1. M

    Cleaning a MacBook keyboard

    I have something (some dust?) impeding my Shift key. The keyboard probably needs a good cleaning anyway. Any recommendations on what to do from anyone please? Is there for example a service that does this cleaning (in Bryanston/ Fourways area)?
  2. O

    Canon DSLR Repairs \ Cleaning?

    So it looks like I might have stuffed up the fresnel focusing screen of my EOS 750D a bit, and now some "streaks" or "scratches" appear when looking through the viewfinder. I suppose the damage is not too bad as it doesn't affect anything other than looking through the viewfinder - so I know...
  3. Zoomzoom

    Aftermath of renovations:- How do I?

    How do I: Clean Plascon Polvin PVA from copper pipes safely and effectively? Clean Plascon Polvin PVA from matt floor tiles which are also black? Clean residue from installation of new windows from the glass? There is some kind of sticky glue type substance on the windows. Clean residue...
  4. D

    Windolene on Tinted Windows

    Is the Clear windowlene safe to use on tinted windows of cars? and is Clear windowlene ammonia free? the clear windolene that is. Thanks!
  5. D

    Car cleaning & Detailing advice?

    In a Vinyl, plastic and rubber care spray for car cleaning (interior spray), can I use it on my soft touch (finish) plastic dash? Spray contains plasticizer? (is that a good/bad thing?) (safe to use on soft finish of polo 2010 dash?) Also is the Shield Cleaning product range good?
  6. skinndeep

    Cleaning White Canvas shoes

    Hi Guys I have heard, that using maize meal to clean white canvas shoes. But there are so many variations to the way its used, I have been told to use it raw but others say I must cook it first. Could you guys clarify what I need to do? Or if it works? Thanks in advance
  7. C

    Sprayon Electro Cleaner Use in Cleaning a Desktop PC

    Hi Guys So i just got a can of "Sprayon Electro Cleaner" from Mica as they recommended it and claimed that they use it on all of their own computers to clean them. I was just wondering if anyone has had prior experience using this product and if it is safe to use to clean my computer. I have...
  8. antowan

    Garage cleaning service :: Any professional service providers out there?

    Garage cleaning service :: Any professional service providers out there? I Google'd and could not find anything specifically related to cleaning and arranging a garage.
  9. M

    Man shoots off finger while cleaning gun

  10. F

    Cleaning 5D MK II sensor

    Hi Guys, After our trip recently to the states I bought a 5D MK II as an upgrade from our old 350D. I used Dust-Aid Platinum to clean the sensor on the 350D, but I’m not sure how to clean the 5D MK II sensor. The self cleaning seems to work but there are 5 spots that don’t want to go away...
  11. krycor

    headlights fogging up

    As headlights get old / on old cars i notice its got this weird fog like look on it and is not clear(i think this happens with the plastic), can it be cleaned or must it be changed completely? Just kinda curious
  12. S

    Clean Green

    Who manufactures Clean Green? And why is it going off the shelves?!? :confused: