1. N

    SANRAL E-Toll website down under attack!?!?

    Everybody at work getting this: on What a useless website!
  2. D

    Renaming the e-Toll gantries in Gauteng

    I think we all agree that etolls are a bad idea, and I don't want to discuss that on this thread. Please use the general thread, which makes fascinating reading. I had a conversation on Monday with a friend who noted that all the etoll gantries are named after birds. His wry comment was that we...
  3. QuintonB

    Final E-toll prices published

    Final E-toll prices revealed A recently published government gazette outlines the tariffs Gauteng E-toll users can expect to pay
  4. LazyLion

    Outa will appeal e-toll judgement if mandated by members Let's hope that if they do this that they have a stronger argument lined up.
  5. J

    Cosatu threatens demolition of e-tolls

    E-tolls: Cosatu threatens toll booth destruction COSATU warns that the e-toll implementation must be withdrawn or the toll booths will be demolished
  6. J

    E-toll debates continue

    E-toll arguments continue The debate regarding the controversial e-tolling system is set to continue in court on Tuesday, 27 November 2012
  7. J

    Sacci welcomes e-toll bill withdrawal

    E-toll bill withdrawal welcomed by Sacci The withdrawal of the e-tolling bill has been welcomed by the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci)
  8. J

    More e-toll talks are needed

    E-toll talks must continue: Vavi COSATU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has said that more talks regarding the e-toll system are required
  9. J

    E-tolls could come before Christmas

    E-tolls possible before Christmas The Gauteng e-tolling system could be implemented before Christmas
  10. J

    Sanral says 0.2 percent will pay e-toll cap

    Only 0.2% will pay e-toll cap – Sanral Sanral toll and traffic manager Alex van Niekerk has said that only 0.2 percent of Gauteng road users would pay the e-toll cap
  11. J

    E-toll fees capped at R550 for e-tag users

    E-toll fees capped at R550 for e-tag holders E-tolling fees for e-tag users will be capped at R550, according to Transport Minister Ben Martins
  12. J

    E-toll implementation will go ahead

    E-tolls will go ahead Gauteng e-tolls are on their way, according to Transport Minister Ben Martins
  13. J

    E-toll rate revealed

    E-toll rate 30 cents per km: report Government has announced the rates per kilometre for the e-toll system
  14. J

    DA denied participation in e-toll case

    E-toll case: DA participation a no-go The Democratic Alliance have been prevented from joining the e-toll court case
  15. J

    E-toll case heads to Constitutional Court

    E-toll showdown in ConCourt The e-toll debate will head to the Constitutional Court for Sanral and Outa to present their respective cases
  16. J

    DA applies to join e-toll battle

    E-toll court battle: DA wants in The Democratic Alliance has applied to contribute in the court case regarding e-tolls
  17. J

    E-tolls review is set to happen in November

    E-tolls to be reviewed in November E-tolls review “takes quite a while”
  18. LazyLion

    Contribute to OUTA Legal Costs Web Page Goes Live! One Grand Transferred! One Grand Well Spent! :p
  19. LazyLion

    Contribute to OUTA Legal Costs Web Page Goes Live! One Grand Transferred! One Grand Well Spent! :p
  20. G

    Call to probe e-tolls 'link' to arms deal companies