1. S

    Telkom customer care all fired?

    Good day all, Wondering if anyone can direct me to a number that actually answers for customer care? Been trying all day only to be directed to the self help whatsapp. If I could help myself I wouldn't need to waste my time calling but oh well. More specifically somehow a welcome tone was...
  2. S

    FNB are they loosing it or lost it

    hi i was one of fnb ealry adopters and a great advertisement for many years to friend and family the ebucks programme leaders in digital technology innovation ability to make a instant payment and assist anyone immediately lately there seem to be a arrogance thats similar to a goverment...
  3. S

    What's the point of midnight data if you're gonna throttle it?

    Yeah Telkom, you make us wait until 12:00 to use cheap data. And then? It's not even very fast. I'm getting a max of 250kbps here. So glad my fibre is coming soon. #fail
  4. fundutzi

    Telkom website not working

    Dear All, Does not work. Tested multiple locations in za including Telkom IP and abroad. GC, FF, IE.
  5. DblD

    How to get any preformance out of Rain network with B618

    So folks, this has been very disappointing experience thus far. After investing in Huawai B618s-22d and connecting XPOL-6-10M to it, locating the cell tower validating its location confirming los at ~1km distance CELL_ID: 51235329 RSRQ: -10dB RSRP: -69dBm SINR: 2dB This is the...
  6. C

    MSATA SSD failed - how to recover data?

    My HP Folio 13 2000 Notebook's MSATA SSD drive has failed. Upon start-up, it gets stuck at the starting windows screen. I've tried F2 and F8 menus, but it won't start into any of the safe mode options. I ran HP diagnostics and the results indicated that the SSD failed/ is failing. I've...
  7. akuma

    Afrihost Fibre Failure

    I applied for FTTH 5+ weeks back(!) I've been attempting to get a commitment from them, here's the exchange: Have yet to receive so much a courtesy call. Nothing but empty string-along promises and a gaping void of service. :mad:
  8. H

    MTN billing and debit order issues

    So MTN has not run their usual debit order against my bank account. Found this strange as it is usually one of the first to go off. Check my statement/invoice from them and discover it's a grand total of R7.05 instead of my usual R1400 :wtf::confused:. Would love to celebrate this early...
  9. Hempiz

    FAIL! -Vodacom Customer Opinion Survey

    So, I receive a mail from one this morning, a Vodacom Customer Opinion Survey. I click the link, it says "The survey should take you 10-15 minutes to complete", so while sipping my coffee , I complete it all with my fair and honest view. Last page: it...
  10. F

    Bitlocker URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!

    Yesterday I started to encrypt a practically full 3TB drive with Bitlocker. this morning it was still encrypting at about 30%. Thanks to eskom my electricity failed for 10 seconds and my UPS decided it was also the perfect time NOT to work. After I started the PC up again the drive is...
  11. cfilorux

    MTN RICA process failing

    I bought an MTN SIM card on Saturday, and tried to put it through the RICA process. The system said something like, "You didn't buy this SIM card in this shop," and said "error". Every single SIM card in the whole shop said the same, as did other shops in the same mall. When phoning 173 on...
  12. A refuse to replace faulty goods

    I bought a 7” Gobii tablet from Kalahari for my daughter’s birthday & problems soon emerged. During charging the tablet with the charger provided, I heard a popping sound, after which the charger stopped working. Using my Samsung 2A cell phone charger it takes 10 hours to charge & therefore...
  13. The_Assimilator

    Prepare for big electricity shock My uncle works in the auditing department at Eskom and he's been complaining for years that they are expecting him to train up idiots who can't be trained. I can't begin to imagine how bad it is on the operations side...
  14. R13...

    Vodacom network problems

    So I get home to take advantage of the iTunes app store sale and the Vodacom network is buggered. It's switching from EDGE to 3G randomly and data connectivity is impossible. Only limited voice is possible if you force your phone to only EDGE but that won't work with data. I thought they had...
  15. W

    NEWS! MTN having huge network problems

    ok everyone on mtn calm down, its not just you, there's a major network problem and most people can not even make or receive calls.. call center is of no help.. "sorry sir, we can not verify that you have a network problem because our system is down and most people cant make or receive calls...
  16. I

    Telkom, please fire somebody

    So, going here: ... you get to fill in a form to see if you get VDSL (20 or 40 Mbps), and if you don't have it they tell you that "don't be so sad, at least you get X Mbps in your area". Here's what the site told...
  17. P

    Fake Nokia Lumia 920 on Vodacom website

    Was surprised to see this blunder on the Vodacom mainpage: Screenshot: That picture of the Nokia Lumia 920 was one of the several concept pictures that was flying around before the launch.
  18. Rouxenator

    How to sport a VR sicks?

    Yes, its been a while since I took a cheap stab at a VAG so here - what do you do with a VR sicks : You give it a tow with a Corsa :p
  19. I

    Advice for dealing with Telkom

    story below. anyone have any advice for dealing with telkom? story: i took the 3 month free (hah!) service offer. it expired in April. i moved from Jhb to Pretoria at the same time, and in anticipation of that, i asked them to assess the exchange. they forgot. late in april, i asked Telkom...
  20. C

    Afrihost windows hosting - not great 1st impressions

    Hi,just wondering what others experiences with afrihost are. i just took out an MSHomeGold account with them. - Signup was quick and easy - mail didnt work correctly but their tech support sorted that out in a few hrs. not a train smash - what i am disappointed about is the tools i...