download speed

  1. T

    Actual download speeds different from speed test

    Hi, I recently upgraded a 4Mbps line to a 10Mbps line. I am with Telkom. When I performed a speed test using I get the following result. This seems normal for a 10Mbps line. But when I downloaded something like open office just as a test it looked like this...
  2. Ivan Leon

    Glacial Download Speed - Germiston / Meadowdale area

    Since early Sunday morning (8/3/2015), Telkom Mobile's 3G connectivity has been glacial in the Germiston / Meadowdale area, to the extent that most web pages (including MyBB) time out about 90% of the time. I just ran Speedtest to check connectivity speed - and, as you can see, my download...
  3. Foxhound5366

    Snap Poll (for REGULAR users): What is your download speed?

    Ok, so I'm hugely miffed after upgrading from a 2Mbps uncapped Telkom connection and getting an average download speed of 1.65 Mbps, to a 4Mbps uncapped Telkom connection and getting a whopping 2,2Mbps average speed. Whether or not I have some problem is something I discuss here. For this...
  4. C

    Axxess 4mb Business Uncapped vs Afrihost 4mb Business Uncapped Download Speeds

    Hi Guys, I'm currently with Telkom 4mb uncapped and getting speeds of 20kbs. I want to move over to either Axxess or Afrihost on their 4mb Business Uncapped accounts. I been reading most of the posts and have a few questions; Are these accounts really unshaped as stated on their websites...
  5. Jan

    The best mobile broadband speeds in South Africa – Ookla

    Where you will get the best mobile broadband speeds in SA The revamped Ookla Net Index website reveals in which areas, and from which operator, you will get the highest average mobile broadband speeds.
  6. C

    Afrihost trade download for upload speed?

    Hi I live in Benmore Gardens and pretty soon I'll be getting my 4Mb line upgraded to 10Mb. I'm with Afrihost and I was wondering if there might be an option to maybe sacrifice part of your download speed for more upload. I think that this may be a stupid question but oh well. Any help would be...
  7. T

    Best Huawei Router???

    Which is the best Huawei Router/Modem to get? 1. Huawei E5331 2. Huawei B683 3. Huawei E5776 Can they all connect to a pc without Wifi? My area only covers 3g and not LTE so a ittle sceptical of changing from Telkom ADSL. Advice would be appreciated.
  8. rpm

    ADSL ISP account speeds in SA compared

    Fastest ADSL ISP accounts in SA revealed 2010 Broadband Survey sheds light on which ADSL ISP’s accounts offer the highest local and international speeds
  9. iBurst

    iBurst Speed Test Results

    Hi guys I would love to compare some speed test results taken by yourselves from various locations, times etc. I put together a lists of test I would like done. These tests should be done straight after one another to be able to give me a accurate comparison. 1) iBurst speed test...