1. M

    Upgrading on cell c

    I am a cell c customer who is currently drawing nearer to my upgrade window which will start in march. I am on a casual chat 100 and i'm paying R69 for a nokia 6300. I would like to upgrade to a 5800 expressmusic but i am uncertain me how much my monthly payments will be. I can't afford to pay...
  2. Rouxenator

    2G/EDGE : Network performance tests

    I have recently started to test the performance of 2G (2.75G EDGE) internet connection on various networks. This was due to suspicious that some networks had very poor 2G performance while they have sufficient backhaul capacity to do much better (based on their 3G performance). So far I have...
  3. Rouxenator

    Virgin is the worst network ever.

    I bought a couple of EDGE modems from Hong Kong. They work nicely on proper networks like MTN and Vodacom. On bottom feeder networks like cellc and virgin they are ok - sometimes they disconnect - but overall they are usable. The problem comes in with customer support. All my EDGE modems have...