1. LazyLion

    Zuma asks for immunity for African leaders Now why do you think Zuma would propose such a deal? What do you think he has planned for the future? :D
  2. E

    Cellphone Contracts: Vouchers

    Does anyone know how I go about getting the best cellphone contract + voucher or cellphone contract + laptop deal from the cellphone companies? I spend around R1000 a month on my contract, don't need a new phone and have a contract eligible for renewal so I'm either looking to get a laptop or a...
  3. S

    Where can I find a good deal on a 500GB External HDD?

    Typical of me wanting to buy this on the last minute, but never mind that :p Incredible Corruption has: FREECOM 3.5" 400GB EXT What ya think? Any other stores/vendors having any good deals now?
  4. M

    Help Required choosing Contract and Network

    Hi Guys, Apologies if my dilemna sounds stupid.... :confused: I am currently on Vodacom Talk 130. The contract is due for upgrade. I want a nice phone something like Samsung Omnia, Blackberry Storm or a nice HTC. I find that the Samsung is free on other networks but Vodacom wants me to...
  5. rpm

    MTN's not giving anything away

    MTN's not giving anything away
  6. rpm

    Family feud stands in way of MTN merger

    Family feud stands in way of MTN merger
  7. rpm

    MTN and Verizon difficulties

    MTN and Verizon difficulties