1. Kevin Lancaster

    ExpressRoute is not the silver lining

    ExpressRoute is not the silver lining The uptake in cloud services by South African enterprises has created a new set of network challenges, writes Brett Steingo.
  2. T

    Why Cloud Sucks..

    As more time passes more companies are jumping onto cloud computing. It seems like it's the "In thing to do" right now.. Scanning through the IT section of Jobmail reveals just how extensive this is becoming. But do these companies realize what they are doing? Do their "IT" departments even...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Pirates move to the cloud

    Pirates move to the cloud Online piracy of music, films and other content has moved to the Internet cloud, reaping big profits for digital thieves, according to a study released Thursday
  4. |tera|

    Maxthon Cloud Browser

    I've been using Maxthon as my main browser for about 2 weeks now, at work and at home. I've got a few small issues with it, but it's more about the similarly to IE that irks me a bit (certain small features). The rest is smooth sailing for me however. The browser is fast, responsive, when...
  5. S

    Where's the best place to store your photos?

    Q: Where's the best place to store your photos? My harddrive's keep ultimately failing on me so I think the time has come to upload them somewhere so I've been looking at clouds and which one gives you the most free space... A: 1. Google Drive 5 GB 2. Dropbox 2 GB (Get more space...
  6. B

    New Network Camera

    Compro TN60 and TN60W Network Camera That You Can Access Almost Anywhere On A Smart Mobile Device or Tablet We have made an new addition to our range of network camera's, which we feel could be used for security purposes as well. It is a great product produced by Compro, and offers good...
  7. JaimeLopes777

    Remote Access to softline/sage pastel accounting software

    Hey, Our accounts department would like to be able to work from home on pastel. I have them setup in the office with 3 machines, a desktop which is the 'server' and 2 laptops that are 'workstations' I'm not hugely familiar with how Pastel works but I assume the 'companies' are stored on the...
  8. R

    Own your Cloud

    Many cannot, for practical reasons, use cloud computing but need a central data / sync hub. I came across and Have a look, see if it will solve your issues. Anyone already using these? Please comment. A comment from elsewhere on this subject: "The...
  9. jes

    Amazon's Christmas slip up shows risks in the cloud

    Amazon's Christmas slip up shows risks in the cloud A Christmas Eve glitch highlights the risks that companies take when they move their data center operations to the cloud.
  10. QuintonB

    Is the cloud really secure?

    How secure is the cloud? Cloud technology has taken off in South Africa, although there are still those who believe that it is still early days
  11. N

    1toGo Mobile extends its range of Cloud unified communications services using cPanel

    Johannesburg, South Africa – 1 October 2012: 1toGo Mobile (, a provider of mobile Cloud based IP PBX and unified communications services, has announced the launch of new mobile Cloud unified communications services powered by the Commu****te Systems (www.commu**** Unified...
  12. abruton

    Help needed with Cloud Questions

    Hi I'm helping someone with questions about Cloud Computing, in South Africa and Internationally. If you can give some feedback before 09h00 tomorrow (24 Aug 2012) it would be appreciated. I'm good at getting the solution working but writing theoretical stuff, it takes a bit of help! 1...
  13. QuintonB

    Always encrypt data stored on the cloud, warns report

    Cloud storage isn’t as secure as you think – report Those wanting to make sure their documents and photos do not fall into the hands of strangers should make sure to encrypt any files saved in cloud services.
  14. QuintonB

    Beware of where you put your cloud data

    Cloud services: be careful who you trust Always check to whom you might be entrusting your data before deciding to work with any cloud computer-storage service.
  15. S

    Cloud Computing - What's your POV?

    Hey peeps, Just doing a bit of research, What are your views on Cloud computing/Hosting/Slash/Slash... Pro's Cons? What you THINK it is; compared to what it actually is? Thanx in advance
  16. D

    This Startup Could Literally Change The Entire Software Industry Read more: http://w

    Wow, stoked to see where this goes! Big claims about performance, lets see if it lives up to the hype.
  17. Z

    Using Google Music Outside USA

    From Engadget Worked for me 1) download and install tor, and 2) Run it. let it connect to the tor network. Wait for green onion 3)From...
  18. jes

    Online security issues within the cloud

    Online security issues within the cloud New applications such as cloud computing and virtualization are becoming increasingly popular – how does this affect IT security?
  19. T

    Cheap & Reliable VPS in South Africa

    Does anyone know or can recommend any VPS or Cloud Server hosting company in South Africa? There are a couple that i've come accross but then their bandwidth overage pricing is expensive. I have a couple of cloud based servers in the UK & US & would like to mirror them with a South African Provider.