1. RedViking

    Tabs - How do you manage it?

    When working on projects or various things at once, I end up with a 100 open tabs in my browser, and folders in explorer etc. Do you use any tools to group and manage related tabs and folders on windows? Windows Task View Desktops I guess is one solution. But maybe there are more customizable...
  2. F

    Window Explorer Alternative

    Does anyone use something other than the default "Windows Explorer"? At the end of the work day I often find I have a lot of separate instances of explorer open as I am using files from various areas on the server and don't want to keep browsing back and forth. A few years ago I tried a few...
  3. LazyLion

    Movie Explorer: Organize Your Huge Movie Collection with Details from IMDb

    http://www.zeropaid.com/news/99269/movie-explorer-organize-yourhuge-movie-collections-with-details-from-imdb/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zeropaid+%28Zeropaid.com%29 http://www.anlarke.com/MovieExplorer/
  4. K

    Leapfrog LeapPad

    Molweni I want to buy my 5year old son the Leapad but I am not sure if it is any good and the staff at toy shops don't know much about it? If you bought one please lemme know what you think of it?
  5. S

    Unable to login to windows 7 No Explorer after displaying message Missing shell.dl

    Explorer.exe error The program can't start because shell22.dll is missing from computer. Reinstall application and restart
  6. LazyLion

    Windows 7 Explorer - How do I fix this?

    This is one thing about Windows 7 that irks me no end.... When I click to expand a folder in Windows Explorer.... the folder list (in the left hand Tree pane) moves down to the bottom of the page so that the folder I just clicked on is the last one, and the folders I just expanded are hidden...
  7. T

    Why do explorer shortcuts stop working after a while? (like My Computer)

    Using WinXP SP3, though it happens to me under all versions AFAIK. After some time, usaully after quite long use, the My Computer shortcuts stop working, AFAIK at the same time, Explorer browser stops working too. Last time this happened, I found I can still launch IE and browse my PC fine...
  8. R

    Explorer text dissapear Help

    Hi, I am having problems with windows explorer addressbar, and have found this problem on several other XP IE addressbar`s. Please Help, no help in google OK, when as I am tiping an address in the addressbar, It just clears. It takes about 7sec before it clears (Like on a counter...