1. Leobot Electronics

    Great Arduino Uno R3 specials available at Leobot Electronics!

    Hi I am happy to announce that Leobot Electronics now once more has stock available for the Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Mega at (possibly) the lowest prices in the country. The Uno sells for R99 and the Mega for R218. All our stock is on-hand and available to ship to you immediately (not from...
  2. Beyond.Celsus

    Any suggestions on protecting a PC from the ocean air?

    So I moved a few KM away from the seaside and my last PC died from corrosion while staying there. I am now moving back to where the ocean is literally a stone throw away. I've got silica packets on the inside of the case and two Pick and Pay dehumidifier boxes on the outside which collect the...
  3. D

    Buying a Marshall stanmore speaker from USA approx R3220?

    Hi I want to buy a Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker off the official marshall website in the USA. Cost is $199 (approx. R2800) Shipping is $0 from the website which uses DHL SA Import duty states free import duty on loudspeakers 8518.2 South African Customs will charge me VAT of 15% Total...
  4. Leobot Electronics

    R99 Arduino Uno Special

    Hi Firstly, my apologies, I do not mean to use this forum to market my products but I really feel that this is one of those deals that the Arduino community in SA should know about since it could save a lot of money in the long run and is to the benefit of everyone (except perhaps the expensive...
  5. TheSaladBhenchod

    Is Silulastore.co.za legit?

    I stumbled across this site from Price Check. They seem to sell a fair amount of gadgets at rather decent prices. It seems too good to be true though. Does anyone have experience with it? https://silulostore.co.za
  6. S

    Buying a Tv from Wish

    So wish has some seriously cheap electronics!! I don't mind buying the items but I suspect I'll have a few issues with a 70" tv at customs (and the post office). any idea what kind of issues I would face?
  7. A

    Wish, Gearbest and others......

    I recently came across Wish, Gearbest and Alibaba where items are sold at ridiculously low prices (can basically get anything you would need), i decided to get some random items from there to check the quality and will feedback on that. However was wondering what others make of these app's...
  8. B

    Solder station advice

    So I am in the market for a solder station. I don't have a huge budget but I also don't want to buy the cheapest one I can find. I am going to be building an electronic project for university this year so I will be using it quite often and will probably be using it for through hole and SMD work...
  9. J

    Personal Import Limits

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has some knowledge re. the personal importation limits of electronic goods into South Africa. I'm based in the UK and have am planning on making good on the ludicrous black Friday deals here and then bring some things back to ZA for personal and resale...
  10. Newsfeed

    “Peel-and-go” self-folding electronics

    “Peel-and-go” self-folding electronics As 3-D printing has become a mainstream technology, industry and academic researchers have been investigating printable structures that will fold themselves into useful three-dimensional shapes when heated or immersed in water.
  11. B

    Receiving second hand electronics from overseas?

    Hi All. I have a friend who wants to send a gift to South Africa. Does anybody know if it's possible to send second hand electronics from Australia to South Africa?
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Wireless power could enable ingestible electronics

    Wireless power could enable ingestible electronics Small sensors or drug delivery devices could reside in the GI tract indefinitely.
  13. J

    Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding a Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100 which display does not switch on. When the TV is switched on it has a blue flashing light which usually stops flashing after a few seconds. However, the light just continues to flash now and the display does not come on as...
  14. W

    Troubleshooting an old broken TV

    I have an old broken television. The TV does not turn on and when i plug it in, i only hear ticking noises every few seconds. The LED does not light up. I opened the back cover and tried to troubleshoot alone, but my experience is very limited, so I couldn't find the cause of the problem. I...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    The future of electronics is light

    The future of electronics is light For the past four decades, the electronics industry has been driven by what is called “Moore’s Law,” which is not a law but more an axiom or observation. Effectively, it suggests that the electronic devices double in speed and capability about every two years...
  16. V

    Printed Circuit Boards and Electronics

    Hi, I run a prototyping facility in Pretoria. If anyone needs assistance with Printed Circuit Boards and Electronics, let me know. We can also laser cut perspex, plastics and wood. Ideal for modifying anything you are working on. No job is to small for us. Speak to us about our special...
  17. P

    NEW Online Shopping Website Launched! www.punchint.com

    Hi, I have recently launched a NEWLY developed online shopping website, importing electronic devices and gadgets directly to the client. We have a range of exciting and new products which have not yet been launched in SA. Products include 3D Printers, Fingerprint Scanners and Attendance...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Doubling battery power of consumer electronics

    Doubling battery power of consumer electronics New lithium metal batteries could make smartphones, drones, and electric cars last twice as long.
  19. C

    Taking an idea from the ground to product

    Hi I was wondering if there are anybody who could give advice on how to take from an idea and get it produced. What would the starting point be, who do I talk to, to get designs, costs and manufacturing. I would love to do it myself but since it is electronics and I assume the biggest part...
  20. J

    Local Arduino robotics

    Hey guys, I'm a final year Electronic Engineering student in Stellenbosch and I love robotics and the maker movement. I'm here to let you know that there's a new startup in town called Sirkits. We sell Arduino & related kits and courier all over SA, but better than that we're are working for...