1. M

    LSD and magic mushrooms could heal damaged brain cells

    LSD and magic mushrooms could heal damaged brain cells in people suffering from depression, study shows
  2. O

    Canon DSLR Repairs \ Cleaning?

    So it looks like I might have stuffed up the fresnel focusing screen of my EOS 750D a bit, and now some "streaks" or "scratches" appear when looking through the viewfinder. I suppose the damage is not too bad as it doesn't affect anything other than looking through the viewfinder - so I know...
  3. H

    Advise on Safety of automatic gates

    Hi, I just want to find out, what are the safety measures that an automatic gate should comply with (sensors, gate opening when it hits something etc.) if it must comply with it in a building complex. If it doesn't comply with these standards, and personal injury or damage to personal...
  4. V

    Whats my rights - Value of damage on car loads more than two thirds...

    My car was damaged in the hailstorm end of November. I put the claim in that same day but they only attended to it about a week later. I took the car in the day after the damage. They came up with a total of R55000, I thought they'd write it off. They said no my car's value was about R120000...
  5. R

    short Motherboard?

    I have a MSI G41 board that is 1 year and 6 months old. It has been giving me intermittant issues for 3 months now. Somedays it doesn't start up, pick up drives or it simply just freezes every few seconds. I sent it to the supplier and they found no fault - its hard to prove since its...
  6. J

    GT5 Academy

    Please advise. I purchased GT5 Academy 2012 edition yesterday. The cover mentions that there are supposed to be car damages, but there is no damages to my car when I play. Is there some setting that I need to activate, or is this option only available to people playing online? (I do not have...
  7. S

    HTC Desire - Weird Call Behaviour

    Hi. I've got an HTC Desire, and have been experiencing some very weird but cool behaviour from the phone recently. Sometimes, when I receive a call, my phone will ring, but at the same time I can hear the calling person talking over my phone's loudspeaker. The calling person has no idea...
  8. S

    Water Damage Indicators/Stickers on Cell Phones

    I've read that most cellphones nowadays come with several "water damage indicators" inside the phone. These are usually white stickers that are placed inside the phone in several different places and on the battery. In the event that water comes into contact with these stickers, they turn from...
  9. E

    what can u use to stick photos with frames onto walls without damaging the wall?

    well as the title says - are there any equipment/materials available to do that?
  10. LazyLion

    They drove through my wall again last night!

    Last night around 2 or 3 am my wife heard screeching tires and a bang, but it sounded far away. But a white mitsubishi bakkie or sedan drove through our wall. They took out three sections of the pre-cast wall this time and then left. They also grazed a pole and tree. There must have been...
  11. LazyLion

    Insurance Excess Question

    A pipe leaked in our ceiling causing water stains to the ceiling boards. We got a plumber in the same day to fix the pipe and paid him R500.00 for the work. We lodged a claim and got a claim number from the Insurance company for the damage. But now the insurance company is telling me that I...
  12. LazyLion

    Kalahari.net... again.

    So I order myself a few books for my birthday. Now I know that Kalahari has screwed up with the timing twice before, so I ordered with plenty of time to spare. Well the books arrived in good time... but one of the big collector's edition coffee table books is damaged. How do you just put a...