1. B

    What is your favourite payment method when shopping online?

    This is if you came across a local South African online store.
  2. E

    Absa to absa eft reverse

    I was scammed yesterday, was finally able to speak to someone in the fraud report section after being on hold for hours. But I want to know, is there any way I can still get the money back?
  3. N

    ABSA to FNB EFT not showing after 3 business days

    I received an eft on Thursday, and it's been 3 business days and the money still has not reflected in my account. I don't know what to do, fnb is adamant that they have received no money and ABSA is absolutely useless and says there's nothing they can do for me. Any help on what to do?
  4. A

    Lines burned; Telkom expects payment?

    I live in Knysna, which recently buckled under a fire. While our place is still standing, most of the town's copper and fibre lines got scorched (and just before I was about to get fibre :') ). I have no idea how long they will take to restore the lines. I'm guessing a long time. My question...
  5. D

    SARS: What reference number to use for EFT payment???

    I've been using eFiling for years and always got a refund. This is the first year that I owe SARS money. The last day to make the payment is today, which is unfortunately a weekend, and before a holiday. But I thought I was ready: I read the instructions very carefully, and found the right...
  6. S

    EFT advice?

    Hi all! So after a roller-coaster of contradictory customer service everything is all sorted and I've got a working card, yay! Soo...Has anyone paid with FNB online banking? For a once-off payment? I intend to send to a business' account of an online store. They provided a "reference number"...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Automated EFT startup shows impressive growth

    Automated EFT startup shows impressive growth i-Pay, a startup which enables automated Electronic Fund Transfers, expects to process over R100 million in payments this year.
  8. G

    Account Name in EFT

    If you do an EFT with SA banks, does the account name matter, or is this simply used as reference? Hence, if the account is in the name "Peter Smith" and it is entered as "PETER SMITH" or "P. Smith" or "Mr Peter Smith", does that make any difference? Standard Bank switched my first and middle...
  9. S

    Raspberry Pi: Pifactory trustworthy?

    Hi all. I am planning to purchase a Raspberry Pi online and have come across a site called Pifactory http://www.pifactory.co.za. Their Raspberry Pi and accessories look good but wanted to know if this site is trustworthy and has a good reputation i.e. delivers non-faulty goods and isnt a...
  10. Aqua_lung

    Internanational Bank Transfer FNB

    Is it possible to make an international Payment via EFT through the FNB site? If so what should I be aware of?
  11. CathJ

    Standard Bank Internet Banking

    I just noticed something on the new Standard Bank internet banking site... Before, when you did an EFT, the confirmation page showed you which account you had paid the money into; which meant that you could use that page as a proof of payment. Now, though, it only shows what account it came...
  12. M


    I'm considering enabling EFT, so that I can make online purchases. Anyone using this? Is it safe? Any drawbacks? I'm with ABSA btw.