1. S

    Telesales & spam because of Rica

    I just had a consultant from 8ta phone me and try to sell me a cellphone contract. When I asked her where she got my number, she said from Rica. According to her they have access to anyone who has Rica'd their phones. If that's true, then it would also explain the extra phone spam I've been...
  2. QuintonB

    Pay your municipal account using your cellphone

    Pay your municipal account using your cellphone POCiT and Munsoft team up to let users pay their municipal accounts using their cellphones
  3. N

    MTN Transfer of subscriber question

    Hi, I have a question regarding the transfer of a subscriber to a new account. Here are the details: We have a MTN SP account with 2 cell phone subscribers I want to transfer one of the numbers from the account to a new account The question is, how do I go about doing this...
  4. A

    Competitions on the web

    Why can't people be bothered to enter online competitions, are they just too lazy or worried about their information being used and spammed to hell? I have won numerous competitions on loads of local websites, the latest one being a luxury holiday in a 5 star place in Port Elizabeth. The...
  5. M

    Complex intercom - splitting the cellphone bill

    Our complex wants to split our cellphone bill for our Mircom and bill homeowners individually. The managing agents say it's hugely painstaking process which doesn't justify the time spent sifting through all the data (of course they would say that). Is it feasible to do this, and if so, what...
  6. jes

    Retro cellphone docks with Moshi Moshi

    Retro cellphone docks with Moshi Moshi SA distributor launches retro-style headsets and headset-dock combos for iPhone
  7. R

    Sony Ericsson C902 Ciphering message

    The wife's phone has been saying something about ciphering not being active while she's talking on the phone - does anyone perhaps know how to fix this? The bad thing is it peeps every few seconds while talking, and when it peeps you only hear the peep, and not the person you are talking to...
  8. Nimz

    Help needed with contract

    So my contract is due for an Upgrade on Saturday (23/04/2011) Im currently on the weekender package R135 p/m + R59 BIS I have a Blackberry 9700 and a Samsung Galaxy so im thinking of going for the iPhone 4. What is the best deal available? Nothing more than R300 p/m I need atleast the...
  9. M

    Finally, Cellphone Banking with 8ta and FNB

    So I noticed this morning that I can finally purchase airtime and do banking (with FNB) on my 8ta cellphone. Dial *120*321*MOPIN# to do cellphone banking. Service charged at 20c per minute (I think). Dial *130*321*MOPIN# to purchase airtime. Free service. This is awesome! I was...
  10. jes

    FNB launches ATM cash withdrawal using a cellphone

    FNB launches ATM cash withdrawal using a cellphone First National Bank (FNB) today announced its Cash Withdrawal solution using Cellphone Banking.
  11. M

    Cellphone for 8-year old

    So here goes: My daughter's birthday is coming up soon and she has expressed a wish for a cellphone. I know that there are a lot of social/parental considerations including whether a child of this age is responsible enough to "own" a device like this, but I thought it would be an interesting...
  12. jes

    LG spider 'cruelty' advert withdrawn

    LG spider 'cruelty' advert withdrawn An LG cellphone advertisement showing a young girl spraying a spider with shaving foam has been withdrawn from South African television over cruelty concerns, the National Council of SPCAs said on Tuesday.
  13. jes

    Out-of-bundle usage must die

    Out-of-bundle usage must die What we have at the moment is an unbalanced, flawed system which really makes no sense at all
  14. jes

    Have you experienced SMS billing or spam problems?

    Have you experienced SMS billing or spam problems? Have you ever been billed by a WASP for a service which you cancelled or never subscribed to? WASPA shows great results on complaints
  15. D

    Where to buy? Cheapest? Closest?

    hi guys, wanna get in on the BBM action and stuff and ive always wanted a smartphone so i want to get the Blackberry 8520 Curve but im having a hard time finding it, anyone know where i can get it the cheapest without a contract? just the actual phone :) and does anyone know if this site...
  16. E

    Cellphone Scam (Selling 2nd hand)

    I wanted to sell my cellphone - Sony Vivaz because I got a new phone. I advertised it on gumtree and got a call for the phone within 3 days. The caller asked if we could meet during the same day at Rosebank to do the trade. I agreed and we met outside in the parking lot at Rosebank. We sat in my...
  17. jes

    Gingerbread upgrade for LG Optimus phones

    Gingerbread upgrade for LG Optimus phones LG announced that their Optimus One Android-based smartphone will get an upgrade to the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, but will South Africans receive the update?
  18. jes

    Cellphones, SMS and the law

    Cellphones, SMS and the law The high-profile Glenn Agliotti case has once again highlighted the role cell phones and SMS unsurprisingly play in the law
  19. jes

    Paramedics suggest 'Programme ICE in your cellphone'

    Paramedics suggest 'Programme ICE in your cellphone' People are advised to program in-case-of-emergency (ICE) contacts into their cellphones before they go on holiday, ER24 said on Tuesday.
  20. jes

    Mobile banking safety tips

    Mobile banking safety tips FNB issues mobile banking tips for holiday makers