1. C

    EK-Vardar 120mm fans ×3 New

    Item: EKWB EK-Vardar F3-120 ×3 Age: Brand new sealed in the box Price: R600.00 for all Warranty: No Packaging: Full Condition: Sealed box Location: Durban Reason: Keeping my Corsair AF140's Shipping: Postnet R99.00 or you arrange Collection: Yes Link: EKWB EK-Vardar F3-120 High Static Pressure...
  2. B

    Automate the cooling of your mining farm

    I have 2 mining farms installed, I have been using cooling automation for a little over a year. The bottom line is that the software automatically monitors the temperature of your farm, the rotation of the coolers, the farm never overheats, you can use the maximum power without the fear of...
  3. R

    PC not starting after replacing case fans ?

    My 3 year old case fans that came with the case stopped working so I went and bought 3 new fans and literally unplugged the old ones and plugged in the new ones but my pc starts up and doesn't show any picture it keeps starting and restart ever 30 seconds on average I've replaced thermal...
  4. genetic

    Optimal PC airflow guide

    I recently bought a new PC with the intention of overclocking (no water cooling yet). The items I bought were; CPU: Intel i7 8700K CPU cooler: Antec C40 Mobo: ASUS Maximus X Hero Z370 GPU: ASUS Strix Geforce 1060 6GB OC Edition RAM: 32GB G.Skill Trident 3000MHz DDR4 RAM SSD: 500GB Samsung...
  5. A

    Need serious help with a kinda dead rig....

    Hi Everyone I have a gaming rig built by Evetech and today I installed some adittional fans into the case. Reason being ., that the gpu has packed up a few times and this last time i was told I had tampered with it, well how do you tamper with a card enclosed in a rig. Anyway looked at my setup...
  6. A

    Easiest way to convert 3 pin to 4 pin (fans)

    Hi all, I've just returned to SA from the UK and I'm building a rig. Unfortunately I realised that my case has 4 pin fans, and my mobo only has one 4 pin connector, while all the others are 3 pin. I need some form of an adapter? If I connect to molex connectors, will I still be able to...
  7. K

    Noice Cancelling PC Cooling Fans ...

    Hey All... This just might tempt me away from a laptop... Linky..
  8. blaaislaai

    Case modding websites

    Is anyone aware of a website where I can buy case modding stuff from? I need a couple of fans and lights for my case. Prophecy I already checked, already added stuff to the cart. But want to know If I can get stuff for cheaper. doesn't seem to work anymore, was an awesome...
  9. LazyLion

    South Africa's Khune disappointed in crowd support What??? I thought the crowd was awesome!
  10. S

    My PC is always 'freezing'! WHY?

    Hi there, so I was having this problem when ever I played a game(and only in games) on my PC it would 'stutter' every 5-10M and it would last 30-90s. So I reseated my CPU and GPU and cleaned out all my PC/PU fans. Low and behold it was fixed and I could play hours on end without hassle :)...
  11. B

    Question about the PSL (South Africa)

    Hi, when I watch a PSL game between any psl team other than Orlando, Chiefs and Celtic, the stadiums are always empty. (maybe -2000 fans at at 10 000 stadium). Take supersport for example. They are high rising and very good (for South Africa) but they have a very small fan base. Why is this the...
  12. Tpex

    Will this fan setup work?

    I got a "new" computer case And I just wan't to know if the way I set up the fans, will work well to cool the case, (blue and red lines show how I think it will work) Top fan brings in cool air then washes over the motherbaord and other stuff, then the hot air is pulled out by the bottom fan...
  13. V

    Who is going to the cricket opening match today?

    ICC Champions trophy SA vs Sri Lanka this afternoon. I'm watching the hours crawl by since I bought the tickets. Anyone else going to the match in Centurion? What signs have you prepared so I can spot you? :D This is my first time going to cricket match since varsity :cool:
  14. S

    NFL on a major head trip! Fans could be thrown out of stadia for Tweeting!

    I know that this sport has nothing to do with us. But the article is a helluva read, when you actually get to grips with the "fear" that the NFL has towards Twitter and other social networking sites and how it could or is potentionally impeding on the league's revenue/business. Bloody mad...
  15. LazyLion

    Die-hard fans stay loyal to Apple