1. S

    Red Bull Mobile vs CellC

    Hi All, I have tried trying to locate the differences between CellC and Red Bull Mobile in terms of a contract to help me decide whether there is some gimmick with the lower price of the Red Bull Mobile contract. Theres 2 contracts in particular that I am comparing(Not deciding between...
  2. S

    cellc to mtn

    hi all kindly assist as i just bought a mtn phone n want to use my cell c data sim on the phone when inserting the sim the cell c setting already appear n network shows E n H but nothing happens when trying to use apps that require internet eg opera or bbm or even playstore
  3. M

    The Super Cheap South African Moto E .. Kalahari's Gobii IIP !

    Hey Guys. So, I've started this thread just to get some general feedback and reviews on this newly released interesting looking phone that Kalahari.com have started selling: http://www.kalahari.com/Electronics/gobii-Smartphone-IIP-200MB-x-12-months-free-data_p_48346743 It's called the Gobii...
  4. M

    Cell C Data issues

    Hi everyone! I can’t be the only person with this problem… my Cell C data is vanishing faster than the speed of light! I understand they have new OOB rates but even with my bundles I see them depleting like crazy and of course then I am unaware so I get struck by OOB rates which is a...
  5. B

    Cell C will never beat MTN, Vodacom or 8ta with this attitude!!

    I am trying to port 3 numbers (On contracts that have been running for more than 10 years each) over to Cell C because I like the Vitality plan. Without explanation 2 of the three applications just get rejected. They do not even offer alternatives or anything. I earn a good salary, have a...
  6. G

    Cell C LG G2

    Hey guys, hope someone can advise me. Took out a contract with Cell C yesterday, originally wanted an LG G Pro lite but ended up taking a G2 because they had no stock. . When we opened the box in store I discovered that the headphone jack is at the bottom of the phone, which is gonna cause me...
  7. SmellyCelly

    What's the best company to get 3G data from?

    What's the best company to get data from? After having a CellC 3G data sim card, a Vodacom one and an Afrihost one, I can confidently say that Afrihost is my number one choice on all levels. They have the best prices, the best quality in terms of reception and speed, as well as the best...
  8. D

    CellC Data charges?

    So what does CellC really charge per mb of data, because it eats data in normal browsing on my smartphone! I used about R10 for 5minutes, I dont convert my airtime to data, cause its the same thing or should I?
  9. A

    CellC Number Retention

    Dear CellC Rep, Customer Service email doesn't respond. Call quality to the call center is poor enough to make it frustrating, and best of all when I was nearly done I got a "...peep, click, beep ... Welcome to CellC, how can I help you?" - they actually dropped the call and reconnected me to...
  10. HitmanV

    Using the Unrestricted APN

    Hi all Here is my situation: I have a webcam (aircam) and a 3G modem (Planet WNRT-617G) and the CellC Black Nokia USB dongle (CS-19) with a pay-as-you-go cellc simcard in it. I applied for the unrestricted APN and got it (it took 3 weeks) i know this because i can ping its 3G IP address when...
  11. F

    Vodacom R206 Mifi Router/modem - using with other network

    Hi, Has anyone successfully used a R206 mifi router/modem from Vodacom with another network? I want to get a CELLC simcard and try and get it to work... but maybe someone can tell me if they have tried it before? Thanks
  12. S

    BB9320 Cellular Issue - Browsing but no BBM or Whatsapp

    Hi everyone, So this is my issue, I am at home most of the week, so I just connect my Blackberry 9320 to the Wifi and everything works perfectly. However, when I do want to go out, I want to turn my 3G back on. It switches over perfectly, but I cannot send or receive BBMs or Whatsapp...
  13. IanM

    Cell C vs Vodacom in Helderberg, WC

    Hi guys. I'm thinking of getting me a S4 within the next month. Both CellC and Vodacom has decent deals on the phone at the moment, but not sure about the network coverage of the networks in the area, specific towards 3G. Anyone with some experience regarding this?
  14. D

    Video Calling Via network

    So I was wondering what ever happened to this service? Most smartphones have an option of making a video call via the phone network. The only cost incurred is the cost of the call- no data. Why doesn't feature get any light? It's very reliable when under 3G and doesn't have those 'Skype'...
  15. T

    Nano SIM Catch-22

    So I got the iPad Mini on a CellC contract through Autopage and so far, I have been happy with the service received from Autopage and CellC. But I ran into a catch-22 situation recently when trying to figure out why my service has been banned. Turns out they send you SMS notifications to...
  16. T

    Outdated information from Autopage and CellC

    I applied for a CellC contract with the LG Optimus L7II through their website. I called them two days later after not receiving any response. They informed me that both the L5II and the L7II was not available any more as they were being discontinued. Why are they still listed as options on...
  17. K

    S3 Mini, full signal, no calls or sms until reboot

    I have a Samsung S3 mini on CellC, running 4.1.2. Some days, my phone will just loose connection to the network, and I am unable to send or receive calls or sms's although the phone shows decent signal. This is usually while I am on the Wi-Fi network at work, but I cannot confirm that 100%. The...
  18. A

    CellC call centre

    How does one get through to an agent at the CellC Direct call center on 084 145? Even phoning from a CellC line. Actually, thankfully from a CellC line at least it doesn't cost anything. Quarter of an hour on hold with no sign of progress at all... I've already applied for a contract, I...
  19. H

    Cell C 3G on iPad - no connectivity

    Dear Cell C representative, It seems that the carrier settings applicable for the Apple iPad gives higher preference to the EDGE network, rather than the 3G network. In certain areas, where there is 3G, the iPad registers an EDGE signal, and internet connectivity is incredibly slow, up to the...