1. M

    Mobile Service Providers - b2b Contact

    Hi Guys I hope someone can assist, I am looking for an email address for each of the network providers (vodacom,mtn,cellC,8ta etc) I need to speak to someone on their business side, not for a business contract (that is all I can find on their respective sites) but for a business 2 business...
  2. S

    Gaming on EU servers via Cell C LTE - is it possible?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of signing up for a contract with Cell C to get an LTE Router + Package. Currently on Telkom LTE Uncapped - its been great, however we all share this at home and I would like to get a separate LTE just to do gaming (unfortunately no fibre in our area yet and max adsl is...
  3. L

    Cell C ... why do you torture me?

    I’ve been with CellC for 4 months. I have never received all the services I’ve been paying for since inception. My wife, and some other people, were unable to call my number and she could only call me using WhatsApp. A few weeks ago, it went from bad to worse when I lost all data services and...
  4. L

    Cell C service sucks rubbish

    For so very long did I resist to take a cell contract; That’s a fact. I told all and sundry that a contract is a load of crock; To sign you must be befok. Then CellC came along with a deal so fine; I lost my mind and signed. Right from the start the service sucked; I realised that I was...
  5. xera

    Cell C LTE-Advanced Router

    Has anyone used this router? Is there a better modem available that works with Cell C with LTE-Advanced? I would prefer to buy a router by a known brand, than this generic Chinese brand. This router takes forever to start up, last time I checked it took 5 minutes. This is unacceptable in...
  6. F

    Vodafone usb modem to mtn

    Hi, Do you guys maybe have any advice on how to get mtn,cellc and/or telkom working on a vodafone 4g usb modem (vodafone k5150). What I have noticed so far: It's not network locked Believe I need to get the correct software from mtn,cellc,telkom or huawei. Mobile partner...
  7. W

    User privacy never important. what is the future for the internet?

    So i got some contacts from a few new people i recently met. I have been spending some time with them on Whatsapp, and next thing you know Facebook is already suggesting them to me to add as my friends. Now I know there was no way in hell the profiles of those people could be linked to mine. I...
  8. H

    Unable to connect to Vodacom/Cell C using 3G Router

    Hi, I recently got a Poynting Airpoynt 3G router with integrated 3g modem. I have a couple of questions for anyone who uses this product: Can I get shell access? My MTN sim work perfectly on a signal of -79, giving me a 3g (umts) connection. I was hoping to use Cell C, and even...
  9. ToniO

    Appalling service from CellC

    (Incident 160226-000596) I have a number of unresolved issues, including an unauthorised charge of over R2000, a mysterious apparition entering a store and posing as me to change my data limit, as well as a number of other customer service horrors. 1. Initial Customer Service Issues I...
  10. ToniO

    Can't log in to my account (mycellc) on website

    Is anyone else experiencing this? The website has been "upgraded" and I can no longer log into what used to be "mycellc". The username and password are forced into uppercase for one thing. The username (my phone number) is rejected. I've tried resetting my password and again the username is...
  11. W

    Lost text (sms: messages from overseas

    Hi, I'm having what I think is a "porting" problem. I've recently returned to Cape Town from a job in Australia. I got a CellC starter pack, and used that for 3 weeks, but found the signal wasn't strong in the area I've rented a room. After asking the folk who live there, I decided to port...
  12. R

    new cellphone contract

    Hi guys Ive been a MTN prepaid user for 13 years. I want to take out a contract for the iphone 6/6s. As buying is way too expensive and interest payable with buying on credit over 12 months are ridiculous. Im hoping you smart and experienced people can help me as consultants are not...
  13. V

    Whatsapp bundle not being utilised while airtime and data gets used on CELLC

    Hi, I am on supacharge prepaid. My whatsapp bundle is activated. for the past two months it has been taking my data and eating my airtime. when ever I check my whatsapp balance I have 1 gig left. There is something wrong here and needs to be addressed. My brother is having the same issue. if...
  14. cobusv

    Who to choose!?!

    Hi Guys, i'm on a fact finding mission and who else to ask than the community... To make a long story short, basically i was on MTN for roughly 5 years till i moved and to my horrid surprise they had no coverage at my house, ended up letting me out of my contract and told me to move to...
  15. R

    What is the best data cum voice combo bundle plan available?

    What is the best data cum voice combo bundle plan available with minimum recharge value?
  16. R

    Is there any offer to access free Whatsapp on CellC?

    Anyone has idea about what happens from this month, since Whatsapp is no more free service via CellC?
  17. A

    megabytes transfer

    I wonder if the cellc can make more easier for us users to share megabytes
  18. B

    KMZ Coverage Maps

    Heya, Any word on a Google Earth KMZ or AfriGIS map for South African Mobile Operator Coverage? The coverage maps on each providers' websites are good and all, but does anyone know of an "All-in-One" location? Looking at plotting our sites on the maps and activating 3G or HSDPA layers, etc...
  19. I

    MTN, CellC, 8ta and vodacom sim cards sending and receiving SMS throughput

    Good day Does any one know how many SMS's can be sent per hour for any of the mobile operators in S.A? Like can I send 1100 SMS per hour using my phone(Android)? Android SMS limit can be extended to 1100. Just warried about the operators. I am not looking for bulk solutions or...
  20. Centronix

    Cell C Contract Cancellation Issues

    Cell C contracts can only be cancelled by dialing 084143. Problem is after waiting about 5 for a consultant to answer, the call cuts. I've tried multiple times. How else can one cancel a Cell C contract?