recently got myself a nice 2001 VW Polo but the seats are a little scruffy so I thought I'd throw some covers on them. With such a wide range available I'm lost as to which are good. I've seen a lot of stingray ones but which "models" of cover are the best...
  2. P

    Best time to sell your car?

    Hey guys, Thought I would get some opinions on this, what is the best time to sell your car and get a new one? Some people drive their cars until they are forced to sell, but at that point you get next to nothing for it and have put in a bunch more money on repairs, not to mention the...
  3. F

    Thoughts on a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic.

    Hey everyone. Can you please help me? What’s you thoughts on a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic. I was in an accident and the insurance payed out. Saw a 2009 Volvo Xc60 3.0T Geartronic at a dealership with just over 280 000km on the clock. Is it a great car to buy to use as a daily family car or...
  4. Bresder

    What's a good student car?

    Price within the range of R50k or below. Something that can also travel and also safe.
  5. M

    Man's car stolen while he's asleep in back seat

  6. GipsyD

    What is BMW's stand on 3rd party body modifications?

    Building on from the 335i post I created some time back... So my same friend is looking at getting an extended warranty with BMW South Africa on his second hand 335i Luxury Line. But like I said in the last post, he wants to upgrade it cosmetically (i.e. add a more "aggressive" M Style Body...
  7. Bresder

    Need to buy a car for a get around

    Considering a entry level car not expensive and probably low to maintain. Take in consideration a person. Second Hand, more like the price of a VW Golf Citi. Was/still considering one. Any suggestions or advise?
  8. GipsyD

    OEM M Sport Body Kit for F30 3 Series?

    One of my very good mates recently got a 335i Luxury Line (second hand, of course). He is more than pleased with the performance of the car, and especially the sound it makes from the rear end, but he feels that the Luxury Line body kit is too dull and subdued, and that it is hiding the car's...
  9. GipsyD

    Audi S3 SB vs Toyota GT86 vs Focus ST3 - Daily Driver

    Hi all First post here, so be gentle. I'm currently looking at replacing my daily driver (E87 135i M Sport Coupe) of 3 years, and have about R500-R600K to play with. I'm looking for something sporty, something that will put a smile on my face every time I get in and turn the key. I've narrowed...
  10. X88Bass

    I need a good 1st car under R70k?

    I don't know much about cars, i'd like some advise on which car to purchase under R70k for my first vehicle?
  11. RedViking

    Insurance Broker/Agent - Do they deserve the commission they ask?

    New laws apparently requires an agent/broker to get your written consent before they can charge/or continue to charge the additional broker fee and continue to give you a service. This fee you pay is about 10% of your premium, and additional to your premium. To justify the fee the broker...
  12. N

    Entry Level Cars

    Hi! If you had to go the option of brand new, what entry level cars would be a good option? Also, any strong feelings on the manual vs automatic divide?
  13. D

    Send a tow truck for your car...

    So last year I had a minor accident with my car and the steering rack broke. Insurance had it fixed after a bit of a fight. After about 2 months the new rack broke as well. The panel beaters messed me around for months and eventually I got the insurance guys involved again and it went in to get...
  14. M

    Broken Headlight Cover - Question

    Somebody backed into me (fairly gently it seems) and the cover of the left headlight broke. No other damage. After spending the morning phoning around, it seems I HAVE to replace the entire unit at a cost of R6000. Even the 'dodgy' spares guys are telling me this. Why is this? And does...
  15. M

    Women’s seaside trip ruined by man repeatedly banging penis on car window

    Women’s seaside trip ruined by man repeatedly banging penis on car window
  16. RedViking

    GWM C10 - Clutch Spares - Advice needed

    Ave! My mom has a GWM C10 (it was given to her some years ago). It looks like her clutch plate will need to be replaced. GWM wants to charge her R4600 (not sure if VAT is included) for the part only and apparently there are no other options or clutch kits available (Thank you China!). I had the...
  17. M

    Man crashes car, lights cigarette from its flames

    Man crashes car, lights cigarette from its flames
  18. M

    Man forced to climb through giant mound of poo dumped on his car

    Man forced to climb through giant mound of poo dumped on his car
  19. Z

    Which Car to get?

    Good Day MYBB's As per thread title. I need to purchase a cheap run around vehicle, budget is R90K MAX. I have been searching for the pass few weeks and managed to come up with the following: 1. Light on Fuel 2. Reliable or cheap to fix i.e service cost. 3. Small and under 90K Km. 4. Will be...
  20. M

    Man hates his job, accused of hitting people with car to get out of work

    Man hates his job, accused of hitting people with car to get out of work