1. N

    Documents required for buying a new car

    Why does the dealer need my proof of residence document when making the sale for a new car? Could someone please guide me on what documents are needed for this?
  2. C

    Dealership swopped number plates

    Hi all, I am hoping someone here can help me. I bought a Fiesta Oct 2015 and received a number plate ending in LF; where in fact my license was supposed to be CX. In June, the dealership called me and explained. So I was fine with it and said they just have to change it as soon as...
  3. R

    Dealership dispute: anyone know how Ford instrument clusters work?

    I have a 2006 Ford Ka, which had a weird issue when I started the car: the needles for the speedometer and fuel indicator would jitter for a few seconds after turning the key. I took it to the dealership, and they said this was due to a low battery, which they replaced. Seems this is a common...
  4. L

    Car warranty repairs taking too long??

    Has anyone ever taken their car for repairs under warranty? What was the time taken to fix/replace parts? What was the longest wait for repairs? What is the acceptable turnaround time to fix under warranty? BTW, I took my car almost two weeks ago to a dealer and they still say they are...
  5. B

    Buyers Remorse, New Car

    Hi everyone I bought a new car 4 days ago while also trading in my old car. Plain and simple; I feel regret for doing it. Does anyone have some experience in returning a new car? This new car is still under 100km and like I said bought 4 days ago. I know its not the dealerships...
  6. Rouxenator

    Warranty question

    Just confirming, in order for your vehicle warranty to stay valid you just need to have it serviced when required at a reputable garage that can prove they did everything required for the given service? It does not have to be a dealership workshop? I think recently on Fifth Gear they actually...

    The World's Biggest BMW Dealership Now Open. Costing around R630million to construct, the world's biggest BMW dealership, selling BMW, BMW Motorcycles, Mini and Rolls Royce, opened in Abu Dhabi. A 35000m2 showroom with a permanent 70 cars and 10 bikes...
  8. N

    Buying a car privately, can i do it through a dealership?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at buying a car from a private seller, which is fine by my bank, just includes a lot of paperwork and time :-/ Is there any way for me to get the deal done through a dealership(not "Your Uncles Car Shop", one of the bigger names..) even if there is some charges and...
  9. Rouxenator

    Any other GM branches look like this ?

    The lights are on but nobody is home Only after 6 months of moving to this new location and completely redoing everything to look fresh and new - all of a sudden there is nothing. No cars in the used lot, no cars on the showroom floor and I am pretty sure the coke vending machine is also...