1. Kevin Lancaster

    Put down that cellphone while driving

    Put down that phone while driving Road accidents cost South Africa over R300 billion a year, and many of these accidents are caused by using mobile phones while driving.
  2. Z

    Hello from zeekonline.co.za

    Hi Guys We'd like to introduce our new online store, ZEEK. ZEEK is a South African online retailer offering the most sought after devices in the world and bringing them to you unlocked and available to purchase as soon as they are released. Our clients are always our primary focus and their...
  3. W

    Cellphone mast on private property. Going rates in SA?

    Got a company ring my doorbell and asked if I was interested to put a 'transmission' mast (on roof or a 15 M pole on corner of property)on my property for a cellphone provider. They were hired to find suitable locations. It seems that a Chinese company is doing the installations, ZTE Corp. I...
  4. L

    Vodacom took over my new Android phone

    Hey guys I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini from Takealot. But this Android version is not your default Android as i've had with previous Android phones, Vodacom changed the start-up and power-off screens to include a Vodacom logo, as well as installing a bunch of Vodacom apps and changing...
  5. J

    Cellular Micro-cell Installation

    Hi All I have a small problem I need some assistance with. We recently expanded our building and built-on a whole new wing to the facility (at my workplace). Since then most of our staff have been experiencing quite bad cellular reception. To my knowledge only Vodacom and MTN are effected -...
  6. N

    Black Sony Xperia E3 [S]

    I have the following phone for sale, it came bundled with another phone I purchased, so I don't really have any use for this one... Item name : Black 4Gb Sony Xperia E3 smartphone Age and condition: Brand New/Unopened Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (1 year with Orange) Reason...
  7. R

    Will TETRAX magnet harm my Samsung S5 mini?

    Hi gents, Just wanted to confirm if my TETRAX GEO is safe to use on my Samsung S5 mini? Kind regards, Roobs
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Keep your cellphone charged when flying to Britain

    Keep your devices charged when flying to Britain Passengers on flights to Britain must ensure their electronic gadgets are charged, and can be switched on
  9. S

    Covers for Sony Xperia Z2?

    Does anyone know where to get covers for the Sony Xperia Z2? Even online? Can't seem to find online or in any Vodacom/Cellc stores etc? Thanks
  10. W

    Car audio with Bluetooth?

    So exactly what does it mean when a car audio system, such as a frontloader, has Bluetooth? Does it mean that: 1. One can stream audio files to the frontloader via Bluetooth 2. That the system can handle calls from from a paired cellphone, much like those Parrot devices 3. Both of...
  11. S

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2?

    How breakable is the Sony Xperia Z2 in comparison with the iPhone 5? Does anyone know? I've had so many screens cracked with iPhone and I want to move over to Sony soon, but I am not sure how they fair in the break-ability contest :P Also, does anyone know how much an Xperia screen costs to fix...
  12. antowan

    Any classified using this contact number is fake! BE WARNED! 0780038745

    Friend got scammed. I see via Google the number is being posted far and wide in papers and online here in SA... Related to mobile phone sales for cheap smart phones. 0780038745 THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY & LAUGH AT YOU IN YOUR FACE!
  13. J

    [HOW TO] How to unlock a 'Network Locked' cellphone.

    I recently had to go through this procedure to help out a friend emigrating from the United Kingdom to South Africa. His cellphone was locked to T-Mobile UK, basically turning it into an oversized paperweight... While there are many other guides on this matter on the internet, this one...
  14. B

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear Special!

    Get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear Combo for R11,999 only at Bfore! Item: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear Combo Age: Brand New Warranty: Yes, 2 years on the phone, 1 year on the gear Packaging: Original Shipping: Free Postage if you share your purchase online Price...
  15. M

    Heavy Cell Phone Use Linked to Oxidative Stress

    Heavy Cell Phone Use Linked to Oxidative Stress
  16. A

    Spam a cellphone

    Fellow comrades, Where can I hotlist someone's cellphone to be spammed like no one's business. There is someone who is bothering me - I had their number blocked for almost a year now but I still get notifications of their attempts to call me. I want to get it over with - spam them until they...
  17. L

    Need help on RICA legisilation regarding purchasing cellphone only (not sim)

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is the right forum for this. I've been trying to research the RICA law but I'm bad at reading and interpreting all legal speak. I just wanted to know if its legal to force someone whose phone is damaged - to buy a sim card and register it with RICA before being able...
  18. C

    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Apple iPhone 5

    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Apple iPhone 5 which one do you recommend the most?
  19. LazyLion

    Cellphone thief drowns in Zoo Lake

    http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2012/10/08/cellphone-thief-drowns-in-zoo-lake Wish all the scumbag criminals would go and drown themselves.