discovery health

  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Discovery announces Prepaid Health platform product for R300

    Discovery announces Prepaid Health platform product for R300 Discovery has launched a new digital Prepaid Health platform, available via a web portal and WhatsApp. The company said this offering allows anyone living in South Africa to buy vouchers towards high-quality, primary healthcare...
  2. Genexus

    Discovery App Keeps on Crashing

    Morning I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 updated to Android 9. I always have Discovery App connected to my watch and Samsung Health but for the last month or so the app keeps on crashing? I've logged calls with Discovery to no avail as well as checking the net for info to this issue. I've also...
  3. P

    Discovery Health Terrible Service!

    Discovery Health have always been at the forefront of medical aid schemes and to say I am absolutely disgusted in their recent service would be an understatement. I have been a member of theirs from a very young age and pay a fortune to them each year for my families health. My wife is...
  4. M

    Opinions/Experiences with Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance)

    I'm investigating moving to Discovery Insure (for car/household/building insurance), since I have my medical aid and life policy (through my employer), it seems to only make sense to explore the option. With some of the incentives they have in place it even makes better sense, such as fuel...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Discovery reveals SA's best driving province

    Best driver challenge: Gauteng vs Western Cape Discovery has released a ranking of the best provinces when it comes to driving, based on data from its new smartphone app
  6. E

    Need help understanding Discovery's Life/Medical/Vitality/Invest system

    I've just sat with a Discovery Broker to discuss adding more to a retirement policy. I currently have a Liberty RA but should adjust it slightly due to change in income. So I suggested that I take out a Discovery Invest plan to cover the difference. He responded that because I am on Diamond...
  7. F blocked ?

    I have noticed since Friday that is unavailable when connecting with Afrihost APN. It is available on any other connection, including MTN APN. It seems as if the IP range in use has been blocked by Discovery, but for what reason? tracert: Tracing route to...
  8. M

    Discovery Vitality Continues to decrease bennefits (First the Gym then ....)

    Just a note: Have you seen the latest from Discovery. Carryover points As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage regular healthy activities...
  9. cryptic1

    ICS for Note

    Hi chaps, So it's almost a month with this awesome phone...hmmm mini laptop :). Keis doesn't recognize my device :( and the phone update doesn't reveal any updates. Please help with the ICS update and where I can obtain the Discovery Health app (had it on the iPhone) Thank you in advance :)
  10. K

    Does Medical Aid cover body reshaping surgery after quite a big weight loss?

    Hey Guys. I have so far lost around 47KG and experiencing a lot of excess skin so far, naturally when i get to my goal weight (hopefully in this year) I would like to get rid of it, and of course before I go to the 'scalpel' I would like to go through this naturally. But at the moment my...
  11. N

    Cheapest maxillofacial surgeon in Cape Town?

    Hi guys I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. The one surgeon I had a consultation with charges way too much and the medical aid I'm with is just a rip off. Can anyone advise me on the cheapest surgeon in Cape Town? Thanks in advance
  12. j4ck455

    Discovery Health Plans ("Delta" option advice needed)?

    The medical aid associated with my employer is merging into Discovery Health and I have no choice but to go with the flow. We do have a choice as to which Discovery Health plan each of us want to be migrated to. I already know that I need either Classic Comprehensive or Essential...