1. C

    Dual LTE router setup

    I need to make my LTE setup more reliable. I recently read an article on using two LTE routers with SIMS from different service providers. Of course, now that I want the article I can't find it. I seem to remember that the setup used some kind of a "mixer" or "combiner" to connect and...
  2. A

    Recommend a new Android phone

    I need a new phone .. My current phone is some unknown Chinese make called ZUKA. It was bought by a mate of mine on a trip to Hong Kong. It came with 2 x 3.7 Volt Li-ion, 4800 mAh / 17.76 Wh batteries, but both have just about died over the past year of use. I have not been able to source...
  3. O

    Mixing RAM dual channels

    I currently have a Dual Channel kit of Geil BlackDragon 1866Mhz RAM installed on my MSI G43 Z77A mother board with a Core i5 IvyBridge processor. My question is : I want to get another 8Gb of RAM ,But I can no longer find Geil's BlackDragon 1866 RAM anywhere. So I was looking at the Kingston...
  4. T

    Help! New contract and the Xperia M dual.

    Hi there, I need help finding a solution to a problem. I currently have a contract open that isn't due for upgrade for about 16 months. My current phone isn't doing it for me any more and I want a new one. So I planned to take out a new contract. My problem is that, I am completely...
  5. C

    Call Divert

    I have 2 sim cards, 1 MTN and 1 Vodacom. I only want to carry my Vodacom sim but everyone calls me on my MTN number. Will it work if I use call divert on the MTN sim so that all calls are forwared to the Vodacom sim and I can answer them as normal. If it will work will I be charged? If yes, from...
  6. G

    Home network routing

    Hello myBB..!! After five days of searching I am giving up and posting this thread. I need to set up a network at home, where I have one modem, which creates 2 pppoe connections to 2 different isp's on the modem it's self. and then route all the data from one connection to certain pc's and...
  7. M

    Dual Input LCD Screen

    I am trying to find a dual input 17" good quality LCD screen. Dual input meaning that it should ideally take two VGA connections with the ability to switch between the inputs through an on screen menu. I know there are screens with a DVI & VGA connection but dont know if you can connect both the...
  8. G

    Dual monitor problem

    I have a laptop with a second CRT monitor hooked up via VGA port to extend the desktop. Problem: Whenever I play an AVI video file in any media player on the laptop, it correctly plays the video on the laptop screen but it then also plays the same video automatically in full screen mode on the...
  9. PseudZ

    Two Graphics Cards?

    I have an old old graphics card with a yellow TV-T output on it, which I assume is an output. I also have a geforce 8500GT in my machine. I was wondering if i put the old card in the machine as well, will i be able to use it to output video to my VCR then through into my TV. It's an old TV so...
  10. R

    Dual monitors

    K well Ive looked around on the net a bit for installing dual monitors but I still got a couple questions. -Do you have to re-install your graphics drivers when you connect two monitors? (the one site said so, but why?) -And why when I plug my second monitor does it not get any signal...
  11. rpm

    HTC Touch Dual Review

    HTC Touch Dual