1. S

    Oracle 9i create database issue

    Im using oracle 9i. I want to create a database for a car sound sell/install small business. its for a varsity project. The problem i have is when a customer comes to do either a install or simply buying a product from the business, how would i go about creating tables for this scenario. Can one...
  2. D

    Help: Make Database with Flash CS5

    Hi So I am trying to create a logbook application using Flash (if that is even possible) I can't find much about databases in Flash on the net, but I really like Flash tbh. So what I want to do is to put something like the pic in the link in a flashy Flash application and get rid of the pen &...
  3. LazyLion

    Movie Explorer: Organize Your Huge Movie Collection with Details from IMDb
  4. S

    Database solutions to run a Credit reference business

    Hi All, Please advise on cost-effective solutions for a credit reference agency. I am currently looki into Sybase but i think it may be a little pricey. Can you guys help me with options and any cloud opportunities that i may leverage.
  5. riverdusty

    Database of Choice, what is yours?

    I've often been asked by our company and our clients which database we use, or what we recommend and why. I've always been an advocate of Relational Databases and promote PostgreSQL. As for non-Relational alternatives, I've been pointed to Object-Databases and things like CouchDB. I ask of...
  6. U

    Database for sale...

    Greetings, I received and email about databases for sale, South African based. Tracing this back I noticed that this company / individual is already listed in the ISPA Hall of shame. However, instead of just ranting and raving I have made contact...
  7. M


    Hi there Is it possible to design / create the "front-end" of an Access database in another program which has more features, and then link it to the database? I'm looking to create a ms Access db with the GUI appearing more..."Flash like".. Hope this makes sense :-) Thank you
  8. Smiley_lauf

    Google Docs Forms: Assign a primary key (or unique key) to field

    Hi there, anyone know how to do this in GD Forms? I wish to create a web-based application for data entry of some small market research (N=120)--each of these participants has an assigned unique id (i.e. not repeatable in the database). They will enter the id in the field called ("participant...
  9. R

    mail database possibilities

    hi guys is it possible to share a mail database between 4 users. scenario: have a mailbox that currently 4 users share, but the mailbox needs to be cleared due the mail admin not giving us more space on the exchange server. So was thinking of implementing a .pst sort of a file that can...
  10. T

    Database design (MySQL)

    I have 2 tables, entity_A and entity_B. entity_A has a field that links to one or more records in entityB. entity_B has only a handful of records (say 20), while entity_A has a few thousand. What is the best way to design for this? It doesn't seem to make sense to have entity_B have an...

    Multichoice Tells SABC to Go **** Themselves

    The new Multichoice CEO said that they will fight the SABC to the bitter end to ensure their subscriber base information remains private. The SABC is trying to obtain Multichoice's subscriber database to check who has been paying for DStv but not their TV License...
  12. LazyLion

    How do I? Spreadsheet and Database...

    How do I set up my spreadsheet to look up values in a table stored in a database? Assuming that the database file is stored in a fixed position?
  13. LazyLion

    Free Country Database? MS Access?

    I need a database of all the countries in the world. Just the country names will be sufficient, but any other info will also be helpful (like Dialling codes). Does MS Access include such a database? I know you can order them from the ISO certification website...
  14. A

    Database Error

    For about 10 minutes whenever I accessed a forum page, I received a "The database has encountered a problem." error page.
  15. R

    Getting a number off the National Consumer Database

    I've been getting cold calls on my cell phone from bunches of companies, all of whom think that I'm somebody I'm not - and always the same person. None of them check my name and ID though - they just start talking. I finally asked one of them where they got my number from, and it turned out...
  16. A

    Embarcadero Technologies to Acquire CodeGear from Borland Software

    The acquisition of CodeGear, Borland’s Developer Tools Division, will create the world’s largest, platform-independent software provider of database and application development tools. The combined company will offer customers the ability to better integrate their database and application...