1. Mist4h20

    Ebay order Arrive at destination country post office 6 months ago

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had any issues with post orders specifically ebay. My items have all "arrived at destination country post office" 6 months ago yet no delivery note received. Has anyone had this for over 6 months? Are there any suggestions about what I can do, I believe...
  2. Jamie McKane

    EBay shares drop to lowest levels since 2016

    EBay shares drop to lowest levels since 2016 While the majority of Wall Street cheered a strong earnings report from PayPal Holdings Inc., investors in EBay Inc. saw another side to the story, and it wasn’t pretty. EBay shares fell to their lowest levels in almost two years after PayPal, which...
  3. i.got~issues

    Customs & UK Ebay Purchase

    Hi I am trying to wade through confusing SARS customs info, uuurgh, hoping someone here might be able to advise. I will be getting a second hand eBay purchase, a 2004 scanner, from the UK, and need to know what customs and VAT charges might apply. I have a friend flying in from the UK...
  4. Jamie McKane

    EBay gives disappointing sales forecast

    EBay gives disappointing sales forecast EBay Inc. gave a lackluster sales forecast for the third quarter and lowered its revenue guidance for the year, worrying investors that the online marketplace is losing momentum as the critical holiday season approaches. Shares dropped 5 percent in...
  5. M

    Man's 6-year-old McDonald's food pulled from eBay

    Man's 6-year-old McDonald's food pulled from eBay
  6. Newsfeed

    eBay Authenticate launched

    eBay Authenticate launched eBay has launched a new Authenticate service, which verifies, lists, and sells luxury handbags on behalf of sellers.
  7. M

    Help tracking a package sent with Flyt

    I ordered something of Ebay and it was sent to me via Flyt express, and I've been tracking it for the last few days, but the last line reads, "Item being handed over to the local courier" does anyone know what this local courier is and how I may contact them. Thanks
  8. M


    Hi, Does anyone know how to follow up with eBay for a delivery to South Africa? According to the site help portal, the parcel as arrived at the delivery office in SA end of August already. But to date nothing has been received. There are no additional contacts or support line numbers. Only...
  9. V

    How does this postal situation work....

    So I ordered a phone cover and some keychains off a website and used paypal to pay for it, i was skeptical of even using our post office because the package doesn't have tracking...10-14 days (UK royal Mail service) In my new found trust I went on eBay and bought a sticker (Don't judge) which...
  10. V

    Ebay Problem

    I made an ebay account on sunday night and bid in an auction which I won yesterday (no one else bid) i then bought an item last night, which i paid immediately with my Paypal. This morning i received 2 emails from Ebay, 1 saying that my account was suspended (It did not give a reason) the...
  11. C

    Shipping - eBay / SAPO

    Hi there! So I've bought a couple of items off eBay, but then I realized something... SAPO doesn't deliver to my street and I listed my street address under the shipping info! All the items I bought are coming from China / UK / US. I very much doubt that they will be couriered to my door...
  12. T

    My very own BidOrBuy-like website

    Hi I want to start my own BidOrBuy/Ebay-like auction website! I know this is pretty ambitious and or stupid! To compete with them!? Well like Walt Disney said " I like to do the impossible!" The auction part is crucial to my business model. Maybe I will bring in a 'buy now' model/option...
  13. M

    Regular eBay imports to SA - needs importer's code?

    Hi there I'm planning on regularly importing small goods from eBay into SA. These are small-value orders at about R650 per order. So far, I've just been receiving them through the Post Office and paying the necessary duties. Sometimes, when single items arrive, I am not required to pay duties...
  14. D

    Importing an old Nokia From Abroad

    Good Day Everyone, My Mercedes is still using the old UHI cradle in the armrest for use with the vehicle's phone system. Pictured here: The specific cradle is only compatible with a Nokia 3120. I can't seem to find one in South Africa. Do you guys think that it will be a viable option...
  15. M

    Can you help me find my eBay USPS package?

    I started by checking the tracking numbers on both parcels, Both had last been seen early in December and have an expired status since then, as can be seen here I didn't really know what this meant but I assumed it meant, the package was waiting at customs in SA since it would switch to a...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Ebay’s revenue drops

    Ebay’s revenue drops Ebay posted a net income of 673 million dollars in the third quarter, a 2 per cent decrease compared to 689 million dollars a year ago, the online auctioneer said Wednesday
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    iPhone 6 prototype selling for R1 million

    iPhone 6 prototype selling for R1 million “This is the real deal.”
  18. QuintonB

    PayPal to become independent, listed company

    EBay to spin off PayPal EBay Inc said it would spin off PayPal, its fast-growing payments business, into a publicly traded company in the second half of 2015
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    EBay looks at PayPal spinoff

    EBay considers PayPal spinoff EBay Inc is considering a spinoff of PayPal, its fast-growing payments unit, as soon as next year, tech news website The Information reported, citing sources
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Ebay looks to integrate PayPal and Bitcoin

    PayPal to integrate Bitcoin Ebay Inc’s PayPal is in talks with Coinbase Inc and other Bitcoin transaction providers to integrate the virtual currency within its Braintree payments system