1. RedViking

    [S] Severin Coffee Bean Grinder

    Item: Severin Coffee Grinder Price : R1200 Location: Postnet R100 Shipping: Postnet R100 Condition: 13 months old. 12 months used. Great condition. Warranty: Nope. No warranty. Reason: Upgraded to Barista Express with build in grinder. Specs/Notes: Entry level home use grinder. Great for...
  2. F


  3. T

    BEWARE signing up for any Telkom LIT Box deal / special

    I have had enough. I am STILL waiting since the beginning December for my Telkom LIT box. "No stock no stock no stock" is the constant excuse. I COULD understand that, being December and all. But everywhere I look, from online ads to print media, I see them advertising deals, ending...
  4. Budza

    Afrihost Mobile + Xiaomi Mi Phones & DATA

    I just saw the email about this partnership:D Same prices as Includes some free data /month for 1 year Excellent! Need to confirm if Afrihost Plus can be applied to these offerings. ;)
  5. C

    LA Webs HOT DEALS!

    Great Savings at LA Webs Don't miss out on these savings Save on your companies hosting for a complete year with 50% discount. Get a fibre connection through LA Webs and get free hosting We have various website upgrades underway. This includes the following. More...
  6. T

    Raru Voucher [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive):Voucher for R 6190 for can be used on all items(including sale items) Age and condition: expires on 19th Feb 2019 Do you include packaging: n/a Warranty: n/a Reason for selling: Won in a competition. I currently have no need for any items from raru...
  7. D

    Best Telkom ADSL Options

    Hiya guys, I need some guidance... I recently moved to a new complex with phone cables rolled up outside It seems that the Telkom simple package is no longer available, and all are on a 24-month contract I am currently looking at the "do Premium" package that includes: A Fastest...
  8. N

    Viagogo - Anyone used them before?

    Howzit guys. Just stumbled upon this website, looking to get some tickets for a concert, and wanted to know if everything is above board here or whether its a scam or what.:confused: If anyone has any experience, please share. :o Much appreciated. Cheers.:)
  9. M

    PSA: PS4 FNB Deal available again - R380 P/M (Includes breakdown of costs in bundle)

    I know there is already a thread on this, but for those who don't know, the FNB PS4 deal is back. I'm assuming stocks are limited but don't wait for this awesome deal. You get (apart from PS4) 2 x Controllers 2 x Games (Injustice and LEGO Marvel) 3 Months free PSN PLUS R380 P/M over...
  10. M

    Nexus 7 (2013/2012) and Orange ZA - is it Legit?

    Hello there. So for the past few days I've been scratching around for the best Google Nexus 7 deal (PREPAID, NO CONTRACT RUBBISH) available to us humble South Africans (preferably the 2013 WIFI edition, don't care about 3g/LTE :) ). So, in terms of the 2012 edition I can get order one from...
  11. B

    5% off ALL Phones & Tablets - TODAY ONLY

    Quick heads up to everybody, we're running a Halloween special TODAY ONLY! All phones and tablets on our site will be discounted by 5% using the coupon code: ha11ow33n Great opportunity to net yourself a few hundred bucks off the new device you've been wanting. Check out our...
  12. NeonNinja

    Esquire VRN Christmas website package deal

    No sure if it's worth it? Maybe for business starters, and those who need professional online presence. What I'm confused about is number 5: "2GB free data usage on the site." Is this the traffic, then after 2GB exceeded you're charged? Tad pricey for me. Source: email.
  13. Y

    Looking for best iPhone 5 64GB device deal

    Hey all, Dad is looking for one of these and doesn't want to touch any other phone (even after i let him play with my SIII) so currently the only deal i can see is from TelkomMobile @ R449.00 p/m with 150MB data, 100mins airtime. See below for link and pic. source Am i missing out...

    Old Core i7 Laptop Secondhand, Good deal?

    I can get a Dell XPS L401 laptop with Core i7-740QM, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD, GT 425M 2GB for R3000. Is this a good deal?
  15. jes

    Labour Department to take hard line on Siemens deal

    Labour Department to take hard line on Siemens deal The labour department will not renew its 10-year IT contract with Siemens and plans to seek redress for failures by the electronics giant in the 22 months before it runs out.
  16. jes

    Facebook agrees to German privacy-protection deal

    Facebook agrees to German privacy-protection deal Under pressure from German privacy watchdogs, Facebook has agreed to beef up privacy protections in its Friend Finder feature, the data protection supervisor in Hamburg said Monday.
  17. C

    Vodacom Cancels iPhone4 Deal R379 - What now??

    Okay so I wanted that phone on that deal or the slightly bigger deal of R429 but when I phone Vodacom upgrades now they said the deal on the TopUp275 is cancelled. They renew package deals every 6th one month to the 7th of the next. Point is I don't realy want to spend more than R450pm total...
  18. jes

    MTN Zakhele proves popular

    MTN Zakhele proves popular According to MTN there has been an overwhelming response to the MTN Zakhele public offer which opened to the Black public in late August
  19. T

    MTN may sign major strategic deal

    MTN in talks over potential deal MTN, Africa's largest mobile operator, is in talks about a potential deal, the company said on Friday.
  20. LazyLion

    Zuma asks for immunity for African leaders Now why do you think Zuma would propose such a deal? What do you think he has planned for the future? :D