1. D

    New Polo vivo 1.4 or Demo Polo Polo 1.4

    Well this is my first post so please excuse any issues with it. Ok so I have been given R135 000 to get my first car, I have cut it down to either the Polo vivo 1.4 brand new with all the extras for R133 000 or I can put some more money in for a demo 2013 Polo Polo 1.4 for R145 000 which has...
  2. NeonNinja

    Which Car? New or 2nd hand?

    So my bro's buying a car, and he's listed cars he interested in...Us being pretty much clueless about cars. So. Which deal/car do you recommend? Why? New 1. Polo Vivo with risidual 2. Mazda 2 with risidual 3. Opel Corsa Essentia with risidual 2nd hand 4. Opel Corsa Sport 5dr...
  3. jes

    Consumers choice in cellular network providers revealed

    Consumer choice in cellular providers revealed A new survey reveals which cellular providers consumers prefer
  4. jes

    MultiChoice explains why you can't choose your own DStv channels

    MultiChoice explains why you can't choose your own DStv channels Many consumers have asked why they cannot pay per channel instead of a set channel bouquet. MultiChoice explains.
  5. R

    First Time Buyer - newbie

    Hi Guys, I’m an IT guy with no photography background. My company has asked me to purchase 2 cameras for video and stills. I am based in Durban and cannot find any decent places i can test out equipment. I also narrowed my choice down to the Canon D550 for stills and the Canon HV20 for...
  6. Rouxenator

    One hit wonder VS Orchestra for every pocket

    Here is an interesting subject people often overlook with the whole iPhone thing. It happens all too easy that you lose sight of the forest when to focus on just one tree. The crux is that instead of comparing the apple tree to each individual other tree you need to step back and look at the...