1. K

    Telkom email settings

    Firstly, i hope it's the right sub. I'm currently helping my neighbour with her email address. She's cancelling her telkom adsl and phone line, and keeping only her email - which I believe is possible, but will take some effort. The problem is, she's no longer at the premises...
  2. T

    South African spammers?

    Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, not sure where to post it. Anyone know anything about who these people are who are selling South African spam lists? I rather doubt these are all opt-in. Are these guys responsible for much of our spam in South Africa? Is it legal for them to be openly...
  3. W

    Looking for handyman recommendations in Centurion area

    Hi everyone, As per the title I am looking for a handyman recommendation to do property maintenance (on multiple properties) in the Centurion area. I need someone who I can trust, who responds via email and that guarantees their work for an acceptable period of time.
  4. B

    Failed to send emails on Vodacom sim. OK on MTN - Dual Sim

    Regardless of where in country I am, if I send an email from any email account when using Vodacom Sim it fails: "Failed to send some messages - : Read timed out" , and email sits in Outbox forever. If I swop over to MTN Sim for internet the emails send...
  5. D

    MWeb EMail down?

    This morning I can't get into my MWeb email. It says Log in failed. After trying multiple times, I thought I was hacked and clicked the fogot password button. I was SMS'd a new password, but this also doesn't work. I then tried to log into the MWeb support site, and this does work, using my...
  6. T

    ios 13 - Can't use a logo as a Email Signature

    Hi all, Since the ios 13 update the email signature doesn't work. You can only have text and no longer a logo. I found a forum online on Apples website with people complaining and no response form Apple. Nothing worse than showing unprofessional-ism in an E-mail without a signature. Does...
  7. S

    Bussiness grade email hosting South Africa.

    Hey Everybody, We are looking for the best Mail hosting SA has not offer, we currently host our emails with Rackspace Email hosting (Not their exchange hosting). We are having endless issues with them blocking emails sent from South African the likes of Hetnzer/Xneelo, Afrihost, mweb and the...
  8. G

    Can't access MWEB account and email though connection is working

    I've been having massive problems with MWEB since upgrading from ADSL to LTE. I won't go into all the complicated details behind this, but for the last few days I've been forced to use my MWEB sim card in my Telkom landline look-alike phone as I don't have a router to use. Initially it worked...
  9. B

    Reporting local Email Spam

    Hi all, Is there a place (that actually use the info provided) to list local email spammers?
  10. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Hi guys, If this post is in the wrong area, I am sorry, please advise or move it to a different area. I have a client who is a client of WebAfrica. He recently started having a issue with his email. He has this issue on his phone and on this PC via Outlook and Thunderbird. I have his mail...
  11. Jamie McKane

    Email is not dead yet

    Email is not dead yet Speaking during a panel discussion at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, Mimecast Sales Engineer for the Middle East and Africa Mikey Molfessis refuted the predicted death of email. While many have predicted that email will die in the near future, Molfessis said he...
  12. C

    Email issues... COMODO RSA not trusted

    Morning all... We have suddenly developed an issue when sending email from a range of devices - iPhone, PC, macs... we get a series of 'not trusted' error messages when sending email only - mail is receiving as normal. Mail has been working fine for years, until 3 days ago. Hours chatting to...
  13. Sapphiron

    Recommendations for email solution for 150 user 400 mailbox environment

    Hi All I am looking for recommendations for a relatively high volume email hosting solution. They have 150 users and 400 mailboxes across 4 domains. They do not require email storage as they have a CRM system that downloads and stores all incoming emails. The CRM system also sends the emails...
  14. M

    Telkomsa Email

    How do I set up my Telkomsa on two different computers through outlook and get emails that are read and deleted on computer A to show as read or deletd on computer B
  15. Aang2721

    Blackberry E-Mail

    A few years ago, I had a BlackBerry device (it was on prepaid with Vodacom) on which I set up an e-mail account. The domain of this e-mail account was I got rid of the BlackBerry device, and now I cannot access the e-mails on that e-mail account. Does anyone know...
  16. antowan

    Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving

    Anybody have issues like this yesterday and today? Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving
  17. D

    Migrate Telkom email to Gmail

    Hi guys! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but if not perhaps someone can point me in the right direction, asseblief. So heres the story. For the last 8 years i have had Telkom ADSL which comes with a free email address. Over this time i have subscribed to dozens of services...
  18. M

    23,000 HTTPS certificates axed after CEO emails private keys

    23,000 HTTPS certificates axed after CEO emails private keys
  19. M

    Domains v Elitehost v other options?

    Any recommendations from personal experience on which host to select? Or are they much the same? My needs are basic: a 4-3 page website and about 5 email addresses. Any thoughts welcome.
  20. X domain blocking my company?

    Good day, I am having a problem with emails sent from people in my company to accounts. My mails hard hard-bouncing off of the Telkom mail servers almost like my domain is systematically getting blocked. Does anyone know who I can speak to at Telkom to get this issue resolved...