1. RedViking

    Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software or System

    For those who are using PKB software or system. What are you using? I have started with my own PKB many years ago by using HelpNDoc but it is a bit dated and lacks many features. Currently I make good use of Google Keep, but it is very basic. I would prefer something that is Open Source or...
  2. RedViking

    What SMMEs can learn from SA’s biggest data leak

    Read ful larticle here:
  3. L

    Online Tender Database

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an online database for tenders in SA? I know of: - - - - I am trying to research the market for road construction products. does not seem to have all tenders available...
  4. G

    IT Job Seeker GPA

    Apologies if the Thread title is a bit off. Hey BB community, I am about to complete my undergraduate computer science degree, and I am very excited to enter the 'Real World' in the Information Technology Industry. However, I wanted to know if South African Employees, especially those...
  5. D

    Microsoft MTA 98-364 Databse Fundamentals Exam

    Hey guys, so I am going to write the MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals next week (18-02-2016) and I was wondering who did this course in the last couple of days / weeks / months to give me some pointers on how it is structured and what to expect. I have worked through the MVA (Microsoft Virtual...
  6. L

    Database mirroring/backup

    I do not know enough about these things so I am in need of some help here. We have a little XP pc running an interbase server that is in need of some form of rapid recovery plan should it ever die due to hardware failure. Simply having another XP system on standby won't cover things like eg...
  7. W

    Database help needed

    Good day, I'm new to my broadband, I hope these types of questions are answered here. I'm developing a web application and I was wondering which database software application (free or cheap) would be best to use for larger databases. I know MySQL has a 2GB per machine limitation Microsoft...
  8. P

    ID numbers/Death records/Voter roll database

    Some one just posted this on a forum of a game I play, It's kinda creepy what information this person got.
  9. S

    Software Developers Wanted - Making a difference in HealthCare

    Sebrio Consulting, based in Cape Town's Northern suburbs, is always looking to welcome new developers to our rapidly growing company, and you might be just the person we're looking for! If you're confident, able to work well in a team but take ownership of delivering quality work, we'd like to...
  10. I

    Delphi Developer Opportunity: R30k - R38k per annum

    A software development company based in Pretoria is current looking for Delphi Developers Requirements • Grade 12 / Matric • Excellent communication skills (English and Afrikaans) • At least 3 years’ experience as a Delphi Developer • At least 3 years’ experience in MySQL Server...
  11. D

    Database Normalisation????? - Need Help normalising....

    Hi, I have a database scenario. The table includes the following columns: ProcessNumber ProcessDate ProcessBill InsuranceProviderCode InsuranceProviderName InsuranceProviderAddress InsuranceProviderTelephone CustomerID CustomerName CustomerAddress ClaimCode ClaimDescription...
  12. T

    Senior PHP Backend Web Developer

    Senior PHP Software Engineer / Mobile Cloud Applications Details Full time role Fast-paced, exciting, start-up environment! R50k – R70k per month depending on skill-set and experience Flexible working conditions outside of core hours Cape Town CBD location Starting Mar/Apr 2014 Who is biNu? We...
  13. L

    Blame Game

    TL;DR Version My Boss suspected person X screwed up his month/year end financial reports beyond recognition. I prove to the boss that it was not user error but rather a software error. The software support company agrees with me and starts looking for the problem on the software side. Boss calls...
  14. D

    How to secure a unix-based website.

    Guys I'm going to play around with domain I bought. It will be my very first website and I'm going to use wordpress. So are there any tips to prevent my website from getting hacked. I know most of these hackers attack your database to get into you website but besides a really strong password. Is...
  15. O

    Database management

    Good Afternoon I want to improve the service within the business,want to introduce customer care where customers call to place orders daily,say between 06:00-21:00,currently I am using excel for customers orders,I need something that will automatically update,say I update price of product at...
  16. K

    Philips Airfryer - Recipe Database

    Mission: To have a thread filled with frying times & temperatures for popular supermarket products, along with tasty home made recipes. All posts will be indexed in the first post, linking to the post containing all the details. Rules: This thread is not for discussions about the philips...
  17. S

    smart database search

    Hi geniuses. Firstly, i have no knowledge of coding or any form of software development- so i hope what I am going to ask will make sense. I have someone working on a project for myself where a lot of data will be stored in a SQL database. I want a search engine where someone can type a...
  18. M

    Database Lets Britons Find Slave-Owning Ancestors

    A new database launched Wednesday lets Britons curious about their family history uncover some potentially uncomfortable information - whether their ancestors owned slaves. Researchers at University College London spent three years compiling a searchable listing of thousands of people who...
  19. N

    Matric Results Verification

    Hi, Is there anyway to access past matric results. I'm talking all the way back to 2003. How does an employer or tertiary institution verify these results?
  20. LazyLion

    Is Vodacom really "updating their customker database"???

    I had a phone call from a lady this morning. She claimed outright that she was from Vodacom and was "updating their customer database" I asked her how do really know she is from Vodacom, and she said they already have a lot of my details on their database. She already had my cellphone type...